13 star couples who know the secrets of a happy marriage

25-08-2017, 18:06
All happy families are alike. So, there should be a universal recipe for family harmony and well-being.
We have gathered the experience of happy married stars, who easily reveal their secrets of success in their personal lives.
Barbra Streisand and James Brolin
Married 19 years

Barbra went to women's happiness for a long time: she and James met at a mature age, when they were both over 50. Streisand believes that goodness and honesty are the basics of a strong marriage: spouses can confess to each other absolutely everything.
Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady
Married 8 years

Classic Union: a model with a worldwide reputation and a successful athlete. The couple has 2 children, and, of course, over the years, marriage has had to overcome some difficulties. But whatever happens, the main thing is the support of the spouse, Giselle Bundchen is sure.
Meryl Streep and Don Gammer
Married 39 years

In 1978, fiance Meryl Streep actor John Casale died of cancer. The actress remained to the end next to her beloved and was hard going through the loss.At this difficult time, the sculptor Don Gammer, who helped her recover from the loss, turned out to be close. After half a year they got married. The main thing in marriage, according to Streep, is to be able to listen to a partner and pronounce all the problems and trivia.
Colin Firth and Livia Judzholly
Married 20 years

The actor and film producer have been married for two decades, and when asked what their secret is, they say: “We treat marriage as a race for a long distance, which cannot be abandoned.” In addition, the stars try to spend a lot of time together, adjusting their work schedules.
Channing Tatum and Jenna Duan
Married 8 years

The stars of the cult melodrama "Step Ahead" met thanks to this film and since then have been inseparable. Their secret is truth in the expression of feelings. “We often check our feelings with a question:“ How much on a scale from 1 to 10 do you love me at the moment? ”And you need to answer as honestly as possible in order to get honesty in return,” Channing reveals the secret.
Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shay Smith
Married 16 years

TV presenter Keely Shay Smith is a self-sufficient and independent person. Pierce is sure that if he does not pay due attention to his wife, she will not tolerate disrespect and be able to do without him.The couple believes that the path to a strong marriage is to respect the partner and not try to redo it.
Matt Damon and Lucian Barroso
Married 12 years

A handsome actor as a spouse is not a model or actress, but an ordinary girl who worked as a bartender. According to Damon, he is glad that his wife in the first place is a family, not a career, and believes that he was very lucky: "This is my secret: always remember how lucky I was with my wife." And the spouses have a “2 week rule”: they do not part with each other more than for this period.
Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber
Married 19 years

Model and entrepreneur met about 30 years ago, when Cindy was not yet known. The short-lived love affair between them ended and gave way to a long friendship. During this time, the supermodel managed to go married to Richard Gere and divorce. Soon, he and Randy realized that they were made for each other. "Our relationship began with friendship, and I am sure that the foundations for marriage cannot be found stronger," the top model admitted.
John Travolta and Kelly Preston
Married 26 years

When John and Kelly lost their 16-year-old son in 2009, their marriage seemed to end. But the couple managed to cope with terrible grief and save the family.Travolta once admitted that helping them maintain peace in marriage ... keeping lists in which they write down all the household and psychological nuances of a marriage, and then discuss them and find a solution together.
Kevin Costner and Kristin Baumgartner
Married 13 years

The actor, who survived a painful divorce (he has 3 children from his first marriage, 7 in total), is convinced that his younger children will never experience what their elders experienced during the breakup of their parents, because Kevin is firmly convinced of his second wife Christine. The actor believes that in marriage it is very important to be able to ask for forgiveness even when you consider yourself to be right.
Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton
Married 20 years

Looking at this couple, secular gossipers often wonder: what did she find in him? And even if the appearance of Upton can hardly be called an interesting man, but only beside him can Kate be a real one. One of the secrets of their union is common interests and views on life, because they are never bored together. And the spouses do not have any secrets from each other - they even email one for two.
Bono and Alison Hewson
Married 35 years

Bono and Alison met back in their school years as teenagers.Youthful love turned into a strong family union.
The singer is confident that family relations need strict management, with which his wife does an excellent job.
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban
Married 11 years

Nicole Kidman met an Australian country singer, had not yet moved away from a painful divorce with Tom Cruise, and immediately realized that she wanted to live with him all her life. “We just love each other very much, that's our whole secret,” admits the actress.

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