5 years old child - what and how to teach? Educational games and activities for a five year old child

Parents often think how to prepare a son or daughter for school. What skills should be in children who in a year have to sit at the desk for the first time?

What are they?

Each year of life for children - a certain level. These adults do not change as rapidly as they do. After all, childhood is the time of the highest-intensity human development. In any other years, he does not acquire so much as being a preschooler.

5 years old child

In their first 5-6 years, a child from an absolutely helpless newborn turns into a fully developed person. He has his own interests and character traits, individual views on life. Simply striking is the speed of success and the manifestation of all new abilities.

That turned 5 years old child. It is growing rapidly - right before our eyes. Energy is needed for such a boy or girl. Therefore, the quality of food is important.

Changing the behavior of the child. He develops an estimated attitude towards himself and other people. He is often interested in what is good and bad, really wants to live by the rules. Those who violate this, he condemns. Parents for him - an ideal, a subject for imitation in every detail. So try to make your example a positive one.

"I got it"

As for the psychological component, then at 5 years old, the child already understands a lot. He listens to your explanations and adequately responds to all requests from adults. He can occupy himself if his parents are not yet able to be with him.

Psychologists say: a person is formed by 90% from 5 to 7 years. And for these two generally short years, moms and dads can “invest” in their children the very qualities they consider necessary to cultivate precisely those habits, which, in their opinion, cannot do.

All this is not difficult. During these years, children easily copy those whom they love, respect and value. Their behavior is the most good, the true, the only possible. So control your actions and words. After all, if you say one thing, and act quite differently, then do not expect anything good from your child!

Alphabet for children 5 years

Write and read

Communicating with five year old boys and girls is a pleasure. At 5 years old, the child is all interesting. He is unusually open to all new information, knowledge, as well as to a variety of skills. He wants to do everything at once, try everything: dance and draw, and play tennis. It is curious that he is in fact easily given both mental skills and physical skills.

It also does not surprise anyone that even before the first class many kids already know the letters, can write them, some also read quite fluently. The simplest arithmetic operations kids usually also mastered, can add, subtract. In a word, now is the most favorable time in order to “shove” more valuable and useful into your child. It takes quite a bit of time - and this wondrous, pleasing mom and dad's gambling interest in the world around us will slowly fade away. So do not miss such a good time.

At the desk

Psychological research provides such interesting data. Of all the six-year-olds who go to school, only 30% have learned to hear what the teacher says, to memorize, do what he says to do, and then analyze their actions.

And 70% do not know how, 25% require that they repeat the task twice or even three times. 30% of children hear, understand, remember, but do not know how to act independently. Sits such a boy and drives the handle on the table. It does not work, so to speak. The teacher should go to him and say: "Come on, write the numbers." Otherwise, he will not do anything until the end of the lesson and, therefore, will not learn.

Hence all the difficulties of the first grader. And the reluctance in a week to go to school. However, when the child has lived properly for five years, all these skills are formed.

educational games for children 4 5 years

Let them play more

The child is not an adult. He masters the world through the game. All the rules of life, its laws and regulations - only in the form of a game, and not through lectures or notations. Therefore, it is necessary to teach him the same alphabet, reading, arithmetic only in this way.

At this time, the kids are starting to ask some rather difficult questions that some adults are unnerving. And in vain. You can not dismiss a son or daughter! For example, how would you answer this: “Why are the leaves green, but the sky is not, is it blue?” Moms and dads, no matter how busy they are in the evenings, all of this must be answered truthfully and clearly.And here educational games for children of 4 - 5 years old are very good helpers, simply irreplaceable. There are no competitors yet.

Tests and puzzles

True, the kids will have to think very well. After all, the job is not so simple. But there will be an excellent training - for the development of memory, also imagination with attention, more bills, other properties necessary for a preschooler.

For example, there are many crossword puzzles designed for this age. You can also add sentences of different words mixed up. And how kids are fascinated by the tests! Those where you need to choose only the right answers.

Children love to look for any differences in the pictures. Here develops attentiveness, perseverance, perseverance.

There are many other types of pastime from the series “educational games for children 4–5 years old”. The same puzzle-picking is not just an exercise, so that the children calm down at home and do not disturb anyone. No, this is a great way to shape his creative abilities.

puzzles for children 5 years

All the familiar letters

There is nothing wrong with adults telling the kid what letters are. For children 5 years old it will be interesting. But how to learn them with a child?

Usually, girls and boys themselves begin to ask: “What are these badges?” - when someone from the family reads a book to them. There is a special alphabet for children 5 years. This colorfully published alphabet is a wonderful book.She is still unfamiliar to kids. So it's time to buy it right now and start practicing.

The main thing is not to require that the baby firmly learned everything. It is more important to maintain interest in learning. Such classes are enough for children of 4-5 years old to spend 10-15 minutes a day. Good to learn letters with short words. But the form of the game is strictly required!

Classes for children 4 5 years

Guessing game

Folklore is now more useful than ever - riddles for children of 5 years. They are very figurative, concise, easily remembered. This is a kind of mind gymnastics. And how well creative thinking develops, the same ingenuity and ingenuity. And what is important for our time, it is a gift to solve simple problems very non-standard. If you want to develop a child mentally, do not neglect the "guessing". Especially kids love them very much. And compiled in a poetic form, they are much more curious.

But the riddles for children of 5 years old in verses make the children pay attention to the little things that previously remained imperceptible, broaden their horizons.

And what joy embraces the baby and pride in himself when he finds the right answer! Moreover, children can play without adults themselveswhich gives them the ability to communicate with each other, live in a team and reckon with others. All this is useful not only at school - in general in life. Contact people, as noted, are more easily promoted, and their leisure time is more meaningful.

Another tip. Guess riddles with children. Or try to invent them yourself. Even on your domestic, vital material. It is very funny! Not to mention the benefits for the whole family, for the good atmosphere in it.

learning to read a child 5 years

New idea

Classes for children 4 - 5 years and suggest close communication with the book. That is, the child’s ability to read, albeit a little, even by syllables. And if he will be able to do it before entering the first class, then the training for him will not be as difficult as for some other children.

Create a game called “Learn to read” at home. For a 5-year-old child, she is perfect, where else can it be further delayed? How exactly do this? There are several techniques.

The first is that the boy or girl is immediately shown whole words, asking to remember them visually.

The second is that a preschooler learns and then reads individual syllables.

The third - first the kid learns the names of the letters. Here the alphabet for children of 5 years will help well. And then he puts them into words.

The fourth is when the five-year plan hears sounds, feels them in a word, learns to compare with letters.

Each of these methods has pros and cons. Parents should choose what suits their child more. After all, it has already “turned 5 years old” for a child. It's time to take on the mind.

One more thing. Never compare your child with a neighbor. Like, Peter has long been able to read, but you still are not. Firstly, all children are different, each developing individually. And then, the neighbor boy succeeded in reading, and your Dima is in clay modeling. And what from this? Do not form an inferiority complex in your son.

letters for children 5 years

More praise children for success in any business. Do not scold for blunders. Do you yourself everything goes at work smoothly? And do not get tired to keep a child alive in learning, and not only in the field of reading.

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5 years old child - what and how to teach Educational games and activities for a five year old child 35

5 years old child - what and how to teach Educational games and activities for a five year old child 87

5 years old child - what and how to teach Educational games and activities for a five year old child 82

5 years old child - what and how to teach Educational games and activities for a five year old child 38

5 years old child - what and how to teach Educational games and activities for a five year old child 56