Know what 5Pointz is?

I will tell the story, it has a fresh and very meaningful ending.
But first, what is 5Pointz. This is a cult place for graffiti writers, bombers and street artists from around the world.
Legendary walls collected on themselves the work of people from different countries, cultures and segments of the population.
The old abandoned factory is a real open-air museum of street art. Its history began in 1993, when one artist visited the idea of ​​opening his own center for contemporary art. The total area of ​​the walls is 19,000 square meters.

By 2013, when the second chapter of history began, there was no living space on the walls. They were all recorded in several layers. In 2000, there was an unpleasant moment, when a fire escape collapsed under the artist. And immediately some not very pleasant moments came to light - it turned out that in the country of established law and order, people still find loopholes to disrupt order and this building was built illegally.
It belonged to Volokf, he bought the building of 5Pointz, which was once occupied by a water meter factory in the 1970s. He gave the artists permission to create the frescoes, but said that he said that he would someday demolish it.

In 2013, when dark affairs of predecessors were revealed, he demolished the building. But the way he acted caused the noise.
On the night of November 19, the artists discovered that the building was almost completely smeared with white paint, and there was no art.
The artists, united, filed a lawsuit against Volokf. Mill of destiny is grinding slowly, but inevitably.

And last week it became known that the artists won the court.

Kate Lucas, an art lawyer, said: “Graffiti is hotter art now. And if you own a property on which street art is written and are going to demolish a building, you should agree in advance to prevent many problems. ”
So street art finally became a recognized art, coming out of the underground.
Of course, artists and artists must abide by the agreement, but they are no longer the disenfranchised caste of the outcast, existing on the side of the road of art.

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