A little black dress from Madame Coco

It must necessarily be in the wardrobe of eacha real woman. It is a small black dress invented by the great Coco Chanel at the beginning of the last century. This accessory looks great on a sophisticated fashionista and an ordinary student, allowing you to feel stylish, beautiful and confident in any situation.

Dress, a little black dress

And did you know that this outfit, todaywhich is an integral part of any women's wardrobe, in 1926 Coco Chanel was created in order to use it as a funeral dress. Madame Coco for the first time wore her black dress on the day of the funeral of her lover - and in the modern world this mourning vestment has ceased to be, has significantly decreased and turned into an elegant and interesting outfit that already has more than a hundred varieties.

Only the basic principles remained unchangedcreation: a small black dress should be executed in pure color and with relative simplicity. No ruffles, wrinkles or buttons - this is a strict taboo, the violation of which destroys the whole image. But most importantly - this dress is available for any woman, which gave him, the former mourning, a huge popularity throughout the world.

Separately, it should be noted that for such a stylishDresses at its seeming simplicity will perfectly suit any decorations. And yet it is worthwhile to abuse it, since a small black dress does not need to be supplemented with any accessories. Classic strict shoes, an elegant small handbag and an elegant gold chain - that's all that can complement the image, completing it and making it unique.

Attire for those who know their own worth

A small black dress is the maindecoration of all social events. He is chosen by Hollywood stars, emphasizing his status and exquisite taste. Elegance, harmony and sexuality - it is these features that can be remarkably expressed by the original invention of the great woman - Coco Chanel. She has repeatedly stated that she wants to create classics, and, it seems, she fully succeeded. After going through many decades, her creation is still popular and relevant. A whimsically changing fashion can not do anything about it - a small black dress is the thing that a modern woman can not do without.

Dress in different versions

The original version of the classic dress fromMadame Coco can become a black silk dress adorned with a rich addition - a transparent openwork insert. It expresses the elegance and youth of its possessor, its originality and delicate taste.

Not bad on any woman will look dresseswith a tight silhouette, seductive and slightly vicious, decorated with "gaps" of geometric form through which the back is visible. This vestment is only for a strong woman, confident in her abilities and riveting to her the views of all the surrounding men.

You can choose and unusually original blackdress with long metal zipper. From Coco Chanel's invention, it is certainly different, but as an alternative it will look great, creating simply a stunning effect.

Another alternative is black and white dresses. They no longer belong to the category of "little black", but are incredibly beautiful and unusual, and this combination of colors is very elegant, so it will never become unfashionable. A black-and-white dress can be decorated with large flowers or cages, alternating patches of white and black or thin strips. Madame Coco, undoubtedly, would not approve of this .... But modern fashion does not stand still, constantly developing and constructing on the basis of the black dress invented in 1926 a variety of models, beautiful and original.

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