Biography of Ilya Noskov

Ilya Anatolyevich Noskov is a Russian-Ukrainian actor who has loudly declared himself the first film role, having played Erast Fandorin in the film Azazel. Over the following years, he appeared in several dozens of TV shows, including the fantastic epic “Shakhtu”, the multi-part melodrama “The Female Doctor”, the sitcom “Who's the boss?”, The historical drama “The Great” and many other worthy projects.
Theater and film actor Ilya NoskovTheater and film actor Ilya Noskov


Ilya was born in the town of New Kakhovka of the Ukrainian SSR. Mom was an engineer, and papa, despite three higher educations, could not find a place for money to support his family, so he did not stay anywhere for a long time.
Ilya Noskov in childhood (on the photo: with parents and brother)Ilya Noskov in childhood (on the photo: with parents and brother)
The boy grew up energetic and dashing for all sorts of inventions, in which the company he made up the two best friends, classmate. Now they came to classes in fancy clothes, then they sang songs in the middle of the lesson.
Before high school, Ilya had no idea what he would do in the future. He had many hobbies: dancing, piano lessons, theater studio.In 1992, he came to visit his elder brother Andrei, a student of the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography (after SPSATI, now RGII), and he fell in love with St. Petersburg.
Interview with Ilya Noskov (“Time to welcome guests”)
In order to stay in the city that captured his heart, the 15-year-old young man at random decided to enter the same place where his brother had studied. He didn’t even have a certificate, but they didn’t ask them at auditions. To his surprise, Ilya passed through a multistage selection and it was here that his deception was revealed. The commission was indignant: “We screen out such talented guys, and you planted a pig for us!”.
Ilya Noskov became an actor because of the love of St. PetersburgIlya Noskov became an actor because of the love of St. Petersburg
After that, Ilya transferred to one of the Leningrad evening schools, and began to go to LGITMiK as a free listener. At night, he worked as a loader at the Finland Station, put up ads, carried newspapers and, in short leisure hours, managed to prepare for exams. Having received a certificate, he became a second-year student of LGITMiK, once he came under the wing of teacher Andrei Dmitrievich Andreev.

Theater career

After graduating in 1997, Ilya entered the service at the Alexandrinsky Theater and went on his stage over the next ten years (he left in 2007 due to disagreements with the leadership).During this time, the actor was involved in the productions of "The Inspector", "Boris Godunov", "Winter's Tale", "Hamlet", "Pygmalion", "Veer Lady Windermere" and others.
Brothers actors Ilya and Andrey NoskovyBrothers actors Ilya and Andrey Noskovy
In 2004, he and his brother Andrey founded the theatrical partnership “Noskovy and Company”. This idea was born to them when director Andrei Dezhonov invited them to stage the play “Journey”, inspired by the book by science fiction writer Stanislav Lem. The brothers, not even the twins, played the same hero, who was “split-up” in the plot due to a temporary paradox. The question arose - in what framework did the theater put such an interesting production? After thinking, the creative tandem came to the conclusion that the project should be done “at home”.
“Journey”: a play by Ilya and Andrey Noskovykh“Journey”: a play by Ilya and Andrey Noskovykh
Subsequently, the Noskov brothers (already in expanded composition) presented to the public other, no less interesting performances: the comedy “The Games of Love”, the mono-performance of Ilya Noskov “The Veter” (a kind of mix “12” of the Block and the “Brave Horseman” of Pushkin), the mono-performance by Andrey Noskov “The End quotations ”, performances“ The Servant of Two Masters ”and“ The Third from the Edge ”. The latter was shown on the stage of the Theater. Akimov.
Photos from the one-man show “Veter” by Ilya NoskovPhotos from the solo performance of Ilya Noskov “Veter”
Noskov accepted invitations from other theaters. So, in the staging of the Youth Theater on the Fontanka "Glass of Water" the actor played the captain Mash. Theater "Mansion" invited him to one of the roles in the "Green cheeks of April."
Actor Ilya Noskov in his youthActor Ilya Noskov in his youth
Repeatedly the actor took part in enterprise. From 2001 to 2005, he played in the "Mousetrap" enterprise. (Sergeant Trotter). In the “Silver Cow” enterprise, Ilya could play up to three roles, depending on the cast.
In 2011, Ilya Noskov became part of the troupe of the Theater on Vasilyevsky. He was busy in the performances of "Idiot" (Parfen Rogozhin), "Dirt-free Girl" (Sergei Paratov).

Ilya Noskov in the cinema

Since 2002, the actor has devoted a lot of time and energy to filming a movie. His full-meter debut took place immediately in the significant film Azazel, after the story of the same name by Boris Akunin.
Young Ilya Noskov in the film “Azazel”Young Ilya Noskov in the film “Azazel”
His hero, a minor official Erast Fandorin, dreamed of becoming a private detective, and one day his dream came true when he was involved in investigating a suicide committed under strange circumstances.On the set, Ilya met Sergey Bezrukov, who was already a very famous actor, charming Marina Neelova and master Oleg Basilashvili.
Shot from the movie "Azazel"Shot from the movie "Azazel"
The film "Azazel" became a springboard for Noskov's further career. The audience discovered a young, untapped new actor, and the directors also paid attention to Ilya. In 2004, viewers saw two films in which Noskov took part - “Moscow saga” and “Women in a game without rules”. Particularly warmly the actor belongs to work in the Moscow Saga, although, in his own words, the film crew was terribly annoyed by his unprofessionalism, which eventually spoiled the screen version of Aksenov's novel.
Ilya Noskov in the TV series “Great” (2015)Ilya Noskov in the TV series “Great” (2015)
However, then the actor began to appear mainly in the series, which could not repeat the success of "Azazeli". Still, he considers himself primarily a theater actor and tries to act in films without sacrificing his main activity.
Ilya Noskov - conqueror of women's heartsIlya Noskov - conqueror of women's hearts
Of the best films with Ilya Noskov (according to the audience), it is worth noting, firstly, the Ukrainian TV series “Female Doctor”,where he appeared in the role of the maternity hospital physician Roman Shirokov, a talented specialist with golden hands, who is not afraid to confront leadership.
Ilya Noskov in the TV series "Female Doctor"Ilya Noskov in the TV series "Female Doctor"
He also appeared in the main role of the fantastic series of disaster “Mine”, which, although it did not receive wide media coverage, and therefore remained almost unnoticed, received very high ratings from the audience.
Shot from the series "Mine"Shot from the series "Mine"

Personal life of Ilya Noskov

Before the meeting with the current wife Polina Vasilyeva, the actor experienced a rather difficult and painful break and subconsciously decided that he would look for “his” person, one with whom he could live a lifetime.
The most charming actor Ilya Noskov
The meeting of Ilya and Polina took place in 2001. The actor had a snack in a cafe and lingered to play billiards. Among the group of girls sitting in the hall and watching the game, the actor immediately identified Polina, who was cheerful and very beautiful. She was about to leave when the actor plucked up courage and came over to meet.
The wife of Ilya Noskov name is PolinaThe wife of Ilya Noskov name is Polina
Ilya invited her to the theater, after which their romance spun.In those years Noskov acted a lot and performed, Polina still studied at the Academy of State Service and at the same time worked as a manager at a computer company. Because of this, young people did not see each other often, but this circumstance only provoked out of feeling.
At homeAt home
Before making a proposal to Polina, Ilya traveled with her to her parents, where they passed peculiar “bridegrooms”. A year after the trip, young people were married and married in church.
Friendly family of Ilya NoskovFriendly family of Ilya Noskov
The family has two children - the eldest daughter Sophia (born 2006) and the youngest son Sawa (born 2011). In both cases, the couple decided to give birth at home: both Sophia and Sawa Ilya accepted himself and himself cut the umbilical cord. Before giving birth, the Noskovykh family attended special preparatory courses.
Both spouses have a reverent attitude towards the family and everything connected with it. Ilya tries to keep the children busy all the time. So, Sophia, he recorded at the same time on swimming, lessons in English and in the circle of needlework. Sawa the actor was thinking to give to the fight section. “He has a blow like Fedor Emelianenko,” Ilya joked.
Actor loves animalsActor loves animals
Actor's hobby is collecting rare suitcases. Those in his collection a few dozen. And this unusual passion began in his student years. The first old copy Ilya gave brother. Then the journalist who took his interview presented a rare bag, which to this day is the oldest in his collection. It turns out that at one time the ancestor of this journalist was entering the house of Mendeleev himself, where he received this copy as a gift.
Ilya Noskov collects suitcasesIlya Noskov collects suitcases

Actor Ilya Noskov today

In 2016, in Ilya's film career, a rise came again. He appeared in the TV series “Investigator Tikhonov” with Mikhail Efremov and “Stepsisters” with Natalia Antonova, played a major role in the detective series “The Phantom of the District Theater” and made the company Evgenia Loze in the melodrama “Forget me, mother!”
In the photo: Ilya Noskov and Evgenia LozaIn the photo: Ilya Noskov and Evgenia Loza
In April 2017, viewers could appreciate his tandem with Olga Pavlovets in the historical series “Our happy tomorrow” - about the underground business in the harsh Soviet realities.
“Our happy tomorrow”: Ilya Noskov as Petit Lugovoy“Our happy tomorrow”: Ilya Noskov as Petit Lugovoy
Ilya was also busy on the set of the birth certificate melodrama “Birth Certificate” and a dynamic comedy with a hint of mysticism “What the French are silent about.”

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