Actor Peter Glebov: filmography, biography, personal life and interesting facts

People's Artist of the USSR Peter Glebov played an incredible number of roles in famous Soviet films. During his long life, he twice became the father of two beautiful daughters, won love and popularity among Soviet cinema. Was the career of an actor, who is rightfully often called a front-line soldier, difficult?


Peter Glebov was born in Moscow in April 1915, he lived there until 1919. With the beginning of the revolution, he and his brother were sent to Nazarievo - a village in the Zvenigorod region. After some time, they move again, this time to another village, Darino. In his interview, Petr Petrovich told how they rode horses at night with the children, and before dawn they sang a song to the accordion. Then it was difficult to imagine that such skills would be useful to the actor very soon.

From the memories of childhood, the artist told the following: "I remember the year 1917 clearly, because then they shot my beloved dog. There was a small nursery in our family estate, and there was an aviary with birds in it. My father loved to breed them, the hunter, after all."

In 1922 Peter Vladimirovich died - Glebov’s father, a nobleman. The reason for so many unexpected deaths was typhus, which overtook him at the time when Pyotr Vladimirovich went to take away the horses for the Red Army.

“They lived poorly, dressed poorly. I, as soon as the snow came down to the next snow, barefoot went, it was not possible to buy sandals. My brother also walked, but we were silent and tolerated, the mother alone was pulling. I remember how I ran for food 5 km to the railway station. ", - Peter Petrovich recalled with longing.

Studying at school and technical school

After the end of 7 classes, the future famous actor faced the problem of choosing a profession. He enrolled in ameliorative college. When asked about such a strange choice, Peter answered with a smile that in those years he wanted to be as close to nature as his passion, and he was very fond of hunting. As a child, I thought that land reclamation was a science related to ducks, so I did it, hoping that it would be possible to hunt for whole days.

While studying at a technical school, like his friends, Peter Glebov got a girlfriend.His personal life at that time was difficult, because his beloved remained in Moscow when the technical school was transferred to the village near Moscow, Brasovo. After graduating from the technical school in 1935, Glebov worked as a hydrotechnician for a whole year in the Bogucharsky district land department.

Stanislavsky Group

Returning to his native hearths, the future artist enters the opera and drama group of Stanislavsky. Glebov was not satisfied with his repertoire in the theater. As he later confesses, he constantly felt his potential not fully revealed. In parallel with his studies at the drama school, Peter Glebov began to try himself out as a film actor, which he did very well. He didn’t plan to quit Stanislavsky’s school, because there he paid much more than for a role in a movie.

The war has come

And the ill-fated 1941. Then all cultural workers were offered to evacuate to Central Asia. Young and ambitious, not succumbing to weakness, full of heroism, together with other young actors went to war, Peter Glebov. His biography testifies that he was going to serve in the anti-aircraft artillery regiment. He defended the western sector of the Moscow region from German aircraft.

Fortunately, Peter Glebov never ended up in a military hospital. Later, he recalls: “I never saw the Germans in the face in 4 years of war, it was terrible that they didn’t really know how to shoot. Moscow was burning!

At the end of the war, Peter Glebov, an actor and theater actor, gets another title - the guardsman.


The talent was not immediately noticed. Filming was still in 1940, but the roles were only episodic. In 1957 in the life of Glebov there is a real revolution. “I remember when I started talking about the filming of The Quiet Don, I was desperate to get at least some significant role. Gerasimov was also so drawn with his decision: whether or not to take me to the role of Grigory Melekhov. He then doubted that in his years I will be able to play a twenty-year-old boy. What is most interesting is that Gerasimov told my wife about the fact that I got the main role! Well, you just imagine. ", said Peter Petrovich, laughing.

Since then, Glebov celebrates 2 birthday: as a person and as an actor. On the set in the first days he struck the whole group with his riding skills, when he jumped up on a horse in two accounts and spurred him on.Peter Glebov movies

In subsequent works, the actor was no longer seen as an ordinary artist of the scene, but was presented as the protagonist of the large-scale production of The Quiet Don. Over the next thirty years, more than three dozens of motion pictures were released, the credits of which indicated that Peter Glebov himself took part in the shooting. Films of historical orientation in his "track record" are often found. In the film "The Tsar's Bride" was given the actor again the main role - Tsar Ivan the Terrible. In the "Wandering Front" Glebov played the legendary role of Schetinkin Peter - the commander.

Peter Glebov

The drama about "Mozart and Salieri" - and again the main role, which was brilliantly played by Peter Glebov. Though the films were popular among the audience, they did not bring the desired glory to the actor.


In 1958 he was awarded the award for the best male role in the famous "Quiet Don".Peter Glebov biographyA year later, he was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR. In 1974 and 1981 he became a people's artist of the RSFSR and the USSR, respectively. Then, in 1981, he was awarded the Order of Lenin. 1985 - and Glebov was honored with the Order of Friendship of Peoples. In wartime, for special services he was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War and the medal for the defense of the Moscow region, as well as the Order for Victory over Germany.Being in his old age, Petr Petrovich received thanks from the President of the Russian Federation as a person who made an enormous contribution to the national cinema. Posthumously, Glebov Peter, an actor of theater and cinema, was presented to the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, but he was presented to the daughter of an actor on the fortieth day after his death.

Theater and cinema

About how much time was devoted to the theater by Peter Glebov, whose personal life remained then in the background, testifies to the employment record from 1937, when he was accepted into the staff as a drama artist. Data on the dismissal in the book does not contain. Theatrical works: “The Salem Witches”, “The Turbins Days”, “The Three Sisters”.

Episodic roles in the films played by the artist:

1. "Dream" and "Favorite Girl".

2. War film "The train goes to the east."Peter Glebov biography personal life

Main roles:

1. Gregory Melekhov in "The Quiet Don".

2. Alexander Polovtsev in "Raised virgin soil".

3. Major Lunin in the Baltic Sea.

4. Salieri in the film-opera "Mozart and Salieri".

5. Sage Khakia in "Iolanta".

6. Ivan the Terrible in "The Tsar's Bride".

7. Watchmen in "Solitude".

8. Thunder Hilarion in "And now judge."

9. Ship in "They live nearby"

10. Samoilov in the “non-negotiable”.

11. Arkhipov in the "Maritime character."

12.Brigadier Ivan in the "Random Address".

13. Savchuk in "Unknown, whom everyone knew."

14. Zhukovsky in "Talent".

15. Fedulov in "Emelyan Pugachev" and others.

Personal life

In his student years, Petr Petrovich married Maria Alekseevna Levitskaya. Long before the wedding, the actor easily started romance affairs, beautifully courted, but there was no suitable girl for the wife’s role among the female fans. When meeting Maria, she was not particularly willing to communicate with Peter, on the contrary, she tried not to show any signs of attention to him. But the resolute Glebov realized that this was the same one, and so in July 1948 they officially entered into a marriage.

Working days of the artist did not affect the family in any way, he managed to do both here and there, having lived 52 years in a strong and happy marriage with Maria Alekseevna. As his wife later recalled, Petr Petrovich always remembered the anniversary of a wedding, acquaintance, gave gifts, and in those moments when he was on tour or filming, he wrote touching letters, thanks to his wife every minute there.

In marriage, the Glebovs had 2 daughters: Helen and Olga.daughter of Peter GlebovDaughter of Peter Glebova, Elena studied at the Moscow Art Theater School at the Bogomolov and Pilyavskaya courses, then got a job at the Gorky Moscow Art Theater.In 1995 she received the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.Peter Gleb private life

Olga did not dare to embark on the actor's path and works as an English teacher. Living in a civil marriage with Svyatoslav Belza, she gave birth to a son in 1981, called Fyodor.

Petr Petrovich and his family lived in the house at number 40 on the Frunze Embankment all his life.Glebov Peter actor

Cordial, strict, resolute, purposeful - this was Peter Glebov during his lifetime. Biography, personal life of the actor allow to understand that his path was not easy, dangerous, but he passed it with dignity, becoming an honored artist.

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Actor Peter Glebov: filmography, biography, personal life and interesting facts 57

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