Actress Larisa Totunova: biography, personal life

"Gromov", "Detachment", "On the Other Side of Wolves", "The Death of the Empire", "My New Life", "Extraterrestrial", "Stalingrad", "Servant", "Tsar Ivan the Terrible" - films and series, thanks to which the audience remembered Larisa Totunova (Shakhvorostova). A talented actress does not just play a role, she lives the life of each of her heroines. By the age of 54, Larisa managed to play in more than fifty film and television projects. What is the story of a star?

Larisa Totunova: family, childhood

The star of domestic cinema was born in the Rostov region, it happened in June 1963. Larisa Totunova was born in a military and cook family. The actress has a younger sister, with whom she has a great relationship.

Larisa Totunova

The first years of Larisa’s life were spent in Biisk, where the family moved soon after her birth. Totunova grew up a responsible and hardworking girl, she helped her mother with the housework and took care of her younger sister. Traction to creative activity appeared in her in childhood.Family legend says that Larisa composed her first poem at the age of three. The girl studied well, but she had time for walking with friends. In her company, Totunova was a “ringleader,” she loved to entertain the children with funny, improvised skits.

The path to the dream

Larisa Totunova graduated from music school, thanks to which she can play the piano. The teachers predicted her a brilliant future in the field of music, and her father also dreamed about this. However, Larisa herself dreamed about the acting profession.

Larisa Totunova Actress

Already in high school, Totunova firmly decided that she would connect life with dramatic art. She started saving up money for a trip to Moscow in advance, worked as a cleaner, a postman. After graduation, Larisa tried to enroll at the Moscow Art Theater School, but failed. She had the opportunity to attend classes as a volunteer, but she chose to return to Biysk.

The following year, Larisa Totunova attempted to enroll in VGIK. She again failed to pass the entrance exams, but the young talent made an impression on Alexei Batalov. The famous actor advised the girl to return in a year, that’s what she did. The second attempt to enroll in VGIK was crowned with success, in 1982 Larisa finally became a student.True, VGIK Totunova never finished, she chose to transfer to GITIS.

The beginning of film career

Actress Larisa Totunova hit the set for the first time in 1985. The girl made her debut in the film "Season of Miracles." The film tells about the adventures of the artist, who escaped from the noisy metropolis and settled in a small village. The beginning actress got a role in this tape by chance, the assistant director came across it at the university.

Larisa Totunova biography

The debut role helped Larissa to attract the attention of directors. The list of the first films and TV shows with her participation is given below:

  • Valentine and Valentine.
  • "Special Forces".
  • "Servant".
  • "A wolf cub among the people."
  • "Publication".
  • "Kites of prey are not divided."
  • "God's scourge."
  • "Stalingrad".
  • "Tsar Ivan the Terrible."
  • "Far from St. Petersburg."
  • "Goryachev and others."
  • "Baby by November."
  • "Angels of death".
  • "Marshmallow in chocolate."
  • "Maestro Thief".
  • "Innocent."
  • "Ehay!"
  • "Scar".
  • "Carnival Night 2".

Bright roles

From the biography of Larisa Totunova it follows that true glory came to her already in the new century. Films and serials with the participation of the actress came out one by one.She equally convincingly embodied the images of lovely and calm ladies, assertive and purposeful women, fatal beauties. Larisa was immersed in the life of each of her heroines, trying to understand her inner world.

Larisa Totunova personal life

One of her star roles Totunova played in the mini-series "My New Life". Her heroine Miroslava is the keeper of the hearth, who is ready to do everything possible for the happiness of her relatives. The idyll, in which she had been in captivity for many years, collapsed overnight when her husband left Miroslav for her mistress. Further, the heroine quarrels with her daughter, her close friend betrays her. It would seem that unhappiness should harden her, but Miroslav remains sweet and kind.

An interesting image of the actress embodied in the mini-series "Heart of Mary." She brilliantly played the unfortunate woman who is in love with a non-free man. Totunova convincingly portrayed a ruler and an intriguer who, in the depths of her soul, dreams of simple female happiness.

Personal life

How is the private life of Larisa Totunova? While working on the film "Simple" actress met with a colleague - Sergey Makhovikov.This person was remembered by the audience for the films “We are from the Future” and “The Snake Source”, as well as for the TV series “Gromov”, “Narkomovsky transports”, “Platinum”. The fateful acquaintance took place in 1994, in the same year Sergey and Larisa got married.

Larisa Totunova actress Biography

Star couple loves to do everything together. For example, Totunova and Makhovikov are often shot together in various programs. In the “Bye Bye” program, they were happy to reveal the secrets of their family happiness.

The biography of actress Larisa Totunova shows that she became a mother in 2002. The star gave birth to a girl, the daughters were given the name of Alexander. Sasha was born in a creative family, it is not surprising that she went in parental footsteps. The young actress has already managed to play in several film and television projects. The most noticeable role went to her in the series “House with Lilies”. In addition, Alexander enjoys singing, has achieved some success in this area.

What else to see?

The newest star series with the participation of stars dated 2015 year. We are talking about television projects: "Young Guard", "Thresholds" and "Next to us." On the future creative plans of the talented actress Totunova information yet.

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