Actress Olga Mateshko: biography, filmography, personal life

Olga Mateshko is a Soviet film actress. Her audience remembers the role of Zoe in one of the most soulful domestic paintings - "Only Old Men Are Going to Battle." In the filmography of Mateshko more than forty works, but the image of the pilot in the picture of Leonid Bykov became the most striking.

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The fate of the actress was not easy. There were no more bright heroines in her creative life. In 1990, a woman lost a loved one - her husband. Nevertheless, she does not complain about fate, with gratitude and warmth she remembers about the people who met her on the path of life. What is Olga Mateshko doing now?


Famous actress Olga Mateshko was born onUkraine. In the Kiev region there is a small town Gostomel. There began her life's journey, which at the same time became easy and difficult. Dreaming of acting in films and telling other people's stories from the screens, the girl entered secondary school after graduating from high school.

Carier start

The big city did not frighten the future Deservedactress of Ukraine. After successful graduation she was invited to work. Film Studio. Dovzhenko was a good start for the young actress, and the first debut was the film "He and she." Filming in the films of different studios, Olga listened to the advice of famous directors and accumulated experience. Recognition came after the tape of Leonid Bykov "Only old men go to battle." The main character Zoya (the pilot of the night bomber) reflected the essence of Olga, who perceived life as a serious and responsible task. In it, at the same time, the female principle and a strong, courageous person were intertwined.

Olga Matheshko biography

The creators of the films did not forget her and invitedto play another heroine. In the list of finished works, you can trace the saturation, employment. In Soviet times, a few tapes per year meant greater work capacity and popularity. But, apparently, fate checked the Ukrainian woman for strength and the leading roles no longer threw up. But the main and minor heroines for the actress did not exist. Olga Mateshko always took great inspiration.


  • "I'll buy a friend."
  • "Cupid and demon."
  • "Socrates".
  • «Woman for all».
  • "Shelmenko-Batman".
  • The Black Captain.
  • "The missing expedition."
  • "The Scourge of God."
  • "The wedding is accused."
  • "The Golden River".
  • "Gardens of the Semiramis".
  • "City of first love" and much more.

Personal life

The cameraman and director Alexander Itygilov becamethe main man in the life of an actress. In a happy marriage, the son of Sasha was born, who was the successor and inspirer of his father's ideas. Apparently, the stay on the set was reflected in the thinking of the boy. He also wanted to create a unique movie with his own view of the world around him.

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The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant brought trouble to the family. The spouse participating in the filming of documentary personnel received a high dose of radiation. He, like a real patriot, could not stay out of the way at a difficult moment for the country. In 1990, at the age of forty-five, he was no more. On the absurd misunderstanding Ishigilov is not on the list of Chernobyl victims, although he was in the very heat for several months. Olga was hard at death of her husband. Alexander Itigilov is buried in Kiev, at the same cemetery, where Leonid Bykov is also. Olga Mateshko comes there often. At Baykovoye cemetery, she visits her beloved people - her husband Alexander and the director, whose work she remembered for an actress for life.

In 1994, Olga Mateshko left for the United States. Her move to America was dictated by loneliness and misunderstanding. But in a foreign country the teaching and the work of the sound engineer also left a void in the soul. Returning to Ukraine, Olga, at last, has found peace, which she searched for many years. Now she starred in the films of her brother Anatoly Mateshko and the son of Alexander Itigilov (junior). Olga Mateshko is not alone. But about his personal life does not extend, not sharing the fashion of modernity to show hidden in public. Work on television brought her back to life. Now this beautiful, stately woman again does her favorite thing.

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Actress Olga Mateshko: biography, filmography, personal life Actress Olga Mateshko: biography, filmography, personal life Actress Olga Mateshko: biography, filmography, personal life Actress Olga Mateshko: biography, filmography, personal life Actress Olga Mateshko: biography, filmography, personal life Actress Olga Mateshko: biography, filmography, personal life