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Tatyana Bestaeva - one of the most brilliant actresses of the sixties. Role in one of the films Parajanova brought her fame not only in the Soviet Union, but also in the West. Nevertheless, Tatyana Bestaeva is a theater actress. In the movie, she played a few roles. Theatrical scene devoted more than half a century.

Tatyana Bestaeva


Tatyana Bestaeva, whose photo is posted in this article, was born in 1937, in a small village in the south of Ossetia. Parents were actors. Father - Vladimir Bestaev - a bright, prominent personality of the Soviet silent movies. Tatiana inherited a lot from him, above all, temperament, huge emerald green eyes, and as one of the actress's colleagues put it, “the exterior of a beautiful Ossetian, as flexible as a vine”.

When the girl was only three months old, the Bestayevs family moved to Moscow. Already in elementary school, the heroine of today's narration has decided on the choice of a future profession. She dreamed only of the theater. Parents to the choice of the daughter reacted with understanding.When the certificate of maturity was obtained, Tatyana Bestaeva filed documents for VGIK. She entered the Institute of Cinematography from the very first attempt.

Tatiana Bestaeva - an actress (photo below - a frame from the debut film), has an unusual beauty. According to the recollections of the artist’s close friends, her natural data once destroyed the members of the selection committee of VGIK. Future celebrities studied with Tatiana Bestaeva on the same course. The course was truly stellar. Bestaeva studied with Leonid Kuravlev, Svetlana Druzhinina, Sofiko Chiaureli, Natalia Kustinskaya. In her student years, Tatyana was friends with Lyudmila Gurchenko, but later their paths diverged.

Bestaeva Tatiana Actress


In 1961, Tatyana Bestaeva graduated from VGIK and was accepted into the troupe of the Mossovet Theater. She played in performances with such luminaries of performing arts as Faina Ranevskaya, Rostislav Plyatt, Lyubov Orlova, and George Zhzhenov. In 1985, Tatyana Vladimirovna participated in the festival "Theater Spring" and received the prestigious award for the role of Capa from the play "Widow Steamer".

We can say that Bestaeva Tatiana is an actress of one theater. After all, she has always been devoted to only one scene.Bestaeva and currently serves Melpomene in the theater named after the Moscow City Council. Where once began her career, the composition of the acting troupe has changed several times. Today, Alexander Domogarov, Valentina Talyzina, Olga Ostroumova, Olga Kabo, Yevgenia Kryukova, Margarita Shubina, and Egor Beroev play on the same stage with her.

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Personal life

Theater gossips once spoke a lot about Tatiana Bestayeva's novels. Her personal life was rich and bright. This can only envy. For example, in 1965, the French actor Gerard Depardieu, while in Moscow, got to the play "Cricket", in which Bestaeva played. He was struck down by the charisma of the actress and began to press for the favor of the Soviet beauty. But neither the beautiful courtship, nor the stories about the beautiful future, nor the worldwide fame of the French artist, did not bribe her.

Tatiana Bestaeva at that time was already a famous actress and enjoyed the attention of many men. She recalled that the "plump, red-haired, nondescript French boy with a duck nose" did not attract her attention. Also known fans of Bestaeva were Vladimir Belyavsky and Andrei Mironov.

Tatyana Bestaeva was married three times. The first marriage was concluded with the film director Alexei Gabrilovich. They lived together for only three years, followed by a divorce.

The second chosen one was a musician - Yevgeny Stolyarov. This family union also did not prove durable. Soon after the divorce, Yevgeny died tragically.

After the second marriage, Tatyana was alone for almost ten years. She understood that as a companion of life she needed a man whom she would love with all her heart, and he, in turn, would understand her delicate nature.

1976 was a fateful year for Tatyana Vladimirovna. She met a man with whom she lived happily for more than twenty years. After the death of her husband, the actress is alone again. Despite the fact that Bestaeva is a widow, she wears a ring on her right hand and jokes that she is "engaged to the theater."

The peak of a movie career for an actress came in the sixties. But in the seventies, she became less and less removed. For what works in the movie did the audience remember the actress Tatyana Bestaeva?

Tatyana Bestaeva actress photo


  1. "Sailor from the Comet".
  2. "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors".
  3. "Roman and Francesca."
  4. "Day train".
  5. "Sailor from the comet."

"Sailor from" Comet ""

The film was shot in 1958.In the center of the plot is a touching romantic story. Sergey Chaykin is a sailor, joker, merry fellow. The young man is hopelessly in love with student Lena, who played Bestaeva. Sergey's rival - Vadim, director of the House of Sailors. And it is he who goes with Lena to the capital to the festival. It would seem that Chaikin has no chance. But the case helps: in the sailors' choir, the soloist unexpectedly falls ill, and Sergei, who has good vocal skills, immediately goes to the capital ...

The role of a student of Lena is Tatiana Bestaeva’s debut in cinema. The film was shot for twelve months. Besteyeva was difficult to combine the shooting with school and had to study in VGIK for an extra year in order to catch up. In those years, the requirements for the educational process for student-actors at the institute were quite stringent.

Tatyana Bestaeva Movies

"Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors"

The film was shot in 1964, it was released in 1965. The plot is simple and reminds of Shakespeare: the enmity of two Hutsul clans, and against the background of this confrontation, Ivan and Marichka's love are born. Lovers must leave. Ivan goes to work, and Marichka sinks in the river. After returning, the main character tries to forget his beloved and even marries the beautiful Palagne, which Bestaeva played.But marriage with an unloved girl does not bring happiness to the hero of this tragic story.

The role in the film Parajanova brought the actress great popularity. Especially after the movie was released in the West.

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