Siding under the stone. Advantages of building materials

Finishing the facade siding not so long ago becamepopular in our country, but still every year you can see more and more buildings that are covered with this building material. Professional builders have already figured out its advantages, so recommend this trim of the structure to your customers, acquaintances and friends. Today, manufacturers offer a rich selection of materials for decoration, among which you can also find siding for stone, brick, wood, etc. Such building material is advantageous for the price, it is easy to install, it serves for many years, practically does not require any maintenance, and even transforms the renovated building even beyond recognition.

stone sidingMetal siding for stone is very often used for finishing the socle,Since it perfectly protects this part of the building from melting snow, rain. Thus, the wall is completely protected, "breathes", is capable of giving away excess moisture. The material is absolutely environmentally safe, suitable for facing not only the plinth, but the entire facade, because it looks original and compared to a brick or a natural stone is more advantageous.

Siding under the stone makes the house an individual andinimitable. In a new structure, he breathes life, and the old building is noticeably transformed, and it is no longer distinguishable from the new building. Weather factors have no impact on the finish, it does not need to be repaired from time to time, which significantly saves the family budget. There is also no need to seal cracks or plaster work.

vinyl siding under the stoneUsing modern polymers methodmolding on injection molding machines is made siding under the stone. This method of manufacturing construction materials can significantly increase its operational capabilities. Panels are very easy to install and do not cause difficulties even for non-professional builders. Everyone who wishes after studying the instruction is able to independently attach the siding directly to the wall or (if there is a layer of insulation) to the metal crate.

This building material is good because it canIt is used at a sufficiently wide temperature range: it can withstand -60 ° C and +50 ° C. Vinyl siding under the stone retains impact resistance even at very low temperature, it is not susceptible to microbiological corrosion, for many years remains strong and does not change the decorative properties.

metal siding under the stoneThe base of any building is the most vulnerablepart of the house. He suffers from deformation during the off-season, from the temperature difference, melt water, so any natural materials used to finish this important fragment need periodic repairs. Siding under the stone allows you to get an excellent appearance of the building and avoid complications during construction work. Manufacturers offer a wide range of colors and imitations for different types of stone and brick, so it is not difficult to find the most suitable option. Panels accurately convey the structure of natural material, so it is not even immediately clear what kind of finishing is used. Siding does not need much care, only twice a year it is necessary to wash it under a great pressure of water to get rid of dust and give the original look.

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