Biography of Alexander Radulov

Alexander V. Radulov - one of the most famous and vibrant domestic hockey players, striker of the Continental Hockey League, forward of the national team, two-time winner of the main prize of the World Cup - a gold medal and many high commemorative prizes - Golden Stick, Memorial Cup and Gagarin Cup.
Expressive hockey player Alexander RadulovExpressive hockey player Alexander Radulov
He has performed with Dynamo Moscow and CSKA, Ufa-based Salavat Yulaev, American Nashville Predators, and Canadian-based Quebec Remarts. Experts noted his incredible dedication on the ice, high speed and power, exceptional vision of the site, an analytical mindset and excellent scoring flair.

Childhood and family of Alexander Radulov

The future champion was born on July 5, 1986 in Nizhny Tagil. His father, Valery Dmitrievich, in his youth was a hockey player of the local team “Sputnik”. He then worked as a children's trainer. Mom, Vera Vitalyevna, worked in the personnel department of Uralvagonzavod,enterprises for the production of construction and military equipment, railway cars, later left work and devoted herself to raising children.
Alexander Radulov in childhoodAlexander Radulov in childhood
Alexander became the second son in the family. The firstborn was Igor, born in 1982. Children together, following the example of their father, began to get involved in hockey, were engaged in a sports boarding school in the city of Yaroslavl.
The first mentor of the future sports star was Alexander Weingardt, an experienced specialist, who was called "the same age as Tagil hockey." A team of boys under his leadership, where the troika Radulov - Razhev - Balbashev performed, became the winner of the “Hope of the Urals” Cup when Sasha was 10 years old.
Hockey player Alexander Radulov himselfHockey player Alexander Radulov himself
Later, an eminent scorer, in response to information in the mass media that he was a Chechen, stressed that his parents and he and his brother were Russian, but among their ancestors were Gagauz (Turkic people). By this he explained his similarity with people from the North Caucasus.

The beginning of the sports career of Alexander Radulov

In 2002, a talented young man was taken to the capital HC Dynamo.His debut took place in 2003 in the Super League game. He also played then in the national championship for the HC Tver.
In 2004, he drafted Canada’s Quebec Remparts. Playing in the main junior league of this province, he became the third striker of the 2004/2005 season in terms of the number of goals.
Alexander Radulov played for the team “Quebec Remparts”Alexander Radulov played for the team “Quebec Remparts”
The young striker has become the author of a new record of this sports organization in terms of performance - he scored 6 goals for one game, then he increased his own achievement and designed the so-called sept-trick (7 goals). Together with the team, he won the Memorial Cup and became his best scorer.
In 2004, at the draft (the procedure for the selection of applicants by professionals), he was given the opportunity to perform at the Milwaukee Edmirals, the reserve club of the NHL team Nashville Predators (USA). In 2006, he was already directly in the number of "Predators". The athlete was considered the leader of the team, played in 64 games and brought 37 goals to the team.

Hockey star Alexander Radulov

At 21, the hockey player accepted the offer to join the national team of the Russian Federation representing the country in international competitions.At the 2008 World Cup in its composition promising right-handed striker won the main prize.
Postage stamp with Alexander RadulovPostage stamp with Alexander Radulov
In the same period, with the existing contract with the Nashville city club, the athlete signed another employment contract with Salavat Yulaev HC without the consent of his overseas employer, having done something wrong. A scandal broke out between sports organizations. The International Ice Hockey Federation did not approve of his action, but did not take any sanctions - the parties to the contracts performed in different leagues. The incident was settled in 2010, after the KHL and the NHL signed an agreement on mutual respect for treaties.
Phenomenally quick goal by Alexander Radulov
In 2009, the national team again became the world champion. In the final battle in Switzerland, she beat the forefathers of hockey, Canadians, with a score of 2: 1. The winning goal was scored by Alexander, one of the most productive players of the national team, who also has the titles of the silver medalist of the World Cup among youth teams and the gold among juniors.
In 2010, 2011 and 2012, the scorer, devoted to hockey with all his heart, was recognized as the most valuable hockey player of the KHL competitions.
In 2011, a striker in the ranks of the Salavat Yulaev team won the prestigious rolling prize for the winner of the KHL playoff game - the Gagarin Cup.
After the end of the Russian season, he went to Nashville. However, before the third game of the playoff of the Stanley Cup, he was removed from the games for violating the regime. And at the end of the 2011/2012 season, the Predator bosses decided to abandon the talented but problematic player.
The best goals of hockey player Alexander Radulov
In 2012, he moved from Salavat Yulaev to the army club CSKA, signing a 4-year contract.

Personal life of Alexander Radulov

In 2015, the national hero and one of the most prominent Russian hockey players got married. The 22-year-old Daria Dmitrieva, the silver medalist of the 2012 Olympics in rhythmic gymnastics, was chosen by the 29-year-old athlete.
Alexander Radulov and his wife DariaAlexander Radulov and his wife Daria
The newlyweds did not arrange for the wedding of the magnificent celebration, as the bride was at that time in the last months of pregnancy. At the end of the year, their son Makar was born.
Alexander Radulov with his son MakarAlexander Radulov with his son Makar
Alexander Radulov lives in the northern capital, where they moved from Nizhny Tagil and his family, and, by the way, is a fan of FC Zenit.He noted in an interview that he is very handsome in Switzerland, where there is an opportunity to take a break from the noisy and tumultuous impressions of the sport of real men. As a life credo, the striker called his motto - “Do not ever stop!”.
Alexander Radulov hit the coach with a club
Critics have noted the expressive and explosive nature of the athlete. As evidence of this, they cited the facts of beating the Finnish coach Ilari Nekel right during the game, scandals with the stadium workers, revelations about the low qualifications of judges, and peculiar relations with the press, in which he considers it possible to send journalists to the most distant subjects of our homeland.

Alexander Radulov today

In 2016, the term of the contract Radulov with CSKA expired, and the athlete intended to play in the NHL, having received offers from the teams of Florida, Washington and Detroit.

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