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Biography of Alexei Berezutsky

Alexey Berezutsky is a Russian football player, Honored Master of Sports of Russia, who plays the position of defender in the national football team of Russia and FC CSKA with his twin brother Vasily Berezutsky. Alexey is a multiple winner of gold medals at the Russian Championship and Cup, winner of the UEFA Cup with CSKA and a bronze medalist at the 2008 European Championship.
CSKA defender Alexei BerezutskyCSKA defender Alexei Berezutsky

Alexey Berezutsky's childhood. Start a football career

Alexey's childhood passed in Moscow. He studied at the school number 475 in the same class with his younger brother (Alexey is older than Vasily by 20 minutes).
Baby photo brothers BerezutskyBaby photo brothers Berezutsky
The brothers were often confused by the teacher than they used successfully: since the study was easier given to Alexey, he was often called Vasily and got good marks for him. This did not last long, as the teachers learned to distinguish between brothers, and in order to be more confident, they tried to seat them in different parties.Aleksey himself always believed that he was completely different from his brother, and his classmates, for whom it was not difficult to distinguish Vasily from Aleksei, were of the same opinion.
Berezutsky brothers in childhood and nowBerezutsky brothers in childhood and now
Alexey started playing football since childhood, when his father, who worked as a school physical education teacher, recorded his brothers in the Smena football section with coach Vladimir Ivanovich Lopandin. In the “Change” the Berezutsky brothers made their first steps in football by participating in the Moscow championship. In total, they studied there for 7 years. “At first, I didn’t distinguish them - and I called Vasya-Lesha, Lesha-Vasya: they have not only appearance and growth, but even their look was very similar ... Until the years 12-13, the Berezutskies did not stand out against the general background, but then they began to outrun the rest - they just grew up and gained muscle mass, ”the later trainer of the brothers recalled later.
Alexey Berezutsky in the school “Shift” (second from the left in the bottom row)Alexey Berezutsky in the school “Shift” (second from the left in the bottom row)
Alexey did not think about football career, he visited the section irregularly and considered training as entertainment, so there was a period when he completely forgot about football and became seriously interested in basketball."Change" at that time did not show outstanding results and left the big leagues in the championship of the Sports School.
The brothers Vasily and Alexei Berezutsky visiting Ivan Urgant
The unexpected call of Vladimir Kobzev from the Topedo-ZIL sports school helped him decide on the future, who suggested that the brothers go to study for him. The coach was very persuasive and persistent, so the Berezutsky soon became his pupils. An important role was played by the fact that they were offered a scholarship in the amount of $ 50, which was a very impressive amount for fifteen-year-olds.
Alexey Berezutsky since childhood playing the position of defenderAlexey Berezutsky since childhood playing the position of defender

Alexei Berezutsky's club career

In Torpedo-ZIL, Alexey immediately showed himself from the best side, so soon the head coach began to attract him to the games of the main team. In 2001, Berezutsky transferred to Novorossiysk "Chernomorets" on loan. Soon he was noticed by Valery Gazaev, who served as the head coach of CSKA. Gazaev invited both brothers to his team, despite the fact that at that time they represented different clubs.
“Big Football” for Alexey Berezutsky began with CSKA“Big Football” for Alexey Berezutsky began with CSKA
Alexei had a hard time at CSKA, as it was a completely different level of play. The coach constantly demanded high results and 100% return. In such conditions, even a “tied” match result was considered as an emergency. In May 2002, Alexei Berezutsky made his debut: in the match with Moscow Torpedo, he entered the field in the first team, and in 2003, together with the team, won the gold medals of the national championship.
The first goal of Alexei Berezutsky for CSKA
In 2005, Alexey won another champion title, won the Country Cup and lifted one of the most prestigious European trophies over his head - the UEFA Cup, for which he received the title "Honored Master of Sports."
Photos from the match Manchester United - CSKA (November 3, 2009)Photos from the match Manchester United - CSKA (November 3, 2009)
Over the years, Alexei Berezutsky showed a high level of athletic training and fighting skills necessary for a defender, for which he was always appreciated by the fans of the red-blue and more than once recognized as the best player of the month and year.

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