Biography of Andrei Fursov

Andrei Ilyich Fursov is a well-known scholar who studies the historical process, a theoretician of a subjectively-systematic approach to the consideration of society, a political scientist, journalist, a member of the organization of domestic writers - the Writers' Union and the head of the editorial board of the abstract publication Orientalism and Africanism, who published about four hundred works.
Fursov Andrey IlyichFursov Andrey Ilyich
By his own admission, he accepted as a personal credo the favorite formula proposed at the time by the leader of the Italian Communists Antonio Gramsci - “Pessimism of the mind (able to understand and accept all the hopelessness of living by the rules and, in general, all the tragedy of human nature) and optimism of will ( excluding the possibility of compromise, postponing decisions, shifting them to others).
He called national history, the global struggle for resources, information and power, the problems of globalization, the study of the relationship between the level and dynamics of the socio-economic development of the countries of the East and the West as the main field of his scientific research.

Childhood and the family of Andrei Fursov

The future official from science (as he defined himself) was born on May 16, 1951 in Shchelkovo, (Moscow region), in the family of a military man.
Andrei Fursov chose history as a professionAndrei Fursov chose history as a profession
After graduating from school in 1968, he entered the Moscow State University at a special department - the Institute of Asian and African countries - and after five years of study, he received a diploma in the direction of "Orientalism and Africanism" with a profile of "history". In 1986, he defended his qualification work for the degree of candidate of sciences, presenting a work with a critical analysis of the problems of peasants from Asian countries.

Early career of Andrei Fursov

Since 1997 and over the next nine years, Andrei Fursov led the structural division of the Russian Humanitarian State University - the Institute of Russian History, where scientific developments of topical problems of national history were carried out in accordance with a number of research programs.
Historian and political scientist Andrei FursovHistorian and political scientist Andrei Fursov
At this educational and scientific institution of the RSUH, in order to expand the information space, a magazine was also created under the name Russian Historical Journal, which was edited by Andrei Ilyich.In addition, he led seminars at the Universum Club at the Institute of Social Sciences of the Russian State University for Humanities, where during the discussions the picture of the modern world, historical comparisons of personalities, concepts of power, the typology of conflicts, forecasts of the development of the state were offered.
From 2002 to 2006, Andrei Ilyich was also one of the directors of the research division of the Institute of Philology and History of the RSUH, namely, the Center for Global Studies (studying the interrelationship of global human problems) and comparative studies (a comparative method for studying connections, correspondences of teachings, analogies between related cultures ).
Andrei Fursov about Stalin
After the unprecedented and lively discussion in 2006 in university circles of the dismissal of the team of the Institute of Russian History by the Russian State University for Humanities, Andrei Fursov headed the Center for Russian Studies (as a part of the Moscow State University), was invited to make public presentations in educational institutions of the United States, Maple Leaf Land , Hungary and India. He also participated in more than a hundred Russian projects in the field of social sciences, as well as a number of international meetings, congresses and conferences.

The personal life of Andrei Fursov

A prominent specialist in the field of history, he is the winner of the “Soldier of the Empire” APN Prize awarded to scientists, publicists, public figures who have made a special contribution to the revival of the statehood of the Russian Federation, as well as the awards of the literary social and political journals “Moscow” and “Our Contemporary”.
Andrey Fursov - the author of many booksAndrey Fursov - the author of many books
The creative scientific views of the scientist were shaped by the discoveries and ideas of Vladimir Krylov, a research social scientist, an employee of the Institute of Africa, then the IMEMO of the USSR Academy of Sciences, whose work (including "Theory of Formations") invariably became the focus of attention of representatives of the national humanitarian science, allowing to rethink the nature of many provisions socio-economic structure of states. Fursov's research in science also testifies to the influence on him of the writings of the social philosopher and critic of global capitalism, Alexander Zinoviev, and one of the founders of the world-system analysis, which implies the study of the evolution of societal systems, rather than individual societies, the American neo-Marxist sociologist Immanuel Wallerstein.
Information about the privacy of the historian is not much. He has a son, Cyril, born in 1979, who, like his father, graduated from the Moscow State University. He is a historian, he worked at the Center for Historical and Economic Survey of the Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences, published a number of extraordinary works, including the book "The Lions of Pyatirechye: Sikhs are great warriors of Asia." Together with his father, he gave lectures on the countries of the East at Moscow State University.

Andrey Fursov today

Social scientist - head of the department of social sciences at the Higher School of TV, Moscow State University;
Speeches and lectures by Andrei Fursov are very popular.Speeches and lectures by Andrei Fursov are very popular.
He is a member of the expert council of such publications as “Geopolitics”, “Political Journal”, is a member of the Intellectual and Izborsky Club. In 2010, he was enrolled in the Russian Writers Union, conducts popular monthly lectures at the Fursov School of Analytics, which is organized by the Student Scientific Society of the Moscow Humanitarian University, and holds specialized courses at Moscow State University, RSUH, Moscow State University.
Speech by Andrei Fursov about Putin
The speeches of a publicist on topical issues are considered by many representatives of the Russian intellectual elite as bright and interesting for their unexpected conclusions and original historical parallels, as well as for attracting a large amount of unique archival material. However, there is also the opinion that his lectures are supposedly only popular with extremists, radicals, religious fanatics and other asocial elements.

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