Angelina Jolie in childhood and adolescence

Angelina Jolie - everyone knows this name withoutexceptions. The famous Hollywood actress, who by her beauty and unique talent won the hearts of viewers around the world. She is considered a model of beauty, kindness and wisdom. Numerous awards and prizes, roles in the most popular films of our time, as well as participation in a variety of charitable funds - all this is truly admirable. But very few people know what was Angelina Jolie in her childhood and what she had to go through before she gained worldwide fame.

Early Years of the Star

The famous Hollywood actress was born on June 41975 in Los Angeles in the acting family. Father, John Voight, at that time was quite a demanded actor, and my mother, Marcelin Bertrand, could not boast of the same popularity, but was a wonderful actress. Angelina Jolie never knew her father's love in her childhood. Her parents divorced when the baby was not even a year old. Voight just threw Marcelin with a baby in her arms due to a strong passion for women on the side. After taking Angelina and her older brother James, the mother decides to take them to New York and takes care of the children completely, leaving her dream of becoming a famous actress.angelina jolie in her childhoodDespite all the insults, the father invites hissix-year-old daughter starred in his film "In Search of an Exit". Apparently, the need for money does not leave the family of choice, and they willingly accepted such a tempting offer. After all, Jolie starred in the film with Marcelin.
Encouraging their children to take an interest in cinema,Marcelin often took the children to the movies, and this, according to Angelina, pushed her to choose a profession. Angelina Jolie, who had many negative moments in her childhood, looked with pleasure at the actors' game and dreamed of being in their place.

Uneasy school years

When Angelina was eleven, the familyreturns to his native Los Angeles. Due to his eccentric nature, Jolie does not cease to amaze her mother with unexpected actions. She decides that a funeral home can be a great idea for a business. But her ideas were not supported by anyone, considering it a childish foolishness.

angelina jolie in her childhood photoAfter such ideas, Anji leaves for treatment topsychotherapist and school psychologists. Teachers considered her a real sociopath because of problems with her peers. But this does not prevent the future Hollywood star from entering the Beverly Hills High School. But soon the big acting ambitions come to naught. Angelina plunges into a real depression because of her unusual appearance and bullying from classmates.

Angelina Jolie in her childhood (photo is in the article)did not look like the other girls at school. It was very unconventional for the school atmosphere of Los Angeles. Excessive leanness, unusual habits and second-hand clothes have greatly shaken the self-esteem of the future star. Angelina Jolie in childhood and adolescence was in a constantly depressed state. Even worse was the useless hikes on model agencies, where Jolie was simply not taken seriously. Few people know, but Angelina Jolie was already anorexic when she was a child. To save the figure and from constant stress, the girl practically did not eat anything and was constantly starving. Fortunately, she was diagnosed with the first stage of anorexia and treated, and after that she changed her eating habits.

First love

According to the actress herself, she began to live incivil marriage as early as 14 years. According to Angelina, this decision was made by her mother and allowed her and her boyfriend to occupy a room in their house. This cohabitation lasted two years, while the lovers did not part. Remembering this, Angelina fully supported the decision of the mother, calling it reasonable. But the star herself understands that 14 years old is too young for her to live together, and she would never allow her daughter to bring a guy into the house.angelina jolie in childhood and adolescence

The reasons for the separation were numerouscuts on the body of Angelina. Since childhood, Jolie had a very strange hobby - collecting knives, with which she later cut cuts all over her body. Because of the constant depressions and bullying of peers, Jolie "stifled the pain", causing herself a huge number of cuts. According to the most celebrity, it allowed her to feel like a living person and relieve tension. The young man just could not stand such actions on the part of the beloved and left it.

The first career advancement

At the age of 14, real changes begin in the life of a star. Even comparing the photos of Angelina Jolie in childhood and adolescence, you can see how much her body changes, she turns into a real beauty.Angelina jolie's photo in childhood and adolescenceThen luck starts to smile at her, and she is acceptedto work many modeling agencies not only in America, but also in England. She starred in a variety of music videos and gets first fame among fashion designers and photographers. Then Jolie tries for a role in her first film, which is dedicated to the famous model of the 70s, where she successfully debuts and receives the award - Golden Globe. This was the beginning of her long journey to the pedestal of the world celebrity.

Violent youth

According to the actress, all depressivethe conditions in her life were directly related to the enormous resentment against her father, which the star suffered from childhood to adolescence. She tried to commit suicide and led a rather unruly life. She tried almost all possible drugs and came to shows and public appearances in an inadequate state.Angelina Jolie in her childhood and nowAngelina Jolie as a child, whose photos are simplytouched, in fact, very fond of experiencing fate and adored to walk on the blade of the knife from the very beginning of his life. So, already in her youth, drugs became a part of her life and almost took her away. According to the actress, she was very fortunate that she managed to stop on time. During a turbulent youth, Jolie did a lot of terrible things, but now this is over. Once her constant dragdiler made a statement in the press, thereby telling all about the star. To which Angelina, admitting her mistakes, told the world about her past problems. And she told me how much she regrets about her rash actions.

Some facts about Angelina

"Jolie has poor eyesight, and she wears contact lenses."
- Once in his youth Jolie he hired a hitman to part with his life.
- Angelina Jolie was accused of intimacy with her own brother, the actress first confirmed this information, then admitted that it was a PR move.
- In her youth, Angelina was in a romantic relationship with several girls-models, thereby confirming rumors about her bisexuality.


Famous for the whole world Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie in her childhood and now - it's like two different girls. Over the years, Jolie has become much wiser, and in her life there is no more resentment, hatred and anger.angelina jolie in childhood photosAt the moment she is a happy mother of many children and the UN Goodwill Ambassador. She found the strength to forgive her father and embark on the true path, no matter what.

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