Aquapark in Mytishchi: photo, reviews

In the central part of Russia, the swimming season lastsvery short in the warm summer months. But do not worry, because at any time of year, residents of the capital and the Moscow region can visit the modern indoor water park in Mytishchi. What is remarkable about the Kva-Kva complex, how much does it cost to visit, and what impressions do you have after visiting it?

General information about the Kva-Kva Park water recreation center

Water Park in MytishchiThe water park in Mytishchi was opened in the autumn of 2006. To date, Kva-Kva Park is one of the most interesting and modern water parks in the Moscow region. The complex is focused on children and family holidays. A variety of attractions will please fans of water splashes of all ages. In such an aquapark it is not boring to spend the whole day. Pools with attractions, relaxation areas, saunas and cafes - what else is needed for a comfortable and interesting holiday? Many families regularly visit the water park in Mytishchi and note the friendly staff and reasonable prices.

All the thematic zones of the water park

Aquapark in Mytishchi address

Do you miss the sea? The water park in Mytishchi invites everyone to swim in the wave pool. Its area is about 600 meters2, and the waves resemble the ocean. Near the pool is equipped with an artificial beach, where you can relax, enjoying the sound of the surf. The most tranquil zone of the water park is called "Lagoon". This is a swimming pool, with a depth of 1.35 m with hydromassage and jacuzzi. Entertainment, which will appeal to all children without exception, is the "Lazy River". You can go on a trip on an inflatable lap. The smallest visitors to the complex of water attractions can play in the children's town. This is a water playground with slides, a waterfall, water cannons and other amusements. The zone is intended for children between the ages of three and eight. Near the playground for the most always on duty lifeguards, worry about the safety of kids is not necessary. Most people buy a ticket to the water park in order to ride the water slides. In the complex "Kva-Kva" guests can enjoy attractions for teenagers and adults for every taste.

Photo and description of attractions in "Kva-Kva Park"

Water park kvarti kvataNear each descent in the complex "Kva-Kva"there is an information sign. Carefully study the rules of using the attraction and the conditions for admission to it. Classic "Family Hill" is designed for children over 8 years old and adults weighing less than 115 kg. "Virage" is an attraction with sharp accelerations and unexpected turns. The height of the hill is 12 meters, and the total length is 116 meters. Extreme attraction "Tsunami" is designed for rafting. Those who dare to ride on it, await the inexpressible emotions. The attraction has the form of a parabola, a circle with passengers slides on the surface of the slide like a pendulum, gaining speed. Love more calm descents? You will like "Multislide" - a four-row straight roller-coaster for the whole family or in the company of friends. "Black Hole" is an extreme dark descent, starting from a height of 12 meters. One of the most "terrible" slides is the "Cyclone". The attraction begins with a giant funnel, which ends with a long closed descent.

Additional services of a water entertainment complex

Water park Mytishchi kv ka parkAfter extreme rides and swimmingI want to relax and relax. Aquapark (Mytishchi) "Kva-Kva Park" offers its guests a break in the SPA-zone. Here you can bask in the sauna, Turkish bath or order relaxing treatments. After bathing, many people have a good appetite. You can satisfy it in one of the two restaurants of the complex: "Floor" or "Troy". Do you want to build an unforgettable birthday for your child or spend a cheerful corporate with your colleagues? The water park in Mytishchi can help you in the realization of this desire. Renting individual zones or the whole complex for personal celebrations is a popular service. In addition, you can order food and beverages, animation programs for children and adults. On weekends, water foam discos are held in the water park. The cost of the ticket for the party is 1200 rubles. Please check with the administration of the water park for the schedule of the nearest events.

Security - above all!

Particular attention guide entertainmentThe center pays the security of its guests. Many visitors for this very reason choose a water park in Mytishchi for recreation. Photo of the interior of the complex looks as if it was opened quite recently. But in fact, "Kva-Kva Park" very soon celebrate the first anniversary - 10 years of work. The secret is simple - regular checks and maintenance of all attractions and equipment, compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards. In the water park there are always enough rescuers ready to help the guests. Compliance with the rules for the use of attractions is monitored. Children are given life jackets for swimming.

Prices for tickets and water park rates

Aquapark in Mytishchi photo The water park Mytischi "Kva-Kva" runs daily from 10.00 until 22.00. The cost of a ticket to a water entertainment complex depends on the height and age of the visitor, the length of stay and the chosen day of visit. A flexible tariff schedule allows each guest to choose the most advantageous offer. Children under the age of 4 years or a height of up to 120 cm visit the center of water attractions free of charge, accompanied by adults. Children's tickets are purchased for visitors below 150 cm, regardless of age. The full cost of visiting the water park is paid for by guests taller than 150 cm. The cost of tickets depends on the selected day of the week: prices are cheaper on weekdays, on weekends and public holidays prices are increasing. How much is it worth to visit the "Kva-Kva" water park (Mytischi)? On weekdays prices for children's tickets start from 490 rubles, and on weekends - from 850 rubles. There is a flexible system of discounts, for regular customers, the entertainment center issues discount cards "Friend of the Water Park".

Aquapark in Mytishchi: how to get there by private or public transport?

Aquapark in Mytishchi

The complex of water attractions is in the shopping center XL. This is 1 km from the Moscow Ring Road, water park in Mytishchi address has the following: Mytischi, st. Communist, 1. By public transport to get here the easiest way from the metro station "VDNH". From the hotel "Kosmos" you can take the bus number 333. You need to leave at the stop "Furazhnaya". It is easy to get to the water park on your private car. Take the exit from Moscow to Yaroslavl highway. After 1 km, you will notice a modern shopping mall.

Guest reviews of the aqua complex

Aquapark in Mytishchi how to get there

What people say about the water park thatvisited? "Kva-Kva" the park causes positive emotions. Polite staff, cleanliness and interesting attractions. Many guests of the complex really like the well-planned layout of the interior space of the complex. The zoning principle used will avoid long queues and find everyone their own place. In the children's town there are always a few rescuers on duty.

Employees of the water park can look afterkids, while parents ride on adult attractions. Many regular customers of the water park prefer to visit it on weekdays. The price at this time is very low, while the quality of recreation is increasing, as the people in the center of water entertainment are few. On weekends, the cost of visiting a water park for families with children may seem quite high. And yet it's worth it, if you do not have the opportunity to come to the complex of water attractions on weekdays.

Watch for promotions and discount offers. The Aquapark regularly offers seasonal discounts and holds interesting events. It's a great opportunity to spend an interesting time and save money. The water park in Mytishchi reviews is positive due to its advantageous location, it is easy to get from anywhere in Moscow. Legally, the complex is in the near suburbs, but in fact it is only 1 kilometer from the Moscow Ring Road. The mall in which the water park is located has its own large free parking, which is very convenient for car enthusiasts.

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