Armenia. Yerevan

It so happened that this time in a couple of days in the city I saw more of evening Yerevan. The days are already short, it became quite early to get dark. We came from Tbilisi after the monastery of Haghpat (I haven’t written about it yet), the fortresses of Lori and Sevan are already in the dark. The next day there was a trip to Ararat and to several more places, about which I will also tell, and in a day it was decided to get acquainted in detail with the Kond city district, the “slums” of Yerevan. Therefore, a walk through the streets of the city during the day was rather compressed, but this is one of the reasons to return)
1. Near the local market. Alas, the market has disappointed. In contrast to the market in Tbilisi, the color here was not enough. Basically, the usual stalls under the roof, and the merchants obviously wanted to take more from us. Where is it good when you sell dried figs or peaches, where inside are sweet nuts (I forgot how this thing is called) for 270 rubles a piece or a bunch of 6-7 pieces for 1200? Bargaining did not give much either, the price fell, but by a small number.
In Georgia, as I understand it, this is not. If there and overstate the price, it is not so much.Let's say churchkhela is worth 1 lari (27 rubles), of course, it can be sold for 2 or 3, but not for 10. And here there is a smile, compliments, praising the product, which is the best in the whole country, and frankly raising prices by 10 times.
Or do I still not understand something?

2. On the roads of the city

3. Friendship

4. Found a few street drawings


6. Metro in Yerevan opened in 1981. The fare is 100 drams (12 rubles), tokens are used for travel. The line is one, with a fork movement on one end: the passing trains go to the final one further, and in order to get to the other final one, it is necessary to transfer to a train that runs only on this stage. Several stations, including the railway station, on the surface.
Declare in Armenian and in English. The stations are normal, Soviet. Shoot inside, like in the Tbilisi metro and in some others in the post-Soviet space, you can’t

7. Yerevan - the city of samostroya. Attach, rebuild, expand the area - no question, there is a lot of such

8. Shop

9. Another store

10. Old sign

11. Street sign

12. Several Armenian signs

13. Letters seemed to me more difficult than Georgian ones, but maybe it’s because I know about 10 Georgian letters and 3-4 Armenian letters.

14. Learned from road signs, where it was written and in Latin

15. An interesting alphabet, it will be necessary to read more about it.




19. Pharmacy

20. The old tower of Zvartnots airport.She wanted to tear down, but part of the public was against it. Previously, there was a cafe, similar to the cafe "The Seventh Heaven" of the Ostankino television tower, and above the control room

21. This is not entirely Yerevan, but a road towards Ararat, to the Khor Virap monastery

22. She is the same. Thank Pope for visiting Armenia

Next time we will see Khor Virap.

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