Australian Big Bay: description, photo

The Australian Great Bay is washed by the south of the homonymous continent. The water area belongs to the Indian Ocean.australian big bay


For the first time, the Great Gulf was noticed by scientists andseafarers in 1627. At the same time, it was partially explored, but only in 1802 was mapped, than it owes to Captain Flinders, who traveled around the continent.

The Australian Great Bay extends to 1100km and covers the coast of Victoria, the west of Tasmania, as well as the states of South and Western Australia. The water area covers an area of ​​more than 1.3 million square meters. km. The depth of the bay is relatively small (400 m), but at a distance of hundreds of kilometers from the coastline it can reach 5000 m - the South Australian basin (5670 m). The nature of the bottom of the bay is stepped, its depth increases with distance from the shore, reaching its maximum value in the given territory. During tides, water can rise by 3-4 m, and in bays this indicator sometimes rises to 7 m.


Where is the Great Australian Gulf,strongly affects the issue of weather conditions. Here there is a moderate climate. Because of the prevailing cold weather, the guests of the bay are icebergs. They are brought by the current from the southern neighbor of Antarctica. But these blocks are observed far from the shore line.where there is a large Australian bay

Shore line

The Australian Great Bay can becharacterize the cut bays and bays of the shore. Sheer cliffs, reaching 60 m, are a distinctive feature of this area. They are formed by some parts of the coast. On the shore there are rocky terraces and cliffs, and in lowland areas sand beaches are common.

The largest port of the water is Adelaide. In its area are the bays of St. Vincent and Spencer.

Murray, Australia's most full-flowing river,merging with the Denmark watercourse, flows into this bay through the bay. The largest island of the Gulf is considered to be Fr. Kangaroo. In addition to it, the coastline is rich in many small areas of land.

Animals and fish

Because of the proximity to Antarctica, the flora and fauna of the bay is not as rich as the northern seas of Australia. But still she has something to brag and surprise.

Coastal areas have become a habitat fordiverse marine life: from the simplest microorganisms to the largest mammals. Through the Great Gulf, the path of migration of smooth whales proceeds. However, recently they only rarely swim to this water area. Among these representatives smooth, toothed and whale-like species of cetaceans are observed.

The bottom is inhabited by lobsters, shrimps, crabs, lobsters, sea worms, a variety of echinoderms, among which are hedgehogs, snake-tailed snakes and amazingly beautiful sea stars.

The fish world is notable for its wealth,Represented by the inhabitants of different parts of the Indian Ocean. Herring, flounder, mullet, bulls, horse mackerel, mackerel, perch, stingrays, salmon, tuna, sailfish, marlin, swordfish are far from complete list of inhabitants of these depths. The value represents the meat of red which ocean the big Australian bay belongs


The Australian Great Bay is excellentthe source of fish, due to which the fishery is well developed in this area, especially for hunting for sharks. This area of ​​the Indian Ocean is considered to be the most acutely dangerous on Earth. This place was chosen by different kinds of these representatives, not the exception of steel and the most dangerous for humans. Confirmation is the annual press reports on accidents related to these inhabitants of this water area. The fact that the Great Australian Bay belongs to the ocean plays an important role in the diversity of fauna.

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