Baidar Gate: description, interesting facts, how to get there

The Baidar Gate is a symbolic architectural monument, which is a link between the South Coast of the South Coast and the valley of the same name. This landmark was erected in honor of the completion of the construction of the road leading to Sevastopol. The construction of the stone mountain was completed in 1848. The project of the monument belongs to one of the best architects of Yalta.

Driving along the highway Yalta - Sevastopol, you can make a stop to admire the charming view of the village Simeiza. This is a small urban-type settlement on the southern coast of the Crimean peninsula, with numerous picturesque streets and beautiful views. How to get to the Baydar Gate will be discussed at the end of the article.

Description of the monument

kaydarsky gate

The Baidar Gate is a high stone building with a complex structure, with small columns and a magnificent viewing platform on the roof.From the same stone on both sides of the structure, there are bollards, made according to the traditional pattern. In one of them there used to be a service space of 30 squares. Today, the windows and doors in this part of the monument “Baidar Gate” are immured.

the kaydar gate is immured

A special staircase leads to the roof of the gate. From the height you can see not only the most beautiful view of the Black Sea, but also the incredibly picturesque Baidar valley, as well as beautiful mountains and green thickets of numerous plants.

Foros temple

An amazing holy monastery opens up to all travelers who have visited the Baidar Gate. The Church of the Ascension of Christ is located just below the road. It was founded in 1892 at the expense of the wealthy merchant Alexander Kuznetsov. Alexander himself was a descendant of one of the wealthy and influential people - the merchant Alexey Gubkin. In Russia, he was considered the most reliable supplier of delicious tea. Rumor has it that the reason for the construction of the temple was a terrible train accident at Borki station, near the city of Kharkov. At the time of the collapse of the train, the carriage in which the royal family rode overturned, but fortunately nothing happened to the crowned women, and everyone was alive. In this regard, the rich Kuznetsov and decided to establish a temple for the salvation of the royal family.

kaydarsky gate church

The talent in the construction of the church showed an architect from St. Petersburg Fyodor Chagin. The icons, which were presented in the temple, were written by famous artists: A. Kormuhin, academician of arts, a member of numerous exhibitions of paintings by Makovsky, a specialist in stained glass art, Sverchkov. In the famous workshop of the Italian specialist for small particles, a mosaic floor was created, which was then transferred to the temple, and the inner walls were decorated with a pattern in the Byzantine style. After a certain time - in Soviet times - the church was closed. The building was equipped with a warehouse, and then a restaurant for passing by. After the closure of the church, all the rare icons were transported to different temples, and the paintings were burned right on the mosaic floor. Currently, Foros Church of the Resurrection of Christ has been restored and is in excellent condition.

History of the Baydar Gates

pass the kaydarsky gate

On the observation deck of the gate you can make beautiful photos against the background of a charming valley and a beautiful sea in the distance. It is for the contemplation of these wonderful beauties that the passing tourists make a small stop.

At the beginning of the 20th century, when the route from Sevastopol to Yalta was much longer, all travelers made a night stop to rest.If you were riding to Yalta on a horse, then you went early in the morning, and arrived in the city already at night. Since such a trip was not easy, they made a stop at the pass.

At that time there were two hotels. One was behind the gate, and the second - on the left. A postal base was established at this place, a small restaurant was built nearby where they could have a snack. One of the guidebooks describes the area where these buildings were located, luxurious and at the same time miserable. The fact is that the cost of all the services offered was high, and the quality of service was disgusting.

Restaurant at the Baydar Gate

canopy gate

After some time, all the shelters were removed from the territory of the pass, and the restaurant is still very popular among tourists. Now it is called "Hut". Many visit the Baidar Gate only in order to taste here the most delicious dishes in such an unusual setting.

From here there is a stunning view of Foros and the Black Sea, and you can also see the amazing Killas Church. The institution of a kind of building style and location is considered an independent attraction where you can eat a hearty and tasty meal, contemplating the surrounding beauty.From visiting this place are only the most pleasant and positive impressions. The restaurant is perfect for all kinds of events, friendly gatherings, corporate meetings and luxury weddings. The stay in this institution will brighten up the friendly staff and friendly atmosphere. The restaurant has low prices, but great service.
At the beginning of the war, the Baidar Gate was undermined. Then they were the only exit to Sevastopol. And later there was a monument to the partisans.

In the past, almost everyone moved on horseback, and they were the only option for communication on the roads of the Crimea. Most of them left the city of Sevastopol after sunset, to be at dawn at the Baidar gate. The pass pointed to the middle of the road between Sevastopol and Yalta.

Baidar Gate in Cinema

A short fragment, on which the Baidar Gate is visible, can be seen in the movie “The Adventure of Pinocchio”. One of the episodes was filmed on the observation deck of the sights.

How to get to the pass

For vacationers in the Crimea to get to this area is easy and simple.You can go by your own car or use the services of a taxi (but it can be expensive), by bus or by bike. Getting lost on the way will not work, the road to the gate is one. You need to move along the Sevastopol-Yalta highway, driving through the small village of Foros. The path passes just under the gate, and a large crowd of cars and people will show that you have reached your destination.

In Yalta and Sevastopol there are places for the sale of sightseeing tickets, so you can get to the gate by sightseeing bus. You can not only see all historical places, but also learn interesting facts about this area. If, nevertheless, you are going to take a shuttle bus, then the departure will be from the city bus station. You can get to the train stations of Sevastopol and Yalta.

Feedback and Comments

kaydarsky gate how to get

Before the eyes of travelers who have come to this amazing place, a truly unusual view opens up. Many advise simply to close the eyes and breathe in freshly breasted mountain air. From all sides there is a beautiful view of the Baidar valley (Crimean Switzerland, as this area is also called), the picturesque beauty of the southern part of the Crimean peninsula, the Black Sea and its waves beating against the rocks.

Hunters for unique images should definitely visit the Baidar Gate.After all, there are excellent photos.

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Baidar Gate: description, interesting facts, how to get there 55

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