Bay leaf for diabetes: pros and cons

Apr 28, 2018

Diabetes mellitus is a dangerous disease

Diabetes mellitus is an acute medical and social disease requiring urgent intervention.It is systemic and occurs with a deficiency of insulin, leading to a disruption in the metabolism of carbohydrates and the utilization of glucose by tissues.


  • Causes of diabetes
  • Leaflet with diabetes
  • Treatment
  • Prevention of diabetes

Causes of diabetes

Diabetes mellitus includes diabetes of the 1st and 2nd type.Two of these ailments are completely different, but have a common culprit - an increased concentration of sugar in the blood.

Predisposing factors:

  • Heredity.According to statistics, type 1 diabetes is transmitted by genes along the mother's line with an allowance of 6% and 11% by the father's line.If both parents are carriers of the disease, the tolerance is 71%.Diabetes of the second type, both female and male, is transmitted at a risk of 81% and 100% in case of infection of both, but in old age.Physicians unanimously declare: heredity is the main cause of diabetes.
  • Stress.Until recently, specialists did not include nervous overexcitation to the factors of diabetes development, but the rapid growth of people who had diabetes manifested due to the transfer of stressful situations proved the opposite.
  • Diseases of the pancreas.Pancreatic cancer, pancreatitis, diseases and physical damage to the endocrine glands provoke pancreatic dysfunction, contributing to the development of the sugar malady.
  • Obesity, inactivity and malnutrition.The body mass index should not exceed 30 kg / m2.Otherwise, the chance of developing diabetes prevails.Obesity takes abdominal structure, the body resembles the shape of a pear, fat pancreatic and liver overgrow, the sensitivity of cells to insulin decreases, there is no transportation of glucose.The waist circumference is of great importance: men do not have more than 104 cm, women have 89 cm. Aspen waist is not a fashion trend, but a true step towards safety from diabetes.
  • Viral infections.Hepatitis, influenza, and rubella increase the risk of developing diabetes.Infections are manifested as a mobile mechanism that provokes the disease.For most, the flu will not go to diabetes, but for a person with heredity located in the heredity, the virus is a threat.

Diabetes in the genes does not manifest itself if it is not triggered by mechanisms: stress, lack of mobility, improper diet, lack of walks and infection.Add to this age and get a huge number of patients-diabetics.

From the video offered, find out about the methods of self-diagnosis of diabetes mellitus.

Bay leaf for diabetes

Violation of the allowable amount of sugar in the plasma is considered a cause for medical intervention.Even if the tests are deplorable, you do not need to resort immediately to the help of medications.It is safer and more effective to start a course of treatment with folk remedies that normalize the composition of blood and restore the production of insulin.

The Bay leaf with diabetes is useful for its properties.


  • Infusion of laurel leaves.10 large leaves washed in cold water, pour a glass of boiling water.Stir the mixture for 3 hours in a thermos or other container with a tightly sealed lid in a warm place.You do not need to filter the prepared infusion, divide it in half and drink twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, 20 minutes before a meal.The active substances contained in the bay leaf instantly and productively dissolve the glucose entering the body with food and remove the accumulated and excess sugar from the blood.Unfortunately, the prescription is used exclusively at the initial stages of the disease or, if necessary, in the shortest possible time to normalize the level of sugar in the plasma.Take infusion recommended for 4-5 days with a restriction in the use of foods saturated with carbohydrates and glucose.
  • Decoction of laurel leaves.The broth will help the suffering side effects of diabetes, leading to poor eyesight, problems in the work of the myocardium or skin diseases.15 large leaves washed with cold water, pour a glass of water in a glass, boil and boil for 5-6 minutes.When the broth acquires a light greenish tinge, put in a thermos and give it a day.After filter, divide into 5-6 servings and take during the day.Observe the regime is not necessary, most importantly, drink medicines for a day.If the taste is too specific, it is recommended that the broth be eaten with fresh fruits with low glucose content.Take 2-3 days to reduce blood sugar and 2 weeks if taking is the course of treatment.Bring a break in 10-15 days and take the tests.After a break, if necessary, you can repeat the reception of the decoction according to the previous scheme.

Bay leaf for diabetes is necessary!Its medicinal properties were discovered many centuries ago, but they are applied nowadays.Decoctions and infusions will quickly reduce the level of glucose in the blood and improve well-being.

Diabetes mellitus affects the internal organs of a person

Treatment of diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is an ailment that is not treated and, over time, affects the human's interior.Therefore, the goal of treatment is to reduce the presence of sugar in the blood, to normalize all types of metabolism, to prevent the occurrence of serious complications in the body.

Treatment of diabetes mellitus is different based on types.Patients with the first type are prescribed insulin injections, with the second - hypoglycemic drugs.Dietotherapy prevails.

In diseases of the first type, the introduction of insulin replaces the functions of the pancreas, that is, the determination of the concentration of sugar in the blood and the release of the necessary amount of insulin.

The method of insulin administration is simple - with the help of injection.In pills, it breaks down under the action of gastric juice.Thanks to injections, the cells metabolize sugar from the blood.

The doctor will help you to determine the level of sugar and the moment of insulin secretion.He will tell you about the timing of food intake and the timing of injections.

In diseases of the second type, sugar from the intestine is absorbed well, however, its transition from blood to cells is disturbed.In the initial stages, the problem is solved by diet, without taking medication.Each patient, taking into account the sex, weight, age and physical activity, strictly calculate the calories of the diet, the composition of proteins and fats, carbohydrates, macro- and microelements, vitamins.

In the later stages, agents are used to stimulate the production of insulin by the pancreas.The sulfonylurea group is used for long-term insulin production, and the biguanide group enhances the absorption of sugar by cells.The groups are effective, as long as the patients have enough insulin on their own.Once the tablet preparations have no effect, they are replaced by insulin treatment.

Beneficial effect on the patient physical activity, during which the muscle tissue oxidizes glucose, coming from the blood, and the sugar content is reduced.

It is not possible to cure and get rid of diabetes, but it can be compensated or maintained in the initial stage.

Prevention is directly related to human nutrition

Prevention of diabetes

In the prevention of diabetes, the first place is given to the diet.The food should be healthy, contain as little carbohydrates as possible and be fractional, that is 6-7 times a day.

Preventive measures:

  • It is recommended to include in the diet dishes of fresh fruits, cooked vegetables, low-fat varieties of meat and seafood.These products contain the fibers and cellulose needed to absorb glucose.At the same time, to exclude grapes, raisins, potatoes, bananas, butter, pasta, fried, smoked and spicy dishes.These foods contain too much glucose.From drinks acceptable fruit drinks, sour-milk products, decoctions of herbs and compotes.
  • The second place in prevention is given to everyday physical exercises.Physical stress is necessary for 30 minutes per day.Swimming in the pool, walking in the park, dancing, cycling, playing tennis, any opportunity to move, everything that brings pleasure.If you are over 40 years old, do not get carried away and experiment with heavy loads.
  • Peace of mind.In a person's life, there are constant stressful situations, as a result of which it is extremely difficult to maintain a positive emotional state.Less contact with people in a bad mood, and in any negative situation, remain steadfast.
  • Pressure monitoring.Diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular problems are closely interrelated.Pressure control will save the vessels.

Diabetes is an insidious disease.Unfortunately, it is impossible to get rid of it.But to prevent it is easy!

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