Beautiful ceilings in the bedroom. Bedroom Design Ideas

Minor details, if you plan to create a comfortable and cozy bedroom design, does not happen. All elements must be performed in a harmonious combination. In addition, they should promote full relaxation and rest. After all, the quality of sleep directly affects your mood and well-being. Special attention should be paid to the ceilings in the bedroom. Indeed, in the morning this is the first thing that a person sees when he wakes up. The original and beautiful design will allow you to start the day with a good mood.

ceilings in the bedroom

Designers recommendations

The bedroom is a very personal place in the house. There is no place for others eyes. That is why the bedroom interior is completely dependent on taste preferences and imagination of the owners.

However, before making your idea a reality, you should familiarize yourself with the recommendations of professional designers.

  1. Be sure to consider the height of the room. The suspended ceiling is able to pick up about 15 cm from the space, and if you are planning a multi-level surface, it is much larger.Suspended and stretch ceilings are best done in those rooms in which the height of the room is not less than 2.5 m.
  2. Calm and comfort will give the room a natural, soft lighting. Bright light will break the harmony of comfort.
  3. The color scheme depends on personal preferences. The ceiling can be bright, bright, calm, dark. But surely it must harmoniously emphasize the interior of the bedroom. Remember, light shades can make a room more spacious. Dark - the opposite.
  4. Using glossy or mirrored ceilings, you can achieve the effect of increasing the room and also make it lighter and taller.
  5. With the help of well-planned lighting, you can achieve any effect. Conventional lamps are able to create on the surface of "starry sky."
  6. The unique design of the ceiling in the bedroom will help to create: art painting, stucco, wallpaper, single-level or multi-level design.
  7. If you want to visually make the ceiling higher, then use the little secret. Choose for him the same color as for the walls. Or a tone lighter. Directing from the sconces placed on the walls, the light in the ceiling, you will achieve the desired effect.

Stretch ceilings in the bedroom

Ceiling types

The whitewashed surfaces went away. They were replaced by beautiful, elegant ceilings in the bedroom, created using modern technologies.

To choose the best option for your design, let's get acquainted with their main varieties.

  1. Painted ceilings. Only at first glance, they seem to be light in execution. This decor involves a lot of work. Ceiling must be cleaned. Then carry out the primer. After leveling and filling, the seams are sealed. Only after such work the surface is ready for painting.
  2. Paneled ceilings. They look beautiful and stylish. Possess a relief or smooth surface. It is these ceilings in the bedroom that allow you to imitate various effects: wood carving, stucco molding. Laminated panels, made under wood, stone, mat, nacre, are usually used for surfaces.
  3. Cassette, slatted ceilings. This is a great option for a small room. Elements consist of metal plates, opened with varnish. Visually expand the room mirror ceiling.
  4. Stretch. Vinyl coatings are often used.This material is a high-strength polymer. He allows to reach ideally equal form. Stretch ceilings in the bedroom can be made in different colors. In addition, a different texture is used: suede, marble, matte, glossy, metallic, semi-matte.
  5. Drywall surface. This material is very convenient for decorating the ceiling. It allows you to create different shapes and compositions. To realize your idea, it is enough to wet a sheet of drywall and give it the necessary configuration. After drying, it preserves it.
  6. Combined ceilings. The original combination of various materials: bamboo, fabric, drywall, wood. But it is important not to overdo it, so you should not use all materials at once. This can spoil the whole design. It is best to combine 2-3 materials.

two-level ceilings

Classic minimalism

If you are an adherent of this style, then the usual smooth canvas will suit you. You can use the most diverse palette. But it is better to refuse saturated and bright tones. Ideal are pastel shades:

  • cream;
  • sand;
  • beige;
  • peach.

Look great two-level ceilings. In this case, it is recommended to place the backlight in the second tier. Such a ceiling finish will perfectly fit into almost any design. It will be harmoniously combined even with the interior in which motley patterns, bright elements or complex shapes are used.

Zoning method

If you want to visually highlight any area or a specific element, you can use this method. To do this, place the ceiling decor in the appropriate place. This technique allows you to select the rest area.

The zoning method can also be implemented by highlighting a specific location with another color. This idea allows us to embody two-level ceilings.

In this case, you can select any areas of the room. This technique is not only able to distinguish between space. He perfectly arranges the entire interior.

bedroom interior

Variety of forms

Various designs of drywall can repeat the elements of the interior. For example, above the round bed looks great equipped in the appropriate size of the ceiling section. This method perfectly emphasizes and emphasizes the features of the forms.

The most important function in this design is the backlight. Competently thought out, it will emphasize the beautiful lines of the whole interior.

A common option is the built-in LED lights. They are located on all levels of the surface. It is necessary to connect such lamps according to separate schemes. This will allow you to include any group as needed.

LED ceilings, made in such a simple way, allow you to achieve lighting of the entire room or to focus on individual areas.

Starry sky

This option has become a classic. His romance and beauty contribute to relaxation, tune in to complete rest. To create such a masterpiece is used ceilings in the bedroom. LEDs are built into them.

Another possible implementation of the surface "Starry sky". You can use photo printing.

bedroom ceiling design

The color scheme of this ceiling is not necessarily performed in dark or blue tones. Any shades are suitable. You can even use orange, pink. Provided that they harmoniously fit into the design and emphasize the unity of style.

The transition of the wall to the ceiling

Using this idea, you can come up with a variety of solutions. The meaning of this design is that part of the wall is highlighted with the help of color or finish and, moving into the ceiling, occupies the corresponding part of the surface.

This method allows you to "break" characteristic of the room stiff geometry. At the same time, the ceilings in the bedroom do not seem low or high. When looking at this design, an optical illusion arises that completely changes the perception of the bedroom.

This method allows you to zone a room. Often, a similar design implemented in the area of ​​the bed. But if you wish, you can arrange it in another area.

led ceilings

Storyline ceiling

Making the surface, you can transfer to it the idea of ​​a general decor. For example, in a room designed in a floral theme, the same details on the ceiling are pertinent and harmonious.

Start from the style of the interior. If the design is made in a maritime theme, then the ceiling with a picture of the sky, gulls, and sails will perfectly underline the general idea.

Harmony of style

The ceiling must fully comply with the interior. To do this, you need to implement the ideas of bedroom design on this surface.

Use the recommendations:

  1. Rustic beams on the ceiling will complement the country-style room.
  2. Classic able to emphasize: decorative corners, stucco, coffered design.
  3. Particular emphasis in the room, decorated in the style of Provence, create bright beams.
  4. The modern trend is perfectly emphasized by two-level surfaces equipped with lighting.

bedroom design ideas


Before you begin to repair the bedroom, be sure to decide: what kind of ceiling you want to create. There are a lot of design options, the choice is truly huge. But approach it intelligently, analyze each option. After all, the repair is not done for a year. It depends on your choice how comfortable and cozy the bedroom will be.

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