Bezhitsky Steel Plant: history, description, products

PK Bezhitsky Steel Foundry LLC is the leading supplier of wagon manufacturing products in the Russian Federation. It produces about 20% of all industrial products of the Bryansk region and 30-35% of car casting in the country.

Bezhitsky Steel Mill


Today Bezhitsky Steel Foundry LLC is a leader in the manufacture and supply of component parts and spare parts for the car-repair and car-building sector enterprises. The company is an important part of Transmashholding and manufactures products under the Bezhitskaya Steel brand.

The plant, being one of the largest machine-building enterprises of the Bryansk region with more than 4,000 employees, is developing dynamically. The BSZ is implementing a large-scale long-term reconstruction project aimed at increasing the productivity and expanding the range of manufactured products.


The structure of the Bezhitsky Steel Plant includes the following main workshops:

  • casting;
  • machining castings;
  • assembly;
  • specialized large car casting.

Also in the production process involved 11 auxiliary sites and workshops, laboratories (workshop and the main factory), the design department.

PC Bezhitsky Steel Plant Ltd.

The beginning of the glorious years

The decision to establish the Bezhitsky Steel Foundry was made in 1932. For its construction were involved workers from all over the Union. The work went on, and after three years one of the largest factories of the USSR was erected.

The first melting was carried out on September 28, 1935. A memorial plate was still cast from this metal, which is still kept at the enterprise. Until the end of the year, three powerful open-hearth furnaces were introduced. The performance of the BSZ was 100,000 tons of metal and more than 14,000 components (parts of carriages, coupler sets, etc.) for assembling wagons for various purposes.

Labor feat

With the beginning of the war, the threat of destruction of the plant and the seizure of valuable equipment hung. It was decided to evacuate the main production facilities to the Urals - to the Uralvagonzavod Nizhny Tagil.Employees of the Bezhitsky Steel Plant took part in the manufacture of the legendary T-34 series tanks.

After the war, the destroyed and burned plant was restored. By 1949, the company reached the pre-war level in terms of production. In 1955, the plant began reconstruction. The molding machines were replaced, a new automatic tiller was installed, the knock-out grids were replaced with inertia grids, horizontal dryers were built with gas heating instead of mazut. Areas of pretreatment of frames and beams with the introduction of air-arc trimming of burrs and plasma smelting of defects are organized.

An important event was the development in 1954 of non-core products - tracked industrial tractors of the heavy class T-180. They were used on large construction sites for laying irrigation canals, erecting dams, including the Aswan high-rise in Egypt. In 1958, the Bryansk Automobile Plant was established on the basis of the tractor building workshop.

Bezhitsky Steel Plant Ltd.

At the forefront of progress

However, the main focus for the Bezhitsky Steel Plant was the smelting of steel and the manufacture of components for the car-building enterprises.In 1958, BSZ specialists successfully mastered the unique Goldobin construction machine in the world for continuous casting of inclined metal.

60s were marked by the modernization of production lines, the development of new types of products and the improvement of old technologies. In 1960, the BSZ products (special steel grades and innovative automatic coupling assemblies) were awarded an honorary silver medal. In 1963, the company again won the title of one of the flagships of metallurgy of the USSR. As a result, the steel works became the headquarters of PO Stalchugununprom.

In 1966, the development of the manufacture of industrial fittings was completed, the need for which was extremely acute, as new fuel-gas mains were built. The plant gained fame not only in the Soviet Union, but also abroad.

In the 70s. BSZ progressively developed. In 1972, construction began on the foundry shop №3. For it was purchased modern equipment, which allowed to significantly improve the quality of products. In the 80s. in particular demand were valves manufactured by Bryansk masters. Significant volumes of products were exported.

PC Bezhitsky Steel Mill

New time

In 1992, the Bezhitsky Steel Plant PC was transformed into an open joint-stock company. In 2002, the company joined Transmashholding, which brought together key players in the car building market.

In 2009, BSZ was awarded the Golden Mercury National Award. The Golden Mercury statuette and a commemorative medal were presented to V.Voronin, General Director, by President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry E. Primakov. Two years later, the team was awarded the Diploma "For the development of the foreign economic potential of the Bryansk region and foreign economic relations."

Plant Products

Today, the Bryansk Steel Works specializes in the production of:

  • carbon steel flanged valves;
  • tracks;
  • automatic coupling housings and traction clamp;
  • side frames;
  • steel castings;
  • overpressure beams;
  • two-axle bogie frames;
  • trolleys for freight cars;
  • bush cases;
  • absorbing devices class T-1 series PMKP-110.

Recently, plant specialists have developed a highly efficient shock absorber designed to protect freight cars from longitudinal loads.

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