BMW 328: photo, review, specifications, history

BMW 328 is presented in such bodies as E21, E30, E36, E46, E90 / 91/92/93, F30 / 31/34. The car has undergone many changes, but it has not changed dramatically. If we talk about past models of the 3rd series, then they, of course, are inferior to the new model, but their unique design was remembered by motorists for a long time.

A bit of history

The first version of the "troika" was the body of the E21, which became the coupe. He replaced the 2nd BMW Series. It was replaced by the E30, manufactured from 1982 to 1994. The BMW Z1 was built on the E30 platform. Also important is the fact that the first legendary M3 was in the back of the E30, which was popularly called "matryoshka", it had an engine with 236 horsepower.

In place of this body came new E36, manufactured from the beginning of the 90s to the beginning of the 2000s. The car is presented in the sedan and coupe. The BMW Z3 was built on the example of the E36.

After that, in 1998, the production of the most legendary body of the 3rd series - the E46, which gained popularity due to the changed design and the M-version, was started.In the M-version was added manual and automatic six-speed gearbox.

Further versions were released with a body E90, 91, 92, 93, starting in 2004.

The sixth generation received the body F30, which was first presented to the public in 2014. From this body, the design of the new at that time M4 and BMW 4-Series was taken.

The latest M-version received the F80 body, both the exterior and the interior have changed dramatically, the car has become more modern and functional.

The seventh generation will be presented in October 2018 and will get the body of the G20.

Brief Description F30

New body F30 began to be produced after the E90-x versions. The car has both rear and all-wheel drive. Each drive has advantages. For example, when snow falls, the rear-wheel drive becomes useless, as driving out of a snowdrift will be quite problematic. In this case, all-wheel drive will be the best choice. But there is an additional option that will make a full rear wheel drive for only $ 3,000 (200,000 rubles). And it can be said that it is worth it. The machine becomes more manageable, and leaving a dirt or snowdrift will not be any problems.

BMW f30 blue

Specifications F30

Specifications BMW 328 F30 are presented below:

Start of release,


End of release,


Engine capacity, cm3


Power, l. from.


Max. speed, km / h


0-100 km / h, s.


City consumption, l


Flow rate, l


Trunk volume, l


Weight, kg



A review of the BMW 328 should start with its appearance. The new design, compared with previous models, looks very modern. Its length has increased by 9 centimeters, and the car "scored" in centimeters in height and width.

Most prominently in front of the car. New headlights, which are now LED, emphasize the style of this car, grille, rounded hood - all this complements each other and gives the ordinary sedan a sport car look. The main feature of this body can be considered wide rear lights and a roof, which is located quite low.

The most popular color of the BMW 328 is white - it’s the best-selling one. But the official BMW tuning center can make the design of the car individual, adding the most attractive elements to the buyer in the body, painting it in the desired color.

BMW f30 road


Since the release of the E90, 92, the BMW 328 F30's interior has changed dramatically, has become more functional and attractive, and, accordingly, expensive. Landing for a small sedan is quite comfortable.Even the driver has enough space thanks to the steering wheel adjustment, both in height and depth. There is also a lot of space for passengers, but it all depends on growth. Using the SUV to purchase this sedan, we can say that the place has become less, but enough for such a small car size.

Many people will like the fact that the control display is now turned towards the driver, because in previous versions, manufacturers considered it unnecessary to do so. Also now in any basic configuration there is an iDrive system, which was only in the 7th series.

Any version is equipped with climate control. On the side of the gear lever are buttons with the designation of gear modes, such as "Sport", "Sport +", "Comfort", "Eco" and "Pro". Just like a sports car. When you turn on the "Eco" on the dashboard shows how much gasoline was saved and how much you can drive on the remaining fuel in this mode of transmission. Even this feature is available as standard.

There was more space for passengers in height - one centimeter was added. The trunk has become more spacious, namely increased in volume by 40 liters.But there is also a drawback, which is expressed in the absence of a spare wheel, someday it will be able to play a cruel joke with the driver. But under the lining of the trunk there is a car repair kit. But which is better: a repair kit or a spare is everyone’s business.

The seats, made of leather, have about 20 pillows inside, so that such chairs will appeal to everyone. It is also important that in an accident passengers and the driver will save about 10 airbags located throughout the vehicle.

The multimedia system is controlled from the main screen, from which both climate control, suspension, shock absorbers, and the display of a speedometer with a tachometer are controlled. There is also a parking assistant with the possibility of 3D viewing the area around the car, will indicate when it is worth stopping. Depending on the year of production, the main control screen can be either touch-sensitive (for younger models) or operated with a joystick (for older models).

On the cruise control and support of the strip is not even worth talking about, although the thing is quite useful.

BMW f30 interior

Engine and handling

The engine capacity of 246 horsepower and eight-speed gearbox give the opportunity to accelerate in seconds. The four-wheel drive version is a bit faster than the rear version. The all-wheel drive BMW 328 feels a bit "heavier" rear-wheel drive. He is capable of a quiet ride, and shows himself well on drifts. The version with all-wheel drive, thanks to the stabilization, after the addition of revolutions in the drift transfers most of the power to the front axle, thereby leveling the car, and making drift almost impossible.

But in snowy weather, the advantage of all-wheel drive is visible to the naked eye. She easily gets out of the snowdrifts, when the rear-wheel drive version does it with difficulty or does not do it at all.

But not for this love "three". And for her handling, the silence in the cabin, the pleasure of riding on it.

Gas to the floor, and a half-ton car rushes forward. The benefit of 246 horsepower allows it. Walking on trifles, it is worth praising the steering system, which responds to every millimeter of the steering wheel. If possible, you can choose any mode of transmission and enjoy either a quiet ride or frisky. Benefit the leading front axle to take care of safety, as well as flawless brakes.

The price of this car in the basic configuration is $ 52,000 (3,500,000 rubles) with the possibility of additional payments for four-wheel drive another 3,000 dollars (200,000 rubles).

BMW f30 engine

Owner reviews

Reviews of BMW 328 F30 positive. But like all cars, it is not perfect.


  • Design.
  • Ergonomic and compact.
  • Great functionality for basic equipment.
  • Relatively large trunk.
  • Powerful engine.
  • Low fuel consumption.


  • Expensive maintenance.
  • Stiffer suspension.
  • Low landing.
BMW f30 outdoor

This car is designed for a comfortable ride, without fear that at any time it can fail. After all, everything in it is thought out to the smallest detail, as they say, everything is for the client. This car is available for purchase for many, because its price is about 2-3 million rubles.

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