Brandenburg stove-fireplace: views, specifications, installation

Perhaps there is not a single resident of a private house,who at least once did not think about installing a real fireplace. If you build such a structure yourself, then it is unlikely to meet the safety rules. Therefore, in this issue should be preferred prefabricated wood-type structures because they are functional and fulfill the main purpose - heating the premises, in addition, they can be purchased in finished form. Among other things, modern models have an original design, a variety of colors and shapes, as well as all kinds of configurations, so that the oven can easily be inscribed in a modern interior.

What equipment to choose

Brandenburg stove fireplace

As an example of such equipment, you canto consider the models "Brandenburg". The furnace-fireplace from this manufacturer is presented for sale in a wide range, and in the role of the advantages of such installations is the fact that their work does not depend on gas, electricity or alternative fuels. By purchasing one of these models, you can ensure the heating of the entire house, with the heat will be released gradually, which ensures the maintenance of a constant temperature for quite a long time.

When choosing a manufacturer, you should givepreference for domestic firms because such enterprises use technologies and materials at the level with foreign companies, but they set reasonable prices. Thus, each consumer will be able to find a model that he likes, from any price segment.

Main types of furnaces "Brandenburg"

stove fireplace for home

"Brandenburg" is a stove-fireplace, which is represented by many models. Among the huge assortment you can find the devices:

  • with the upper chimney;
  • Designs with a top chimney and removable panels;
  • ovens with cast-iron plates;
  • units with a cast-iron plate and a heat exchanger;
  • Furnaces-fireplaces with chimney and removable panels;
  • ovens-fireplaces with heat exchanger;
  • stove-fireplaces angular;
  • fireplace inserts.

Description of some species

stove fireplace corner

Each model has its own characteristicsand cost. For example, furnace-fireplaces with a top chimney are intended for heating of premises, but if the device is supplemented with a cast-iron plate, then it can also be used for cooking. If you want to use all of the above, and bring comfort to the house, you can choose a fireplace-oven "Brandenburg Verta", the cost of which is 21,800 rubles.

"Brandenburg" - oven-fireplace, which caneven in the smallest room. This refers to the angular structure, which costs 21,800 rubles. Enjoy the flame, receive heat and provide heating to a house of up to 140 m2it is possible with the help of a fireplace hearth "Brandenburg 700", for which you will have to pay 22 500 rubles.

Features of the installation

stove fireplace brandenburg with stove

"Brandenburg" - a fireplace oven, which you caninstall yourself. Installation must be carried out in accordance with the instructions of the instruction and the rules for carrying out such work. It is best to entrust this matter to qualified professionals who will follow the rules set by the manufacturer. In this case, as practice shows, the repair of smoke ducts and furnaces is not as fast as with self-installation.

For proper and safe operation of the fireplace,observe the following conditions: it is necessary to install an oven in a room in which the influx of combustion air is sufficiently intense. Among other things, the chimney should be high. Its minimum length is 5 m. The diameter of the smoke channel should be equal to this parameter, which is characteristic for the smoke outlet of the furnace or to be larger than it. Dimensions of cuts and ledges during installation should comply with SNiP 2.04.05-91.

Fire safety

wall-mounted stove fireplace

Furnace-fireplace for the house should be installed on the floor,which must first be checked for horizontal and evenness. Its base should not be combustible, and a steel sheet should be installed under the combustion chamber door, this also applies to the tray for removing and collecting ash. The dimensions of the sheet should be 700 x 500 mm or more. Its thickness should be equal to 0.5 mm. Install the equipment in such a way that the temperature of surrounding materials during the operation of the unit does not exceed 50 ° C. This applies to flammable surfaces. If the stove-fireplace for the house is installed near flammable structures and materials, then the distance from them should be 80 cm. When these conditions can not be met, the equipment should be supplemented with a fireproof screen.

Characteristics of the corner oven

stove fireplace Brandenburg prism with upper chimney

If you are interested in a stove-fireplace angular, thenshould pay attention to its main characteristics. You can buy this model for 21 800 rubles. The equipment is intended for heating of premises, and the design allows to install it in an angle. Such products are equipped with a steel door and heat-resistant glass. The furnace is quite simple and powerful, it has a cast-iron grate, and when working it can use the mode of economical fuel consumption.

The depth, width and height of the structure are620 x 790 x 900 mm. The dimensions of the glass are 390 x 340 mm. Lining is made of chamotte. Weigh equipment 156 kg, which must be taken into account before installing it. The diameter of the chimney is 115 mm. The rated power of the structure is 9 kW, which indicates that the maximum floor space can be 90 m2. The sauna stove-fireplace has a systemcleaning glass, cast iron grate, as well as ceramic side inserts. Modes of combustion operator can adjust, but if necessary fireclay bricks, which are used as a furnace lining, can be replaced.

Characteristics of a stove with a stove

Furnace-fireplace "Brandenburg" with a stove will costto the consumer in 18 200 rubles. This equipment can be used not only for heating, but also for cooking. All furnaces of this series have a steel door with heat-resistant glass. Furnaces are easy to install and easy to operate.

To seal the connectorsheat-resistant cord. If necessary, it is possible to start the long burning mode of the furnace, while the equipment will work without fuel filling for up to 5 hours. The device can be used as the main source of heat because it has a sufficiently high power. The dimensions are 435 x 555 x 835 mm. The glass has the following dimensions 390 x 340 mm. Chamotte acts as a lining material, as in the above-described case.

Characteristics of the Prizma furnace with the upper chimney

Furnace-fireplace "Brandenburg Prizma" with a topa chimney will cost the consumer a little more expensive, its price is 33,900 rubles. This equipment can be used for space heating. The power of the device is quite high, it is 14 kW, this allows the equipment to be used as the main source of heat. After its launch, you will achieve rapid heating of the premises.

The design uses a small amountfuel. The furnace is made of high-quality structural steel with the use of imported components. The dimensions of the device are 520 x 710 x 1000 mm. But the dimensions of the glass can be as follows: 390 x 340 or 390 x 115 mm. The weighs 175 kg, which requires a strong and even floor. The diameter of the chimney is 150 mm. This wall-mounted fireplace is capable of heating a house up to 140 m2.

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