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All kin will not. The opposition itself did not understand voluntarily self-destruct. This is certainly not the end, our people have a memory like a fish, not Nastya, and very soon Alexey Navalny will again become the idol of many Russians. In the meantime, only youngsters can drown for Alexey, solely because of low literacy.
We analyze all the points:
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1. The day before the election, a prank from Vovan and Lexus appeared on the network, where they, without straining, agreed with the coordinators of Navalny headquarters that those on election day were organizing provocations in order to film it and show it on BBC channels.
from 10:53
Further Sobchak detonated.
Alexey was not just not prepared; he was burying himself on a flat surface.
2. Sobchak revealed the waltzes at the headquarters of Navalny, the proxies of Navalny signed fake (non-existent) forms of directions for observing the elections. When it came to light, Yavlinsky and Sobchak withdrew their proxies.
Bulk did not consider these falsifications a violation of the election. Those. to falsify documents in order to allow their observers to the election, with a view to identifying falsifications, for Alexey this is normal.
3Then Alexey reminded Xenny the conversation that took place in Alex’s apartment half a year ago, according to Alexey’s version, Xenia confessed to him that she received a lot of money for participating in the elections.
Suppose that this is true and Xenia really said such a thing. It turns out that Alexey has been hiding this information all this time, under the pretext that he covered his supporter and friend. And why is he better than Putin, who, according to Alexei, covers his friends?
Here Anatoly made a good analysis:
4. And most importantly, Alexey fully merged the boycott of the elections. In turn, it is already clear that his call did not have its effect. And all that has been done has been done in the hands of Putin.
And let's just imagine that he would direct the entire electorate of Navalny towards Pavel Grudinin. How many Alexei electors are there, how much was Grudinin? So maybe it would have turned out the second round.
And he didn’t send it just because his goal was not to remove Putin, but to get power himself. Although in words, Alexey denies this.
And with regards to the Navalny team, Alexei doesn’t have a team, as soon as one of her lifts his head Alexey at the same moment attacks on this person, and so it was with many.
In a word, draw a conclusion yourself, but I just have to tell you that this material was published in the interests and on the order of the Kremlin. This is so that the hard-nosed people have no arguments at all;)
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