Business at state expense

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Do you know that you can build a business at public expense? In any case, representatives of small and medium businesses can apply for federal and regional support ...
The first is a partial reimbursement of interest on loans, energy costs and the maintenance of jobs, the purchase of raw materials, the creation of mass production. To the second - lower tax rates, subsidies for the creation of infrastructure to 80 million rubles. (no more than 10% of the project cost), the issuance of soft loans of up to 3 million rubles. for three years at 8–13% per annum, partial replenishment of the cost of connection to the electricity grid and gas pipeline.
And it's not just "searchlights on paper." Many entrepreneurs enjoy such preferences. For example, over the past four years, the Moscow Region government has given out nearly a thousand subsidies to small and medium-sized businesses. Behind this figure are real success stories: someone started to produce a product that is not yet available on the Russian market, while others acquired modern equipment that allowed them to increase capacity.

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