Cagor - red wine: useful properties, reviews

Cagor is a wine that every person on earth knows. It is especially known to believers who regularly attend church. For this drink is considered to be a church one, and it is consumed while taking the sacrament. Cahors is extremely useful, and it is recommended to be given gradually even to children. Elixir has an interesting history, it is popular all over the world, and it is often called God's nectar.

Today, there are domestic and foreign Cahors. The first type is a dessert wine made in the Crimea, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and the Krasnodar Territory. Cahors from abroad is a dry French wine, which is produced from Malbec grapes. Serve such a drink only in the most fashionable restaurants in the world.Cahors wine

A little bit of history

Cagor - a wine with a more than remarkable history. This is probably the only drink that represents a group of classic typical wines, which are made by special order.The order was made by the Russian Orthodox Church in order to recall in this way the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

The name "Cahors" wine received thanks to the eponymous French city, which is located next to the Pyrenees. Within this locality, highly colored grape varieties such as cabernet, sauvignon, merlot, saperavi, mattress and others are grown. Such an important order could be entrusted exclusively to professional winemakers, who were properly versed in the technology of red wine making.

Since Ancient Russia did not have its own vineyards, it was not established the exact requirements for the taste of wine. Our ancestors loved sweet drinks most of all, and therefore ordered French wine with a traditional sweet taste.

But there is a version that the Cahors was brought to Russia by Peter I. He also organized its production near St. wine Cahors

Useful advantages of Cahors

Cagor - a wine with a number of useful properties. So, this drink is a source of antioxidants that protect cells and prevent age-related changes in the brain.It contributes to longevity in the same way as other products that include polyphenolic compounds.

Cahors improves the functioning of the muscles and the cardiovascular system. The drink has a red color due to the presence of tannins in it, which reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease. There is also raveratrol in the wine, which dissolves blood thickeners and thus prevents ischemia. If you use nectar in moderate doses, you can reduce the risk of stroke by up to 50%.

Quercetin is found in Cagoras, which destroys some types of cancer cells. So, it is a good adjuvant for cancer of the colon, smokers help prevent lung cancer, and is also considered a wonderful prostate cancer prevention.

This red wine variety contains acids that slow down the growth of fat cells. Therefore, Cahors helps to reduce weight. The drink reduces the risk of depression and increases the results during the medical treatment of acne.

Another Cahors is very useful for anemia and vitamin deficiency. The drink has the property to improve digestion, heal stomach ulcers and accelerate metabolic processes.If a person suffers from diseases of the joints, then this red wine can ease his flour.

Due to its antiviral properties, Cahors during an epidemic rampage reduces the risk of catching the ailment. The drink is able to make the gums stronger and remove the radionuclides. Red nectar is actively involved in the regeneration of bone tissue and liver cahors reviews

What is dangerous Cahors

Like any other product, red wine "Cahors" has some side effects. But it can only be dangerous if you drink it in exorbitant portions. Due to the abuse of the drink, mental destabilization and depression can occur. It also increases the risk of hypertension, cardiomyopathy and arrhythmias. Alcoholic hepatitis and liver obesity may occur. Also, excessive use of "Cahors" contributes to the development of pancreatitis. But you can not ignore the contraindications that are associated with allergic reactions to red Cahors Taman

Little about the production

Wine Cahors, the useful properties of which are in our review, has a very interesting production technology.The main task to be solved at the first stage of production is to make a bright, intensely reddish wine with a fairly high level of residual sugar and extractive full flavor. The production of the drink takes place in such a way as to most enrich the wort with extractive ingredients.

Extractive and coloring matter is extracted by heat treating the pulp, which is obtained by crushing the grapes in a saturated mode. For Cahors, only those grapes are selected, the level of sugar content of which exceeds 22%.

Crushing berries occurs in a mechanical hard mode with the detachment of the liqueur Cahors

Recommendations for selection

To buy a really good and high-quality Cahors (sweet wine), you must adhere to some recommendations regarding his choice. Pay attention first of all to the counter-label and label. They will give all the necessary information about the drink. At the very beginning of the “study” it is worthwhile to find the “degree” of wine: the strength of the Cahors should not be less than 16%.

The sugar content in this Cahors must not be less than 80milligrams per cubic decimeter. Pay attention to whether there are flavors or artificial colors in the wine. Their presence is simply unacceptable. Often on labels with bottles you can read the following inscriptions: “sweet table wine” and “special wine”. The first marking indicates that the package contains ordinary red wine, which has no relation to the Cagora. If there is a label on the bottle with the second variant of the inscription, then you have a real “Cahors”. Cahors sweet wine

Home check

Cahors wine, the benefit of which is described above, can be checked at home and can be determined by means of such experiments its quality. So, you should pour half a glass of the already purchased drink and pour a little water into the container. Both components are required to mix and evaluate the resulting composition: if the shade is the same, not brightened and not faded, then you bought a good wine. In the opposite case - you have acquired, unfortunately, a fake.

The following method will help determine whether there are impurities, flavors or any other undesirable substances in the purchased wine.A deep vessel needs to be filled with water, the Cahors wine is poured into a separate bottle and the neck is closed with a finger. The bottle is placed in a container with water, turn the vial and unclench the finger. If you bought a natural drink, it will never mix with water. If both liquids are mixed, then the product contains a “chemistry” that the manufacturer did not bother to mark on the label. Cahors wine benefit

One of the popular varieties

Wine Cahors "Taman" is one of the most popular varieties of the drink. It is produced by many brands. Some manufacturers even offer a wine drink, which this product only reminds. The real Cahors "Taman" is produced by the company "Kuban-Vin", and it is prepared from selected grapes of the saperavi, cabernet and other varieties of red grapes, which the company grows in its own vineyards.

The peculiarity of this drink is its shade, which varies from rich red to ruby ​​tone. A special characteristic is considered a bright aroma, in which tones of prunes are clearly audible. Cahors "Taman" has a harmonious and full taste. The drink is good in the company of desserts, hard cheeses, nuts and dried fruits.

Whether wine or liquor

Many people especially like wine liquor "Cahors".It is also made from selected cabernet and sauvignon grapes. In order for the drink to acquire a rich color and taste, the wine for a long time at high temperatures insist on pulp. In the process of saving the product acquires a tart, velvety and oily taste with chords of chocolate and prunes. Like ordinary Cahors, liqueur nectar from the moment of its existence was intended for some church rituals. Today, liqueur Cahors produce many brands.

Opinions about Cahors

Wine Cahors reviews gets good. This is a drink that may not like it, but people will never say about it that it is bad. Therefore, if someone did not like it, then in his comments this person indicates that the wine is good, but he prefers a different category of drinks.

Those individuals who love Cahors always speak well of him. They say that Cahors has some special power: if you drink it on major Christian holidays, then a truly festive mood is created. And this drink is beautiful in tandem with expensive cheeses. And this fact is also noted by gourmets in their reviews.

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