Candles "Hexicon": reviews, indications, instructions for use, side effects and contraindications

Every year, an increasing number of women face inflammatory processes in the vagina. Most often they occur in the body due to unfavorable alien microflora. The use of antibiotics, as well as a weakened immune system leads to a violation of the female microflora.

There are a huge number of drugs that can destroy pathogens, but they also destroy the necessary microbes that make up the microflora of the genital organs. Therefore, scientists decided to address this problem and developed drugs that destroy only alien organisms. One of these drugs is "Hexicon". Reviews confirm that the tool is really very effective and safe.However, before applying it is very important to familiarize yourself with the instructions, as well as to consult with an experienced specialist. In this article we will consider what are the indications for the use of this pharmaceutical agent, its features, as well as reviews about it by those women who used this drug.

suppositories hexicon

A few words about the composition and form of release

Candles from thrush “Hexicon” have such a good therapeutic effect due to the hexidine digluconate in their composition. The composition also includes such auxiliary components as polyethylene oxide 1500 and 400. It is they who give the medicine the desired shape of the candle, and also help the effective ingredient to be better absorbed by the body.

The drug "Hexicon", reviews of which women are mostly positive in nature, is available in the form of suppositories intended for vaginal administration. Each suppository has a whitish-yellow hue and an elongated shape in the form of a torpedo. In some cases, the surface of the candle may acquire a marble structure, but this condition is considered normal.

vaginal suppositories

Candles are placed in contour cells, each of which contains five suppositories.Blisters with cells are enclosed in a cardboard box that holds ten candles.

General information about the drug

Many women wonder about what helps "Hexicon". The tool is able to perfectly cope with inflammatory processes that occur in the vagina due to the settlement of alien bodies there.

This medicine perfectly copes with its purpose. It can be used not only to treat dangerous pathologies, but also to provide preventive measures. This suggests that the drug is really safe for the female body.

Since the medicament is in the form of candles, it can only be used for insertion into the vagina. Included in the active and auxiliary components contribute to its proper and uniform distribution over the entire surface. The drug begins to act due to the fact that under the influence of body temperature the candle melts. The tool can also be used by pediatric patients.

Chlorhexidine is a very effective substance that can cope with a large number of pathogenic microorganisms, namely:

- Trichomonas;

- gonococci;

- E. coli;

- Chlamydia;

- herpes simplex and many others.

Before you start using candles, be sure to go to the hospital for an accurate diagnosis.

Impact Features

The active ingredient of the drug can destroy the shell of bacteria, which leads to their subsequent death. The tool is very well distributed in the vagina, perfectly associated with its mucous membrane. It is very important to know that the components of the medicine are not absorbed into the blood, which means that the medication is not able to penetrate the systemic circulation.

Candles "Hexicon": indications for use

This drug has a fairly wide range of applications, as it can cope with a large number of pathogenic microorganisms. Most often, gynecologists prescribe these suppositories to their patients in such cases:

composition of candles hexicon

- Vaginitis or thrush;

- colpit;

- vulvitis;

- cervical erosion.

Also, the tool can be used for preventive purposes. For example, as a protective measure after unprotected sex. Also, the drug can be used before childbirth or before conducting gynecological operations.Despite the fact that the reviews of "Hexicon" are positive, always consult a gynecologist before using it. Otherwise, you may have very serious health problems.

Candles "Hexicon": instructions

Reviews of these candles indicate that the drug is able to cope independently with the diseases not only at the initial stage, but also at the more advanced one. In order for the drug in question to have a good therapeutic effect, it is very important to use it correctly. The tool is inserted into the vagina. It is advisable to take a shower before the injection procedure. In order for the candle to be inserted into the vagina easily, it is recommended to moisten it with boiled water at room temperature. It is very important to introduce a suppository deeper into the vagina. After that, it is desirable for some time to lie down.

pregnant at the doctor's office

Candles from thrush “Hexicon” are intended for the course of treatment. According to the instructions for use, you need to enter the suppository twice a day for seven to ten days. After the end of this period, you need to pass tests that confirm that the vaginal microflora has recovered.In other cases, it may be necessary to continue treatment with this drug or replace it with another one.

If the remedy is used for the purpose of prophylaxis after sexual intercourse, then in this case the candle is inserted one-time, but not later than two hours after sexual contact.

The medicine can also be used by children. But in this case, the candle will have to be cut into two parts, and from each of them to form a torpedo.

Candles "Hexicon", the indications for use of which are described in this article, can lead to the appearance of a small amount of transparent discharge. This is not a pathology, so do not worry. This phenomenon is associated with the dissolution of the candle in the vagina. The drug should not lead to the formation of bloody or purulent secretions. If this happens, be sure to consult a gynecologist.

Use in erosion

Cervical erosion is a pathology that most often occurs as a result of inflammatory processes, in the presence of hormonal disruptions in the body, as well as in mechanical injuries. In some cases, “Hexicon” may also be prescribed for erosion. Of course, if the pathology has a neglected nature, if it is caused by hormonal disruptions, then such vaginal suppositories are unlikely to help.

side effects

But if the disease is expressed slightly, while it is caused by exposure to foreign microorganisms, in this case, these suppositories can have a good therapeutic effect. Side effects with "Hexicon" are very rare, so the drug is very popular.

Can I use this tool during menstruation

Many representatives of the fair sex are interested in whether treatment with Hexicon will be effective in the presence of menstrual flow. Experts do not recommend using this medicine during critical days, since the discharge containing blood can dissolve the active substances that make up the medicine and very quickly remove it from the body. In this case, to achieve a good therapeutic effect will be impossible. Therefore, experts recommend to wait until the end of menstruation, and only then begin treatment.

Are there any contraindications for use?

In fact, contraindications "Hexicon" is not so much, and this suggests that the drug is quite safe. According to reviews and scientific data, this tool should not be used only for women who suffer from allergic reactions to the constituent components.

Is it possible to develop side effects

Reviews of "Hexicon" confirm that the drug is very well perceived by the female body. Only in rare cases, allergic reactions can occur, which are felt in the form of a rash, urticaria, redness or swelling of the external genital organs. However, against the background of the use of "Hexicon" allergy occurs very rarely.

indications for use candles candlestick

At the moment, no data have been recorded confirming that the use of this medication can lead to an overdose, since only one candle is inserted into the vagina every time.

Can I use pregnant and lactating women

Many representatives of the weaker sex are interested in whether it is possible to use "Hexicon" during pregnancy in the first trimester. The instruction says that the drug can be used both for pregnant women and for lactating women, since it is used topically, which means it does not enter the systemic circulation. This suggests that the drug does not pose a threat to the baby. However, doctors strongly advise women not to self-medicate. Before using this medication, be sure to consult a gynecologist.Despite the fact that the suppositories "Hexicon" are safe, it is necessary to find out if there are indications for their use.

A few words about the interaction of "Hexicon" with other substances.

During treatment with these candles it is strongly not recommended to use agents belonging to the anionic group, intravaginally. Also, do not use cleansers designed for intervaginal administration. But cleansing the external genital organs does not affect the effectiveness of this drug. Therefore, before using the tool do not forget to take a shower.

Are there analogs

Virtually every drug has analogues. No exception is the drug "Hexicon" (how this drug works, we discussed in the article). There are a large number of drugs that can replace candles "Hexicon". Many of them have absolutely similar composition. Others have a similar effect on the body, but contain other active substances. In no case do not self-medicate at home.Despite the fact that such drugs can be easily purchased at any pharmacy without having a prescription from your doctor, this can only be done after taking tests and consulting with a specialist.

Consider which analogues of “Hexicon” are prescribed by doctors to their patients most often:

- "Gibbisrab";

- "Plivasept";

- "Chlorhexidine Biglbukonat".

Reviews of patients and doctors

Vaginal suppositories "Hexicon" are often prescribed by doctors to their patients suffering from inflammatory diseases of the vagina. The tool is really very effective, as it contains a substance capable of reliably fighting a large number of pathogenic microorganisms. However, it can only have a good healing effect if used correctly. Gynecologists recommend the drug in the presence of trichomonads in the vagina, gonokokkov, Escherichia coli and many other microorganisms. The tool can be used not only for the purpose of treatment, but also as an effective preventive measure after unprotected sexual contact.

Gynecologists are confident in the effectiveness and safety of this drug.That is why it is often prescribed to its patients. Breastfeeding Hexicone can also be prescribed by doctors.

Patients who have experienced this drug are very pleased with the effect it has. Treatment with the drug is very well tolerated, since adverse reactions are practically not occurring. Only some women had an itch after "Hexicon". This is due to the fact that the constituent substance hexidine digluconate can cause allergic reactions.

visit doctor

In general, patients are satisfied with the effect that this drug has. Usually the treatment is about seven to ten days. As a rule, such a period is enough to completely get rid of the pathology.

Features of purchase and storage

It is possible to store means twenty four months from the moment of its production. In no case do not use the medicine after its expiration date has ended. This can lead to significant health problems. Only in this case, he will be able to preserve all his healing properties.

Store the drug should be at room temperature in a dark place.The drug can be purchased at any pharmacy. A prescription from the attending physician is not required. However, it is strongly not recommended to self-medicate. Consultation is needed before starting therapy.


The drug "Hexicon" is very popular among gynecologists and among the weaker sex. The tool is very quickly and completely eliminates bacteria that can lead to inflammatory processes in the vagina. In this case, the drug has virtually no side effects and can even be used during pregnancy in the first trimester. "Hexicon" has almost no flaws, and therefore is in such great demand. The main thing is to apply it without violating the attached instructions. If you decide to start treatment, then bring it to the end. If the doctor has prescribed you to insert the candles vaginally for ten days, do not shorten this period yourself, and also do not miss the use of the medicine. This may reduce the effect of the treatment. After completing a therapeutic course, be sure to take the appropriate tests. This will help determine the effectiveness of the medication.If necessary, the course of treatment can be extended with the help of other medicines.

Take care of your health right now. If you notice an abundant or purulent discharge from the vagina, accompanied by an unpleasant smell, if you have itching in the genitals, immediately consult a gynecologist. He will find the cause of this phenomenon and select the most optimal treatment suitable for you. Take care of yourself!

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