Car Alpine iDE-178BT: review, specifications, instructions

Alpine is famous for its multimedia systems, which have excellent natural sound with a pleasant bass. Car Alpine iDE-178BT - is no exception. This radio has a nice design, no drive and many other functions and features.

Short description

Alpine iDE-178BT was released in 2013. In this version of the radio, many functions have appeared, such as synchronization with Apple devices and devices on the Android operating system, receiving text messages from standard instant messengers. Even in the absence of a radio antenna, you can synchronize with the "iPhone" and use the standard Internet radio application.

Alpine IDE-178BT orange

Technical components

Specifications Alpine iDE-178BT are presented below:

Mounting size 1 DIN
Availability of formats AAC, WMA, MP3
Maximum power per line, W 50
Availability of channels 4
Radio frequencies FM
Saved radio stations 30
Monitor type monochrome
Backlight colors green, blue, red
Alpine IDE-178BT 4 color


Overview Alpine iDE-178BT begins with the appearance of the car. Here he is on top. The front panel is not similar to the standard radio type "Pioneer". On the entire front panel, a bright and saturated monochrome monitor that changes its contrast when viewed at an angle is most prominent. It is impossible not to notice the large button "Surse", which has one of the four highlights. On the left of this button there is a pleasant to the touch encoder that does not slip in your hands. Around it there are buttons for switching tracks and radio stations, accepting and rejecting an incoming call when there is a Bluetooth connection, as well as a stop / pause button and a button for switching playback modes.

Under the monitor are located the control buttons of the stored radio stations, as well as the "mute" button. An additional function of the control buttons of the saved radio stations is the repetition of the current track and random play of the tracks in the playlist. To the right of these buttons is a USB-connector.

Compatibility with applications that support Internet radio stations and listening to tracks, is an important advantage.For example, if you have the Yandex Music, Apple Music, or other cloud listening application, you can listen to your favorite tracks and radio stations without having any devices other than the phone. Fortunately, in our time, few people leave the house without a phone.

Since the kit includes a portable microphone and there is a "Bluetooth", you can use the radio as a hands-free device. Due to the high-quality sound, the interlocutor's voice will be heard loud and clear. But the quality depends on the output speakers and the quality of communication.

With the help of lightning cable, you can play tracks directly from the "iPhone". This allows you to easily manage your media library, including albums, artists, and the name of the tracks, as well as charge the phone in combination.

The monochrome display of the Alpine iDE-178BT has high definition and resolution for 1 DIN receivers. It is very clear and informative as much as possible. It takes up quite a lot of space, thanks to which every element is perfectly visible. The monitor indicates the type of device being played, the name of the track, album and artist, the time if radio stations are being listened to - the name of the frequency is indicated.

The backlight has 4 colors.To change the backlight you need to change it in the settings. The color changes for each button, not individually. It can be chosen in the color and style of the cabin, which will give it a more colorful design.

Behind the radio there is an aux connector for using connected devices. Why the entrance is located behind is not clear. Probably for aesthetics. There is also a connector for connecting power from the car, a connector for an additional antenna, an input for speakers and an input for a device control cable with buttons from the steering wheel.

The package includes instructions for the Alpine iDE-178BT, the radio itself, the mine to install it, a decorative frame, a USB-Micro-USB cable, an iPod charging cable, a remote control, wires and adapters for connecting to the vehicle’s power supply, and microphone.

The main feature of this unit is the sound quality. After all, the Alpine iDE-178BT is on top. Thanks to its sound settings, it can be customized for each user specifically, because the system can save up to 2 user settings. The car stereo includes the following features:

  • increase in low frequencies by one button;
  • in the presence of a subwoofer it is possible to adjust its level;
  • 10 equalizer settings;
  • 3 linear outputs;
  • the presence of USB and mini-jack connectors for listening to music from external media;
  • backlight control buttons and many others.

Using the connection to the e-devices, you can open such functions as: search by playlists, track names, artists and albums, or by file names, alphabetical search, the ability to use the built-in Internet radio e-mail application, random playback of tracks, artist, album or playlist, as well as the ability to charge the connected device.

Alpine IDE-178BT kit


Analogs car Alpine iDE-178BT are similar in design and technical characteristics of the radio: Sony MEX-XB100BT, Pioneer DEH-X9600BT, and not the most popular JVC KD-X35519. Each company has its own unique "trick", as well as the sound quality. Alpine’s tape recorder has a natural sound, and the bass is clear, Pioneer has a booming bass and excellent treble quality. Each model has its pros and cons. Each car owner chooses the radio and at its cost. After all, having a car receiver for $ 500 (33,000 rubles) in a car or for $ 1,000 (66,000 rubles) is somehow impractical.

Sony MEX-XB100BT



  • the sound quality of the radio is not the most expensive price range;
  • assembly reliability and quality of materials;
  • relatively small price;
  • availability of "Bluetooth" module and a remote microphone;
  • the ability to synchronize with the "Apple" and "Android" devices;
  • support for the function of playing tracks via "Bluetooth", thanks to which you can turn on tracks even from old Nokia phones;
  • Excellent catches the radio station, even without an additional radio.


  • the display backlight is not combined with the button illumination;
  • unavailability of "AirPlay";
  • slightly sharp display;
  • the inability to use USB-drives more than 8 gigabytes of volume.
Alpine IDE-178BT blue color


The presence of high-quality sound and attractive design is the main component of a good quality radio. In addition to the low price, the Alpine iDE-178BT is an excellent choice for car owners with an Apple or Android device to use the maximum number of functions.

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