Car audio system RCD 510

The head unit Volkswagen RCD 510 is manufactured by the same car manufacturer at an assembly plant in Portugal. In her family, there are several modifications of such devices. Models are marked by differences in functionality and design versions.


The radio system RCD 510 is trying to meet modern requirements for devices of this class. This is due to the possibility of storing in memory up to 18 radio frequencies. The device has a CD changer for six CDs, can be equipped with a Media-in unit. All models are characterized by the presence of slots for SD cards, touch-screen color display of 6.5 inches. The presence of USB and AUX connectors makes it possible to connect a system of rear-view cameras.rcd 510

Built-in Bluetooth-module has to connect a mobile phone and control it through the speakerphone. It notes the compatibility of the device with the audio control sensors on the steering wheel.The menu in the device is in English; Russian-language tags are also supported. A security pin is supplied as part of operating safety.

Radio RCD 510 is an improved model of its predecessor RCD 500. The new system allows you to play music in MP3 format and process information from external drives. In the previous version there was no touch display, which gives an undoubted advantage in favor of the new model 510.

Device Overview

This audio system is originally produced for Volkswagen cars and is standard for such models as Tiguan, Touran, Caddy, Passat, Amarok, Golf, Jetta and many others. But with certain skills, the device can be used in other brands of cars.

The device has a touchscreen display, at the top of which is a CD drive. On the sides of the drive are buttons to control the playback of the disc, its extraction, quick access to the sound and volume rcd 510

On the left and right of the screen are the function keys, such as Radio, Media, Phone, Setup, TP, TIM / DAB (depending on the version of the RCD 510, the keys may vary slightly). Some buttons are duplicated on the touch screen and perform different functions depending on the open menu.Touching this function button changes the screen view and goes to the corresponding menu.

Under the display there is a swivel on / off switch and a change in the volume of the radio, an SD card slot and a multifunction knob. The memory card slot supports SD and MMC format up to 2 GB.

TIM function - road radio information

In order to receive the latest traffic information in the radio device RCD 510, you must enable the TR function and configure the tuner to the traffic information station. When the ignition is turned on, incoming messages are recorded, the maximum number of them should not exceed 9 pieces, even if the radio tape recorder was turned off. When the specified limit is exceeded, the first messages are automatically replaced with the last ones. To listen to the information you need to press the TIM mode selection key. Reproduction of stored messages occurs in the following order: from last to first.rcd 510 bosch

DAB operation mode

This mode is a digital standard for broadcasting. In the main menu, which is triggered by switching the TIM / DAB key, you can switch to DAB radio, change DAB radio stations and the ensemble.

To search for received stations, there is a scan function using the Scan button in the main menu of the DAB radio (you need to quickly press the right lower knob on the RCD 510). You can also search for received ensembles in this frequency range manually. This is done in the main menu using the Man softkey.

Media mode key

When this key is activated, the main menu is launched, which provides the ability to control playback of various media sources. So, in the menu are available options such as:

  • CD - switch to CD from a CD changer.
  • SD-Kart - activation of the inserted memory card. If the card is not in the memory slot, the option will be grayed out.
  • AUX is an additional connected external audio source.
  • BT-Audio - play audio files that play on a mobile phone connected via Bluetooth.rcd 510 delphi

Setup mode selection key

When you click this button, the main menu settings of various groups will start. Here you can make radio mode settings, manage the list of saved stations, set a time period for recording traffic announcements when the device is turned off, set the DAB digital mode,control the playback and indication of MP3 files, set the brightness of the touch screen, turn on / off the confirmation tone when pressing the buttons. You can also update the phone book in the device and enter the system settings of the radio.

RCD 510 Delphi Audio System

This modification is quite popular among car owners. The radio tape recorder, like its original, supports playback of MP3 files, has USB connectors, an integrated 6-disc CD changer, support for Russian tags, a touchscreen display, and the ability to connect a rearview camera for a car. It is connected via CAN-bus with further application of displaying the readings of standard Parktronic, climate control, coding and the subsequent display on the screen of auto rcd 510

Common disadvantages of this audio system are the lack of support for the Russian menu, SMS, navigation functions, the names of radio stations are not displayed, there is no possibility to view photos or video files.

This model has more pluses than minuses, unlike other similar devices. An important factor is the lower price compared to the RCD-510 Bosch.Through the USB-connector, you can connect mobile gadgets of the Apple family (the system recognizes them as an iPod) and play music.

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