Car tire "Viatti": reviews, specifications

Tires from many companies that have gained a good reputation are in demand in Russia. One of these is the Viatti. More often about tires from this company speak positively. However, is everything really good? Below this company and its products will be discussed in more detail.tire viatti reviews

About company

The company is Italian-German. Viatti products are in demand not only in Russia, but throughout the world. The branch of the company in Russia appeared in 2010. For the first time, Russian motorists saw Viatti tires at the Moscow Motor Show, where they were presented. Before the start of sales of tires in Russia, they were investigated many times, because the operating conditions are much more complicated here than in many other countries.

The production of tires of this company is carried out at the enterprise "Nizhnekamskshina". Among the employees are foreign representatives who monitor the quality of products.Virtually the entire production process is carried out on special equipment.

Viatti is relatively young. Despite this, its products are in demand among many motorists. What do those who installed them on their car think of Vatti tires? About this below.

Advantages of tires

Tires of this company are in demand in Russia. What is the reason for this situation? Of all the advantages of tires, motorists most often say:

  • The side part is not very pronounced, but reinforced. Because of this, the risk of cuts and other unpleasant nuances has decreased.
  • Tires do not create additional noise while driving. Due to this, you can achieve maximum comfort when traveling.
  • The tread grooves are designed specifically to remove moisture from the surface of the tire as quickly as possible, without compromising grip.tire viatti brina reviews

The company tries to produce the highest quality products. Therefore, it develops the ideal rubber compound to improve all tire performance. However, despite the fact that the development of rubber takes a lot of money, the company's products are still offered at low prices.

Reviews tires "Viatti Bosco A / T R16"

Many motorists speak positively about the products of the company "Vatti". What exactly do they write about tires "Vatti" in reviews?

According to motorists, it is not difficult to install these tires, about the same as others. This can be done independently or contact tire fitting. They can also be balanced there. Tires have a good grip, which is often noted in reviews about tires "Vatti". Many have tested and grip properties. Motorists say that it is quite easy to overcome the snow drifts with this rubber even at sub-zero temperatures. Also note in the reviews of tires "Vatti" the following advantages:viatti bosco tires reviews

  • Almost silent operation of the car.
  • The dynamics of the car does not deteriorate, but on the contrary, it gets better.
  • Turning becomes easier, rubber reacts to all movements of the wheel.
  • Excellent tire adhesion even on ice.

Some motorists say in the reviews about tires "Vatti Bosco" that there is one drawback - this is the appearance of tires. They do not like the design because of the side, which is too pronounced. However, after driving a car on such tires, they understand what it was done for.

In addition to appearance, no negative aspects of the winter tires "Viatti" in the reviews are not noted.

Viatti Bosco Nordico

This model is similar to many others, but its main feature is the presence of spikes on the tread. This model is more expensive than the "sticky". Why should motorists overpay? Is it effective?tire viatti nordiko reviews

In the first season of operation, nothing will happen to the tires. In many reviews about the tires, "Vatti Nordico" motorists say that exploiting rubber for the second season. During this time, all the spikes remained in place, only slightly erased. And this is taking into account the factor that the car moved on different road surfaces - from wet asphalt to the icy road. Many studded models from other manufacturers are quite noisy, which is why driving is not comfortable. With Bosco Nordico tires this problem is not observed. They only create a bit more noise than stickies.

According to reviews of tires "Vyatti" - "Bryn", "Nordiko", it can be understood that the tires are really made qualitatively and correspond to the declared characteristics. For a relatively low price, the buyer gets tires that have a huge resource.

Features of tires

Tires have excellent adhesion to the road surface.Despite the spikes, they are able to maintain this quality on dry pavement. The rubber composition is selected so that it does not harden at sub-zero temperatures, and does not become too soft when it is positive. Good adhesion properties remain with the passage of loose snow. Usually it becomes clogged in tires, but due to the tread it is quickly removed from the surface, without interfering with the preservation of the clutch. The same thing happens with any moisture that gets there. Also, the protector contributes to confident movement on the ice or icy road. All these features have been confirmed by many studies, as well as motorists in various viatti summer reviews

Brina V-521 R14

The company also has a model Brina V-521. It differs, first of all, in a special tread pattern.

Checkers on the surface of the tire absorb noise, which contributes to a comfortable driving. At the same time, the cost of rubber is relatively small.

Many motorists acquire these tires not because of their advantages, but because of the low price. To maintain a car is always expensive, so try to reduce costs in such ways. Motorists say that despite the low cost, the tires are really good. They have no analogues for such a price.

Most often, this rubber is installed by those who rarely leave the city. In urban conditions it is impossible to accelerate to more than 60 km / h, and at this speed, tires have perfect grip. They easily overcome any pavement. In general, the quality of tires is fully consistent with their value.

Viatti Brina V-521 R16

Most often motorists speak positively about these tires. Not all of them point out the benefits of Vatti Bryn’s winter tires in a review. What are they?

Many motorists, choosing tires for winter, listened to the advice of friends or relatives. They do not regret it, because the tires are really high quality made. They have excellent grip even in harsh conditions, as drivers say in Viatti Brina tires reviews. In Russia, this is very important, since in many regions a lot of precipitation falls in winter, and roads are not always cleaned. In such conditions, tires proved to be viatti strada reviews

Road grip is maintained under all conditions. The dynamics of the car also does not deteriorate, and cornering becomes much easier.On a wet surface, the grip also remains excellent. This is achieved through special grooves. Tires contribute to the fastest possible braking, if necessary, regardless of the road surface.

Viatti Strada Asimmetrico

These tires are made by new technologies. They have an asymmetrical tread pattern, and they also eliminate the need for a camera. It is best to install these tires on cars. They are designed for summer operation and are able to maintain their properties at temperatures from 2 to 55 degrees Celsius. However, there should be no snow at all.

Advantages of the model: first of all it is a tread pattern, it is asymmetric. It has 3 longitudinal ribs. They provide perfect adhesion to the road surface, eliminate the risk of falling into a skid and as quickly as possible remove moisture that has fallen on the surface of tires, as noted in the reviews of tires "Viatti Strada." Also, the rubber does not create additional noise during operation, which contributes to the most comfortable movement on the car.

Reviews of summer tires "Wiatti Bosco A / T"

This model of tires is recommended for installation in crossovers and small SUVs.

The development of tires involved specialists from Russia, Italy and Germany. During this time, a lot of research was carried out, thanks to which the rubber turned out to be of very high quality and as much as possible adapted for crossovers.

In order to maximize tires and increase their resource, a new rubber compound was developed. Now it includes nanomolecules that provide a polymer bond. Due to this, tires become softer when the air temperature drops, and when it rises, they become hard. This contributes to increased tire life.

Tires allow you to take turns at a higher speed than usual, without fear of skids. However, to break the speed limit is still not recommended, as even high-quality tires will not save from the deplorable consequences.

When driving on wet surfaces, the risk of skidding is also reduced. The tread of tires has special grooves through which moisture is removed as quickly as possible, thereby preventing the loss of traction.

Also the protector provides the increased passability of the car. Without fear, you can drive into easy off-road, because it will be overcome. Despite this throughput, tires almost do not create additional noise during the passage of irregularities.

Crossovers weigh more than ordinary cars, so keeping them on the road is much heavier. Viatti Bosco A / T tires contribute to this, and therefore it is much easier to maneuver when driving with them.

Tires were developed according to European technologies, but were tested in Russian conditions. Because of this, it turned out to create rubber, the most adapted for bad roads.tire viatti brina nordiko reviews

Main conclusions

Viatti tires are much cheaper than their counterparts. However, despite this, the quality of rubber is at a height and fully corresponds to its value. Her resource is huge. Some motorists managed to exploit tires for up to 5 seasons. Also, the manufacturer did not miss the grip. It is guaranteed thanks to the protector and special composition.

The result

For its price category "Viatti" - great tires. Users generally speak well of them.Most often they write in reviews that they correspond to all declared characteristics.

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