Cars-scanner. How to rent a car abroad?

I will not say that I am a big fan of cars - for example, I simply don’t need my own car in Minsk - I live in the city center and wherever I need to go on foot or by public transport. But when traveling, a car is often simply necessary - well, for example, how else can you see the mountain beauties of Transfagarash road? Without a rental car, this is simply unrealistic.
Previously, I was looking for a car rental on some local sites, it is not always convenient - you have to open several tabs and compare offers, switching from site to site. And recently I learned about the existence of the Cars-scanner service, it works on the same principle as the major ticket search engines - that is, it is essentially an aggregator site. This is very convenient - since you can immediately set all the parameters for a search on one site, get a lot of results and choose the best one.
So, under the cut - a story about how you need to rent a car abroad.
02. Cars-scanner operates in 75 countries around the world, including Romania.The project officially cooperates with the best rental companies: Dollar, Hertz, Aviz, Europcar, Sixt and others. What is very convenient - each distributor is assigned a rating, i.e. You can immediately see how users rated this or that company, a system similar to Buckinge.
Search output will represent dozens of options for a particular country, and you simply choose which machine suits you in terms of price / dimensions / specifications. We got such a Ford, which is not bad in principle. The machine is new, she is only two years old:

03. When booking, it was indicated that the make of the car is not a matter of principle, the distributor still had Volksvagen cars of a similar class, as for me it is the same. If the brand is important, then in the issue you can indicate the mark "Guaranteed model of the machine" and get exactly what you want. Perhaps I will use this item when I go to Dubai - I have an idea to drive a lemon-colored Lamborgini there;)

04. You can pay for your car booking with a Visa credit or debit card or Master Card. But when you receive a car, you may need a credit card - the fact is that when you issue a car, the rental company blocks a certain amount on your card as a deposit, it will be unlocked again when you return the car.

05What else is cool - in Cars-scanner all conditions and nuances of renting a car in a company are indicated at once. Those. the option that you will come to take a car, and there will be any additional obligations in the contract is completely excluded. In my opinion, this is cool, I do not like any such "pitfalls". All taxes and fees, including local VAT and airport fees, will also be listed.

06. In general, book a car and go look at the beauty of the Romanian mountains! And I'll go somewhere else, maybe to Spain or Cyprus :)

Company site Cars-scanner, check out how everything is convenient there:
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