Photo: Igor Farafonov / Moslenta
Carsharing - awesome thing. I actively use the last 4 months. You take the car in one place, throw it in another and forget it. No need to think about gasoline, parking fees, car wash, maintenance. A good taxi replacement for those who love solitude. I'm annoying to drive with someone in the car. I like to turn on loudly Yegor Letov, pick my nose, talk on the phone on the speakerphone. And witnesses in such cases are not needed.
In Moscow now there are 4 companies offering car sharing services. I actively use 2 of them - Delimobil and Yudrayv. Both are not without jambs, but you can live. The other two companies are Enitimerkar and Car5.
In order to start using the services of car sharing companies, you need to register in the system, in some cases sign an agreement and then download the application. Applications are needed in order to search for the car closest to you and manage it (now all companies except Car5 have them). U Judrayv and Enitaymkar before you go on a trip to Moscow, you need to put money into the account; at Delimobil and Car5 payment can be made after the trip.A minute of use of the machine costs from 6 to 8 rubles, a minute of waiting in the daytime - 1.5 rubles. At Delimobil night parking also costs 1.5 rubles, but the other three companies have night mode - free.

It should be noted that in the fleet of Delimobil and Car5 there is only a Hyundai Solaris. By the way, with these two companies, even the exterior design of cars is very similar. Judrayv can offer you a Skoda Rapid, Kia Rio or a small Smart. And in Enitaymkar there is a Volkswagen Polo, Hyundai Solaris, Chevrolet Cruze and even BMW 1, only the tariff for BMW will be slightly higher than on other cars of the company.
Yesterday a large review of all four companies was published on Moslent, read, there are a lot of useful tips. Also, correspondents found out the details about non-standard applications of machines. For example, in the car you can sleep, and absolutely free. Moreover, a car-sharing car can be an alternative to a hotel for an hour. ;) Good savings in a crisis! One pity, the glass is not tinted ...
I will soon make my review of the companies I use. And while you tell us about your experience.

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