Conjunctivitis in a child

If you suddenly noticed that the eyes of your babywatered or they blushed, do not rush to the pharmacy for medicines. First you need to consult a doctor. After conjugivitis in a child - a serious disease that requires the help of an ophthalmologist.

A disease called conjunctivitis appearsunexpectedly and swiftly. It would seem that yesterday the kid did not complain about anything, but today his eyes are swollen and reddened. The reasons for its appearance are different, as are the methods of treatment. To begin with, we need to find out what is conjunctivitis in newborns, what kinds of diseases exist and their characteristics. And then it is worth discussing and methods of dealing with it. We'll talk about all this later.

So, conjunctivitis in a child is an inflammation andredness of the eye, resulting from the entry into it of viruses or bacteria. This disease is common enough among children, both adults and babies. But in the case of newborns, you need to be especially careful, and you can not do without the help of medics.

By the way, conjunctivitis can arise because ofinfection, inflicted during labor in the tear duct of the baby (when it is blocked). But most often the cause of his appearance are dirty hands, through which viruses and get into the eyes of children.

Infected toy can also causethe occurrence of the disease, if after the child has held it in his hands, he rubbed his eyes. Therefore, babies need to be explained from the outset that the eyes can not be rubbed with unwashed hands in any case.

Conjunctivitis in a child is divided into the following types:

  • bacterial;
  • viral;
  • allergic.

All kinds combine such symptoms as lacrimation and reddening of the eyes. However, each species has its own distinctive features.

Bacterialth.This species is the most common and is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • simultaneous inflammation of both eyes;
  • edema of the lower and upper eyelids;
  • abundant release of pus and mucus, which glue the eyelids.

Most often bacterial conjunctivitis occurs ininfants, as a result of the ingress of bacteria into the ocelli during the passage of the birth canal. It is treated with conjunctivitis in a newborn quickly and very rarely accompanied by complications. With proper treatment, all symptoms disappear within 5-7 days.

Viral. The basisthe appearance of viral conjunctivitis is an acute respiratory viral disease or a common cold. It is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • inflammation of one eye;
  • the flow of abundant tears (as in crying);
  • in some cases, an abundant purulent discharge.

There is a viral conjunctivitis among babies very rarely, and it is treated long enough - 2-3 weeks.

Allergic.May appear as a reaction of the child to house dust, animal hair or pollen of plants. Its symptoms manifest immediately, and are often accompanied by a cough or runny nose. So, the symptoms:

  • the child often and strongly scratches and rubs his eyes;
  • absence of pus.

Than to treat a conjunctivitis at the child?

In order to cure your baby in a short time, the mother must strictly follow all the doctor's instructions.

So, for the treatment of viral conjunctivitisantiviral drugs are required, and for bacterial - antibiotics (ointment or drops). With allergic conjunctivitis, before starting treatment, you need to identify the allergen, protect your baby from it, and then proceed with complex treatment: antihistamines and drops.

In order to reduce inflammation of the eyes, they need to be washed every two to three hours. For this purpose, decoctions of nettle, calendula, sage and chamomile are suitable.

During the illness, it is better to give up walking outdoors, because the cold or bright sun for patients with eye conjunctivitis is very harmful.

Dear parents, remember that if you findat the child symptoms of a conjunctivitis, it is not necessary to resort to house methods. Running to the ophthalmologist.

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