Cufflink shirt - features, rules and recommendations

A shirt with cufflinks invariably attracts the eyes and betrays in the owner a person refined and extraordinary. Of course, if the other details of the image are chosen correctly.

It would seem that cufflinks are only a small decoration. But this accessory requires careful adherence to some rules. How not to get lost in the preparation of the image and choose the best option? Our article will help navigate the fashion world.

cufflink shirt

Elegant detail

For the first time this accessory appeared in the XVII century. In those days, cufflinks played a practical role - with their help, the edges of the sleeves were fixed on the wrist. However, such refinement was distributed exclusively in aristocratic circles. A shirt with cufflinks already at the dawn of its existence was a sign of status and elegance.

The attitude to this accessory has not changed today. Cufflinks are not appropriate in any setting, and the shirt should be a match for it.We must not forget about other details: shoes, suit, bag, jewelry.


Button cufflinks can be far from any sleeve. They will not be able to fit the shirt with buttons. There are several options for cuffs:

  • French type cuff has a cuff. A shirt with such an elegant decor a place at the celebration of the highest level: anniversary, wedding, reception.
  • Vienna cuff single layer. He also looks very elegant, but a shirt with cufflinks in a Viennese cuff is also appropriate in everyday business wardrobe.
  • Along with the listed types, there are also many combined options that combine cufflinks with buttons. They are universal and are used quite often. It should be noted that not every esthete considers such a tandem as permissible. There are no strict rules on this, rather, it is a matter of taste and convenience. The choice is yours.

white shirt for women cufflinks

Types of cufflinks

The cost of cufflinks sometimes reaches fabulous heights. You can compare them with jewels. It depends on the type of metal and stones used, as well as the manufacturer. If desired, and there is a tidy sum can be found in the sale of cufflinks from the best jewelry houses.

Decor options exist a lot. Men's cufflinks differ laconic forms and discreet colors. For example, they can be square, decorated with inserts of black enamel and small transparent crystals.

For women's jewelry designers use a wider range of colors and shapes. For example, cufflinks for lovely ladies can be made in the form of flowers, birds, postal envelopes, sweets. Often they are decorated with pearls or colorful rhinestones.

Features of men's shirts

What is to wear such jewelry? Men's shirts for cufflinks are most often sewn according to classic patterns and supplied with one breast pocket. Plain calm colors prevail. But sometimes men's shirts for cufflinks can have a strip. A catchy print is not allowed. Buttons on a shirt with cufflinks, as a rule, completely coincide with the color of the canvas. Or made of transparent high-quality plastic.

men's shirts for cufflinks

Men are recommended to wear a shirt with cufflinks to the office with only classic clothing: tight pants, business jackets, tailcoats. At the same time, the sleeve of the shirt should peek no more than 1.5 cm.In this case, the cufflink will be visible only when the elbow is bent - and this is a peculiar charm.

Women's shirts with cufflinks

Men often joke that ladies do not get tired to encroach on their original wardrobe items. So breeches, jackboots, hats and much more migrated to women's fashion. Touched this fate and shirts for cufflinks.

cufflinks for women shirts

Designers of women's clothing are much more democratic. They use colored fabrics with a print, often supplying shirts with embroidery, ruffles, and lace. But in any case, such a thing remains stylish and elegant. It is recommended to wear it with clothes in a business style. Not only pants are suitable, but also a pencil skirt, and in some cases even a strict knee-length sundress.


The choice of fabric for a shirt with cufflinks has not changed since the invention of this accessory. Today, for such clothes using the most exquisite matter. One more rule to remember: the more expensive the cufflinks, the more expensive the shirt should be.

Women's office-style cufflinks shirts are sewn only from thick, opaque fabrics. Excessive decorativeness is unnecessary here. A shirt, sewn from lace or generously trimmed with embroidery material, can overload the image, give it a provincial features.No wonder they say that beauty is in simplicity - and here this rule also works. White women's shirt under the cufflinks, made of high-quality silk fabric, looks much more elegant and stylish.

General recommendations

Stylish lovers cufflinks of both sexes should adhere to certain recommendations. The belt buckle, the buckles on the shoes, the jewelery, and any metal details of the image should match the color of the buckles on the cuffs. To combine expensive cufflinks with jewelry is unacceptable. Must match and wristwatches. By the way, many manufacturers offer ready-made solutions consisting of cufflinks, watches, and tie pins.

white shirt for cufflinks

Women stylists are advised to abandon the catchy jewelry. Cufflinks are self-sufficient, they already act as the main accent. It is advisable to give preference to concise earrings without stones, a scarf, strands of medium-sized pearls (only natural, not baroque).

Men can combine a shirt with cuff cuffs even with such a bold accessory as an ascot tie.

We must not forget about the right shoes. It is advisable to give preference to black, dark brown or gray shoes.Not only classic shoes are acceptable, it is possible to experiment with loafers or brogues.


As you can see, you can wear a shirt decorated with cufflinks in a solid office. Even the strictest dress code is loyal to such clothes.

For a real gentleman, cufflinks are the best choice for a date in an expensive restaurant, going to the theater, to the reception. Very common shirts with cufflinks in a wedding fashion.

cuff cuffed shirts

But we can often see them outside the high offices, concert and banquet halls. For example, you can dress in a white shirt with cufflinks at a billiards tournament or a seminar.

New trends

Modern mods often interpret the classics in their own way. Today, many manage to fit the classic shirts with cufflinks in a free style of clothing, combining them with strict blue and black jeans. In this case, it is advisable to wear a blazer over the shirt, the sleeve of which will be 1-1.5 cm shorter than the sleeve of the shirt.

Overdo it is not worth it, so as not to be trapped.

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