Dangerous Gardnerella. Treatment, drugs, prevention

The study of the microbiocenosis - a sustainable community of microorganisms in a certain habitat, is still relevant. Despite the development and use of new antibacterial drugs, pathological conditions that are associated with disorders of the host microflora occupy a dominant position among infectious diseases. They can cause disturbances in other organs and systems. Thus, the human urogenital tract is a common habitat, the most favorable for different types of anaerobic bacteria, among which is Gardnerella. Treatment, drugs for such transient opportunistic microflora are selected by a doctor after a laboratory examination.

Gardnerella treatment drugs

Disruption of the microbiocenosis

Gardnerella (Gardnerella vaginalis), actively multiplying in the microflora of the vagina and urethra, can cause gardnerellez - the process of inflammation in the urinary organs.The waste products of bacteria contribute to the rapid destruction of the normal microflora of the urogenital tract, creating favorable conditions for the growth of other microorganisms. Such an imbalance causes bacterial vaginosis, or gardnerella, vaginitis.

What is dangerous Gardnerella

The sexual way is the main way of transmitting the bacterium gardnerella. Treatment, drugs of appropriate action, prescribed in a timely manner, can prevent the penetration of infection from the urethra into the uterus and fallopian tubes. It is recommended for both partners to undergo diagnosis and necessary treatment in order to avoid serious diseases. High concentrations of Gardnerella cause endometritis, inflammation of the vagina and other organs of the small pelvis, diseases of the genitourinary system in men.

Gardnerella symptoms

Symptoms of the disease

According to many sources, such anaerobic bacteria can only promote the development of other microorganisms with strong reproduction. In their opinion, the causative agent of infectious diseases is not Gardnerella. Symptoms with a sharp increase in the vagina occur due to the growth of other pathogenic bacteria.The main ones are burning, itching, pain, abundant whitening, which can be transparent, yellowish, greenish, they are distinguished by the unpleasant smell of “rotten fish”. With sexual intercourse, there may be a feeling of soreness and dryness of the vagina.

Gardnerella during pregnancy

Often in womendetected gardnerella during pregnancy. Treatmentin such cases is carried out in stages. Its main areas are the elimination of pathogenic microflora, normalization and restoration of the vaginal environment. Reduction of lactobacilli during pregnancy leads to chronic serious diseases, premature birth, can cause a small weight of the child. This is the main treachery that gardnerella is fraught with in this period. Treatment, drugs with a broad spectrum of antimicrobial action and effective for infectious diseases, should not be aimed at removing anaerobic bacteria, but only to control their number. The aim of the course is also to prevent the further development of the process of inflammation.

Gardnerella during pregnancy treatment


After the diagnosis of Gardnerella, associated pathogens are established, which cause the development of the disease.Samples of self-elimination only complicate the problem caused by an increase in such anaerobic bacteria like gardnerella. Treatment, drugs prescribed independently, lead to short-term positive results, and then the disease most often goes into a chronic stage and affects other organs along the ascending path.


Prevention of Gardnerella is reduced to the observance of simple rules. The main ones are proper nutrition, strengthening the immune system, timely elimination of intestinal dysbiosis and other inflammatory processes that cause dysbacteriosis, basic hygiene. The cause of the disease can also be uncontrolled medication, so it is better to use them only on the recommendation of a doctor.

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