Daria Yurgens: biography, photos and interesting facts

Daria Yurgens - a talented actress who became famous for the film "Brother 2". In this picture, she performed the role of a woman of easy virtue nicknamed Marilyn. “About freaks and people”, “Sea Devils”, “Ban on Love”, “Cop Wars” - famous film projects and TV shows with her participation. What else can you tell about the star of the national cinema?

Daria Jurgens: the beginning of the journey

The future star of the film “Brother 2” was born in Tomsk, a joyful event occurred in January 1968. Daria Yurgens (Lesnikova) spent most of her childhood in Mariupol. Dasha was lucky to be born in a creative family, her parents were famous theater actors in the past. It is not surprising that the first years of life the baby actually spent behind the scenes.

Daria Jurgens

Daria Yurgens played her first role when she was not even a year old. The baby, wrapped in rags, was carried onto the stage in the production of “Raised Virgin”. The next role the young actress received as early as 10 years old, she took part in the play “The Power of Darkness”.

Life path choice

All of the above does not mean that Daria Yurgens, even as a child, began to dream about the acting profession. At first, the girl thought about a veterinary career, as she had a weakness for cats and dogs. Then fencing entered her life, in this art she achieved notable success. Daria could be a candidate for the Master of Sports if it were not for the fatal mistake that caused her to be disqualified in one of the competitions. At school, Jurgens studied moderately, often received poor grades.

Daria Jurgens photo

The decision to become an actress came to Daria after the prom. She moved to St. Petersburg and made an attempt to enter LGITMiK. The girl was accepted to this university only as a free listener, she lacked only one and a half points due to mistakes made in the composition. Yurgens plunged into study and did not pay attention to the difficulties of independent living in a big city. A diploma aspiring actress received in 1990.


Daria Yurgens, whose photo can be seen in the article, quickly found work after graduation. The Youth Theater on the Fontanka readily accommodates a promising graduate. Novice actress made an impression on the main director Semen Spivak, he saw her talent.

Daria Jurgens biography

Soon Daria settled into the theater, began to receive prominent roles.“Cries from Odessa”, “Medea”, “Moonwolves”, “Death of Van Halen” - the first productions with her participation. Then the girl brilliantly played the role of Desdemona in the Shakespearean play “Othello”. On the stage of his theater, Jurgens performs so far, trying not to change it.

From time to time, Daria still accepts invitations from other theaters in St. Petersburg. For example, she appeared on the stage of the Bolshoi Drama Theater in order to play the role of Olivia in the play “The Twelfth Night”.

Film career

When was the first time on the set of Daria Yurgens? The biography of the star indicates that this happened in 1998. The actress made her debut in the drama “About Freaks and People,” directed by Balabanova, playing a small role. Her heroine was gloomy Grunya.

Daria Jurgens personal

Matru remembered the girl with a mysterious smile, he called her and in his blockbuster "Brother-2". In this picture, Daria embodied the image of an eccentric skinhead, a prostitute nicknamed Marilyn, this heroine was introduced into the plot specifically for her. It is known that she risked parting with her hair just for the role, which she did not have to regret.The tape "Brother 2" was a great success, and all the actors who acted in it literally woke up famous.

Thanks to Balabanova’s films, actress Daria Yurgens became popular, whose biography, personal life and roles are discussed in this article. The Sea Devils rating series helped to secure the success of the newly-minted star. In this TV show Daria embodied the image of Lieutenant Margarita Koshkina, who was awarded the nickname of Bagheera by her colleagues. Her heroine is a strong and confident woman, a special forces fighter. For this role, the actress was forced to learn to scuba dive, drive a car.

What else to see

Fans will be able to see Daria in many movies and TV shows. Over the years, the charming actress has appeared in the criminal TV projects “The Cop Wars” and “Foundry”, the TV series “Kamenskaya”, “The Female Romance” and “The Landscape with the Murder”. She also played in the film “Italian”, the melodrama “House by the big river”, the action movie “Revenge is Art”.

Daria Jurgens private life

"Sea Devils. Northern Frontiers ”is the most recent TV project with the participation of Jurgens. There are no information on the future plans of Darya.

Love, relationships

Of course, fans are not only interested in movies and TV shows, in which Daria Jurgens starred. The personal life of the drama star "Brother 2" also occupies the public. The first big love of the actress was her colleague Yevgeny Dyatlov, she married this man in her student years. The marriage broke up three years later, the reason for which were betrayal of the partners to each other. Darya had a short romance with singer Yuri Shevchuk, and Yevgeny got carried away with Angelica, actress of the Buff theater. It is known that the couple broke up without scandals.

After parting with her husband, Daria Yurgens did not remain alone for long, her personal life and biography are discussed in this article. She fell in love with the actor Peter Zhuravlev, she lived in a civil marriage for several years. This union also fell apart, the reason for which was the extinction of feelings.

Daria Jurgens biography personal life

A new man appeared in the life of Jurgens thanks to the TV program “Sea Devils”. Actress Sergey Velikanov met with the stunt actress on the set. He took over the duties of her personal trainer, and spent much time on classes with her. As a result, Daria and Sergey fell in love with each other, have not parted so far.


Employment in the theater and on the set did not prevent the actress from producing two children. The father of Darya Yegor’s son, born in 1991, was her first husband, Yevgeny Dyatlov. As a child, the guy was fond of music and football, but still decided to follow in the footsteps of his parents, to link his life with dramatic art. "The Seventh Fleece", "Five Minutes of Silence", "Major-2", "Commissioner" - television projects in which you can see it. Egor has already managed to marry, his actress was the actress of the puppet theater. It is possible that soon the son will make Yurgens a grandmother.

The name of the father of the daughter, Daria, categorically refuses to be called. The girl, born in 2003, was named Alexandra, she had not yet had time to decide on the choice of profession. It is known that the heiress of the star of the national cinema is keen on swimming and figure skating.

Interesting Facts

The actress for many years was known to the audience as Daria Lesnikova. She decided to change her last name only in 2005. The star claims that it took her in order not to interfere with the career of her beloved son, who bears the name of Foresters.

The role of Grunya in the film “About Freaks and People” could be performed by a completely different actress.Yurgens was approved at the last moment, she managed to impress director Balabanov with her confident behavior. Also, the role of Daria in Sea Devils could not have taken place. The actress has long wanted to embody the image of a strong woman on the screen, but she doubted that she would be able to play a heroine who was so different from herself. Yurgens calls himself a coward, while her character Margarita Koshkina from “Sea Devils” is distinguished by courage and determination, he feels confident in extreme situations.

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Daria Yurgens: biography, photos and interesting facts 84

Daria Yurgens: biography, photos and interesting facts 15

Daria Yurgens: biography, photos and interesting facts 73

Daria Yurgens: biography, photos and interesting facts 46

Daria Yurgens: biography, photos and interesting facts 84