Day of internal troops of Russia: history, features

Every year Russia celebrates the Day of internal troops. This holiday was introduced in 1996 by Boris Yeltsin. Despite the relative youth of the holiday, its history goes far back in time. The army in Russia has always existed, but only Alexander I created the "internal guard" in 1811.


The tasks of the internal troops under Alexander I included the fight against crime in the state, ensuring the safety of citizens, guarding the treasury, resolving internal conflicts, escorting convicts, and curbing mass unrest. As we can see, the tasks of the “internal guard” carried out various tasks, but they all concerned one thing — security.

In subsequent reforms of future emperors, the functions of the internal troops will be abolished. Under Alexander III, a separate unit will appear responsible for the transportation and convoy of convicts.

MIA history

In Soviet times, the NKVD (People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs), VOKhR (militarized guards), OGPU (United State Political Administration), the Cheka (All-Russian Emergency Commission) appeared.

Fighters of internal troops participated in the Great Patriotic War. After the war, eliminated the consequences of natural and man-made disasters. In the 90s they took part in resolving the conflict in Chechnya. The forces of the Interior Ministry troops have always stood guard over the security and protection of Russian citizens.

Russian Interior Ministry in our time

The Day of the Russian Federation (internal troops) date of celebration on March 27 is the day of the signing of the decree on the creation of the "internal guard" by Alexander I.

The main tasks of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia today are:

  • public policy organization;
  • regulatory improvement;
  • state control over the circulation of weapons;
  • protection of human rights and freedoms and citizens of Russia;
  • work with all offenses and their prevention;
  • road safety organization;
  • protection of public order;
  • protection of property of citizens.
MIA in our time

Today the Ministry of the Interior includes an extensive structure. First of all, this is the police. It is the police engaged in the protection of public order. In Russia there are 3 major universities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar, as well as 8 branches in nearby cities.

There are also 4 academies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where future policemen are trained.In addition to the academies, 18 institutes of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 6 Suvorov schools, more than a hundred schools where cadets are prepared for further admission to higher educational institutions have been established in Russia.

How to get to the Ministry of Interior?

As mentioned above, today in Russia there are many educational institutions, after graduating from which you enter the Ministry of Internal Affairs. But it is also necessary to meet a number of requirements:

  1. Pure biography. Among your relatives should not be convicted, suicides, mentally ill.
  2. Men must serve in the army or graduate from a military establishment.
  3. You must have good health.
  4. The presence of higher education or a diploma of a specialized school.
  5. Of course, you must be a citizen of the Russian Federation.
Lyceum of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

When applying for a job, your religion and nationality will not be interested. The Interior Ministry accepts men and women of any political views. You must also undergo a series of procedures: these are psychological tests and physical training.

How is March 27 celebrated in Russia?

Day of internal troops of Russia is considered to be a public holiday. To date, the total number of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Russia is about 1.5 million people.And this number is growing every year. The state does a lot for security officials. These are numerous benefits and the opportunity to get your own housing at the end of the service. Those who served in the Ministry of Internal Affairs have good pensions, status and free medicine. Given the number of people in the service in the internal affairs bodies, it is not surprising with what scale this holiday is celebrated in our state.

The celebration of the day of the internal troops of the Russian Federation is always very solemn. A lot of concerts are organized in Russia, the largest one is broadcast via the federal channel. Many pleasant events often coincide with numerous congratulations: premieres of new films or performances.

Gala concert

Awarding of the best employees, assignment of the new ranks to the best and distinguished in service. They remember and give gifts to veterans, lay wreaths at the monuments and monuments. We honor and are proud of everyone who fulfills their duties with honor. The Day of Internal Troops is rightfully one of the most important holidays in Russia.

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