Devilish luck or stories of “unkillable” people who survived the death penalty

9-10-2017, 09:04

Surely, each of us heard the good old famous proverb that the one who is destined to be hanged does not fear drowning, however, what should the judges and executioners do if the condemned bomber doesn’t kill? Today we will tell you a couple of crazy stories about people who had to face death just to prove to the whole world that it’s not so easy to kill a person on whose side is just diabolical luck.
Thrice-hung butler

In 1884, the quiet English town of Torquay was shocked by the murder that was unheard of cruelty. The butler with the unusually long name John Henry George Lee smashed the head of an elderly Miss Emma Casey with an ax butt, cut her throat and set fire to her house to hide the traces of the crime. However, this did not help him much, and soon the young man was arrested, tried and sentenced to death by hanging.

On day X, which was appointed on February 23, 1885, Lee climbed the scaffold, and the executioner threw a noose around his neck. However, when the suicide bomber was already preparing to part with life, the executioners faced an unexpected incident. The hatch, which was supposed to open up under the legs of the convict and send him to a meeting with the creator, suddenly wedged. The executioner pulled the lever three times, however, the insidious mechanism did not want to work properly. The court decided to pardon the failed hangman, and replaced his sentence with life imprisonment with the urgent recommendation to never release him.
Hello from anatomichki

In 1740, a 16-year-old boy named William Duell was tried in the vicinity of London. The crime in which the guy was accused, namely the rape and the brutal murder of a young girl, turned out to be so severe that, despite the young age, Duel was decided to hang.

At that time, medical universities were actively buying the bodies of executed criminals to study human anatomy, and after the executioner concluded that William Duell successfully went to hell, his body was given to local medical students who transported him to the anatomical theater for dissection.However, after the rapist was stripped and laid on a section table, one of the servants suddenly noticed that the dead gallows continued to breathe, and it was enough for the surgeon to hold a scalpel over his body, as bright red blood flowed from the wound. Doctors gathered around the revived dead man quickly brought the young assassin to his senses, and within an hour he was able to sit and talk. It is not known what kind of scolding the executioner received for such a “mistake”, but the shocked authorities pardoned the resurrected dead, and the repeated execution was never appointed.
Christmas miracle

One gets the impression that the English executioners have completely forgotten how to properly hang people, because the next failed death penalty, about which we will tell you, again occurred in the whole of England, in the village of Tyburn. This time, the justice should have overtaken the captured robber named John Smith, however, the executioner was not able to "work clean" this time either.

When on the eve of Christmas of 1705 Smith was pushed from a cart with a noose around his neck, a whole crowd of local residents had already gathered to watch the execution of the gangster. However, the robber did not want to die at all and continued to dangle and squirm in the loop, scratching his throat with his fingers.Although the grimace of genuine suffering froze on the face of writhing John Smith, the hanged man did not suffocate. In the end, after 15 minutes of execution, the townspeople began to resent and demand from the executioner that he cut the rope, deciding that the unbelievable survivability of the criminal was nothing but a Christmas miracle. The tormented Smith was taken straight from the gallows to the nearest house, where he quickly came to his senses.
Drunk electrician

Sometimes not only the hanging, but also attempts to send the criminal to a different world with the help of more sophisticated technologies, ends in complete fiasco. In May 1946, in the state of Louisiana, the execution of a petty robber named Willy Francis was appointed. Francis was seated on an electric chair, and the executioner pulled the switch, feeding a hellish machine to a deadly discharge of electricity.

However, instead of a quick and painless death, the prisoner began to writhe with shouts of “Remove it from me! Take it off me! I can not breathe, but I do not die! ". Subsequently, it was found that the electric chair could not kill the thief due to the fact that a drunken prison electrician could not properly configure the device.The grief-executioner was dismissed in disgrace, and Francis managed to live another year, until May 9, 1947, the execution was not carried out properly.

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