Diet "9 table": menus, recipes. Diet for diabetes (table number 9)

"We are what we eat" - so said in antiquity.

It's right. Since ancient times, folk healers have noticed a link between nutrition and human health. In some cases, recovery occurred without medication, only with full starvation of the patient.

diet 9 table

Diseases and health food

In other cases, doctors also noticed a link between obesity and hypertension and diabetes. The impetus to these diseases was given by fatty, salty, flour and sweet foods that the patient consumed without knowing the measures. But when the patient was limited to these products in the diet, his health improved and he was recovering. The Greeks called it δίαιτα (diet). In translation - a lifestyle or diet.

Since then, diet food has been actively used in the treatment of patients.

A diet is a daily ration built for a specific disease. Meals are prepared according to the established technology of the permitted products.Specifically, a diet for diabetics, table 9, for example, should be filled with proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins, strictly as prescribed by a doctor. The patient, in turn, must eat at the appointed time.

Medicinal diets Pevzner

Diet and treatment table are one and the same. Healing tables are numbered. Each disease corresponds to a specific diet. This system was developed by the Soviet physician M. I. Pevzner. Diets are divided into 15 types. Some of them are supplemented by subspecies.

Suppose table number 1 is used when a peptic ulcer is diagnosed in a patient during the period of exacerbation, in the first six for diabetes table 9And also this diet is suitable for gastritis with high acidity.

Table 1a is prescribed to patients when the peptic ulcer becomes acute. And also for chronic gastritis with high acidity.

Table number 2 is prescribed for gastritis with low acidity and chronic colitis.

Diet number 9. Table appointed with mild and moderate diabetes. Suitable for patients who do not need insulin injections or use it in small doses. It is suitable for diabetes of the second type.These patients take mostly pills, diabetes they have in a milder form.

Diet for diabetes. Table No. 9. The purpose of the diet is to prevent the diabetic, fatty, protein and water-salt metabolism from being disturbed in patients with diabetes. The task of the diet is to ensure that the body of a diabetic is limited to receive fats and carbohydrates. Proteins are allowed even above normal.

Meat, fish, cottage cheese dishes, vegetables, except potatoes are allowed. Prohibited carbohydrate foods (pastries, sweets, jams, honey). The amount of salt is limited. Cooked, steam, baked products are allowed, a couple of times a week you can treat yourself to fried and stewed dishes, but without hot spices.

Calorie dishes should not exceed the daily rate of 2300 kcal. This is diet number 9. Table, as we see, is not very limited and allows you not to starve. Food intake is divided into five to six doses, taking into account insulin injections.

Diet (table number 9)

Sample menu: vegetable soups, soup, beetroot, okroshka. Lean meat (beef, lamb, rabbit, chicken, turkey, without skin). Fish is lean, baked, boiled, steamed, rarely 9 table menu

Boiled potatoes, soaked from starch (use with restrictions!).Cabbage, eggplants, peppers, cucumbers, beans, turnips, zucchini, radishes, cauliflower, spinach, pumpkin, salad - without restrictions.

Groats are allowed taking into account daily allowance of carbohydrates. More suitable: buckwheat, barley, oatmeal, wheat and barley. Beans and peas are undesirable. Eggs no more than 1 piece per day! Black bread of the second grade, protein-wheat - with strict restrictions!

Fruits and unsweetened berries can be eaten with restrictions. Compote without sugar, baked apples. Dairy products only fat free. Vinaigrettes, squash caviar, pumpkin, lean beef jelly, lobster salad.

Tea, coffee without sugar, add mayonnaise to the dishes, but sunflower oil.

"Everything is strictly in moderation!" - Approves its main principle diet, table number 9, the menu of which unobtrusively leads to the thought that the diabetic's main task is to lose, not gain weight!

Can be without carbohydrates

The level of glucose in the blood raises not only sweets, but also carbohydrates. In order to "know the enemy in person", you need to know which foods contain carbohydrates in excess. And try to bypass such food in the future. So which foods cause glucose to rise?

For this, a diet has been created - table number 9, which helps to avoid foods rich in starch: corn, potatoes, for diabetics table 9

They also include: chips, crackers, crunchy cereals, pasta, bread, buns, rice, lentils, beans, yogurt, milk, ice cream, sweet desserts, soda, and even fruit, the “benefits” of which are much talked about. Especially dangerous for diabetics: figs, raisins, bananas, mangoes, dates.

It must be remembered that there is a lot of fructose in sweet fruits. And this is the same sugar, only in slow motion. Without harm, a diabetic can eat no more than two medium apples a day. And that is best savory. Diet 9 warns against excessive consumption of dishes with fructose. Its table is quite diverse and does not have hard restrictions.

Squirrels in diet

In the diet should be protein lean meat. The most affordable and inexpensive meat is chicken (no skin), and better than turkey or rabbit. Suitable veal, lean beef, lamb. Ideal for diabetic fish, especially marine table number 9

Egg whites (no yolks), low-fat cheeses are allowed. And also beans and lentils - to use moderately! A lot of protein found in nuts.But it must be remembered that there is a lot of fat in peanut butter, which is undesirable for diabetics.

Try to minimize the level of fat in the diet. Fat itself does not increase glucose instantly, but promotes weight gain. And overweight is detrimental to the sick. And this is elevated cholesterol, which is extremely undesirable for diabetics in terms of the development of cardiac and vascular diseases.

Principles of diet

Additional condition: eat less salt! Its enough in the foods that we eat. In small quantities only sea salt is useful, with trace elements.

Fruit for the day you can eat a little. It is forbidden to fry and stew products in large quantities of oil. This is one of the main principles, which recalls the diet 9. Table, menu, are diverse, and if you do not pick and choose, you can stay full.

Although diet No. 9 is rich in nutrients, the diabetic's table is usually not “overloaded” with delicacies, patients cannot indulge themselves with tasty dishes. But for them there is a light ray in the dark sky of the disease. Below are a few dishes that a diabetic can eat during the day without any particular danger of raising the level of sugar.

Original recipes

Diabetic toast

Two egg whites, beat together with half a cup of skim milk, cut into slices black bread or bran bread. Four slices of bread, dip into the mixture, then fry in a pan with olive oil. Top ready croutons can be sprinkled with chopped garlic, cottage cheese or parsley. Such toasts like anyone.

Oatmeal balls "Appetizing"

It is necessary to cook a steep porridge of oatmeal with the addition of salt and cinnamon. Cool porridge, then roll in chopped walnuts, forming in the form of balls.

One-day menu

Below you can read what the diet looks like, table No. 9. The recipes of the dishes are simple, but varied in their content of vitamins, proteins, fats and trace table 9 recipes

First breakfast at eight in the morning

Porridge from buckwheat or oatmeal in a plate (four or five spoons). A slice of gray bread. A pair of small pieces of lean meat or sausage.

Lunch after two and a half hours

An apple or other unsweetened fruit.

Lunch at fourteen

Borscht or soup. Plate of porridge (buckwheat or oatmeal). Slice of bread. A pair of sausages or a piece of fish (about 60 grams).

Safe in sixteen thirty

Fruit to choose from: apple, pear, orange, 2 plums, 2 tangerines, half a cup of cherry.

The first dinner is at nineteen thirty

One hundred grams of porridge or a couple of tablespoons of mashed potatoes. Grilled meat - one hundred grams. Instead of frying: mushrooms or fish.

Second dinner at twenty two thirty

A slice of bread and a mug of kefir.

As you can see, the principles are as follows: porridge volumes are minimal, from forty grams at a time! Overeat so much hard. The same with bread. One slice to eat! Meat products up to one hundred grams. Fish up to two hundred grams at the reception. Tea only with sweetener.

Diabetes during pregnancy

The unpleasant news for some expectant mothers is the identification of their diabetes during pregnancy. This is the so-called gestational diabetes. It can occur during the third trimester of pregnancy as a result of hormonal changes in the table 9 approximate menu

At this time, glucose tolerance may be impaired in women, and an elevated sugar level is found in the blood of a pregnant woman. You can fight this phenomenon with the help of a diet that offers 9 tables. Diet during pregnancy - the main enemy of overweight and diabetes.

Memo for pregnant women

There are small portions, but often. Desirable up to 6 times a day. The first meal should contain about forty percent of the daily intake of carbohydrates. The last intake should also be with a small amount of carbohydrates, about 15 grams.

The patient should avoid confectionery, baking, sweet fruit, fried and fat. There are foods rich in fiber. These are cereals, rice, vegetables, fruits, cereal bread with whole grains. Fiber slows down the absorption of glucose and fat, helping to improve the composition of the blood.

Less fat. Remove oily skin from poultry, discard sausages, sausages, pork, bacon, there is always fat above normal. Go to the turkey, chicken, fish, veal, lamb, rabbit. Meals need to boil, bake, cook for a couple, and always without fat.

The main fat should be vegetable oil, but remember, you can use it moderately. Discard butter, mayonnaise, margarine. Forget about fatty cheese, sauces, very moderately use seeds, nuts due to the high fat content.

Physical exercise

Do not neglect moderate sports such as walking, light gymnastics, exercise in the pool.You should not engage in equestrian sport, barbell, throwing the nucleus and parachuting. It is bad for your fetus.

If you inject insulin, you need to know that from physical exertion the level of glucose in the body drops. And you may experience hypoglycemia. Therefore, always wear something sweet to the workout. Candy, sweet juice or sugar.

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