Diet "Minus 10 kg in 10 days": menu, reviews

Many people in the modern world have ever thought about their weight, but mostly about its excess. The fact is that our life goes at an accelerated rhythm and makes many eat on the go or even skip meals. And as a result, improper and poor nutrition becomes the cause of the appearance of extra pounds and other problems associated with them. Especially to ensure that each person is able to normalize their weight, nutritionists of all countries annually develop a variety of diets that can help to go extra pounds.

10 kg in 10 days

In the article below, we will try to disassemble several similar diets, which, with the right approach, will relieve weight loss from 10 kg in 10 days.

Lose weight correctly and without harm to the body

To begin with, before you go on a diet, each person must clearly understand that the body on fasting days will have a hard time. Urgent diets with a minimum number of calories consumed are very heavy, a really strong person is able to withstand them.

If you have clearly decided that you have enough good willpower and are able to control yourself and not allow yourself any weakness in food, then the first thing to do is to visit a doctor. The fact is that any diet is a stress for the internal organs, and before adhering to its menu, the advice of a specialist is necessary.

If the doctor gives good, then you can already think about the choice of a diet that you will like.

10 kg diet for 10 days

Rations that help lose weight in 10 days per 10 kg, a huge amount, here are a few of them:

  • proteinaceous;
  • kefir;
  • buckwheat
  • cabbage

The meaning of these diets is to exclude certain foods from the ten-day diet. Sweets, cereals, flour products, smoked meats, pasta to eat is strictly prohibited. And as a drinking recharge you should use clean water or teas on a decoction of herbs.

Diet "10x10" or protein

This diet (10 kg for 10 days) is one of the more famous and less stringent. Its load on the body is distributed evenly and does not cause severe damage. Her diet is rich in proteins and helps to lose weight due to fat deposits, but when choosing a protein diet you should be aware that it is contraindicated for those who are very overweight.

Diet rules:

  • It is strictly forbidden to eat sweet, flour, sausages, as well as prohibiting alcohol, fatty dairy products, sugar, fruits, starchy vegetables.
  • The result of minus 10 kg in 10 days can be achieved only if you eat strictly five times a day.

Sample menu number 1

1st day:

  • For breakfast, served chicken egg, boiled soft-boiled rice, cucumber salad, tomato and Chinese cabbage, coffee or tea (better than green variety).
  • During the snack - cheese (hard variety), lettuce leaves.
  • Lunch - grilled chicken breast, light salad, unsweetened tea.
  • Safe, - berries, kefir (200 g).
  • Dinner - vegetables baked with cheese coat, salmon fillet, 200 g of kefir.

Second day:

  • Breakfast - omelet with tomatoes and herbs, yogurt (natural), tea.
  • Snack - kefir, any berries.
  • Lunch - fish fillet, vegetable stew.
  • Snack - tomato stuffed with cheese or cucumber.
  • Dinner - beef steak, vegetable salad, a cup of tea, 200 ml of kefir are allowed at night.

3rd day:

  • First breakfast - omelet with celery and cheese, tea (coffee).
  • Lunch - yogurt.
  • Lunch break - fish fillet, light vegetable soup.
  • Safe, - kefir, berries.
  • Dinner - pork fillet (grilled), steamed cabbage, tea.

The next day:

  • Breakfast - berries under a yoghurt dressing, egg (soft-boiled egg), tea.
  • Snack - cottage cheese, celery leaves.
  • Lunch break - fish fillet, salad.
  • Snack - berries, kefir.
  • Dinner - breast, zucchini fritters, tea (kefir).

Mid-diets menu:

  • For breakfast - cottage cheese with a handful of berries, coffee.
  • During the snack - Caesar salad
  • For lunch - vegetable salad, fish fillet.
  • At lunch - rolls.
  • For dinner - beef steak, asparagus with cheese, tea.

Day number six:

  • Cottage cheese with berries, coffee.
  • Chicken Breast, Salsa Salad.
  • Salmon, noodle soup with mushrooms.
  • Cheese, celery.
  • Breast, asparagus, tea.

7th day:

  • Omelet with tomatoes, yogurt, tea.
  • "Caesar".
  • Fish, baked vegetables.
  • Cheese.
  • Breast, Guacamole salad, tea.

Further, the diet is repeated from the first day. If, before going to sleep, a person who is losing weight feels a feeling of hunger, he is allowed to drink skimmed yogurt or milk (no more than a glass).

lose weight in 10 days by 10 kg

The menu, saving 10 kg for 10 days № 2

  • The first day: boiled eggs (five pieces).
  • Second day: one boiled fish.
  • Third day: boiled chicken breast.
  • Fourth day: five boiled potatoes.
  • Fifth day: half a kilo of boiled beef.
  • The sixth day: fruit (banned bananas).
  • Seventh day: vegetable salad with sunflower oil.
  • Eighth day: 500 grams of cottage cheese.
  • Ninth day: liter of kefir (low fat content).
  • The tenth day: broth hips.

The “10x10” diet stimulates the burning of fatty deposits, not muscles, reduces the risk of diabetes and reliance on sweets, protects against diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Kefir diet: 10 days - 10 kg

Kefir is the main nutrient in this diet. On the day it should drink no less than half a liter. This product is not only able to give a figure slimness, but also brings health benefits. It normalizes the entire digestive system, removes slags, is a source of nutrients, well satisfies hunger and enriches the microflora with “beneficial” bacteria. According to the rules of the diet, each meal should be carried out after three hours.

kefir diet 10 days 10 kg


  • During the first three days of the diet, we eat only kefir.
  • The next three days we eat one and a half kilograms of apples (preferably green).
  • Then for three days again kefir.
  • The final day of the diet is the hardest. It is allowed to drink only water.

The diet is very strict, so before applying it you should consider whether you have enough willpower to lose weight with it.

Buckwheat diet

In this food system, the main product is buckwheat. Groats for the night should be poured boiling water (1: 2) and consumed the next day. Buckwheat is a very useful product, has many vitamins, and its use is usually beneficial to the body. The rule of the diet: drink plenty of fluids (preferably clean water).

minus 10 kg in 10 days


  • Throughout all days we eat one buckwheat.
  • Just before breakfast, drink a glass of water, eat a teaspoon of honey and two slices of lemon.

This diet is monotonous and heavy, but with its help you can get rid of 10 kg in 10 days and not cause much harm to the body.

Cabbage Diet

Cabbage is a product with a minimum calorie content that helps you lose weight very quickly. Diet on cabbage allows, in addition to the main ingredient, to eat chicken, fish and meat, and the number of plants consumed is not limited. Therefore, this diet is usually easily tolerated and does not make one go hungry. In addition, the coarse fiber of the vegetable remarkably regulates the work of the gastrointestinal tract and helps cleanse the body of toxins and slags.

Cabbage diet 10 days minus 10 kg (menu):

  • At breakfast: coffee or green tea (without milk and sugar).
  • During lunch: boiled chicken (fish or beef) no more than 200 grams and cabbage salad with carrots and vegetable oil.
  • During dinner: ½ chicken egg, not a large apple, salad from fresh cabbage.

Adhering to the above diet, you can easily get rid of 10 kg in 10 days. To diversify the menu, two hours before bedtime, it is allowed to drink a glass of kefir (no more than 1% fat). Cabbage salad on any day can be exchanged for cabbage soup with vegetables.

diet 10 days minus 10 kg reviews

The main plus of the diet on cabbage is the most effective weight loss, long-term result, cleansing the body of toxins.

Cons of the diet - reduced performance, the possible appearance of headaches, hunger. The diet is not balanced, and requires additional intake of vitamins.

Reviews of diets "10 days minus 10 kg"

For many people, the 10-day diets listed above have helped to improve their physical fitness and become slim. Losing weight mainly secrete buckwheat, protein and kefir diets. With their help, judging by the reviews, it is possible to achieve good results in a relatively short time and for a long time.Hunger on these diets is dulled over time, and their use is simple and low-cost.

Also, many note that we must not forget to get out of the diet correctly, so that the weight lost does not come back again. That is, after the end of meals on the menu, you should gradually return to the previous diet, and it is better to refuse altogether or to minimize the consumption of harmful products. For easier portability of a diet, people who are losing weight are advised to take water procedures, more often to go out in the open air, play sports, and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Important:during the diet it is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages.

Little about the shortcomings

Among the disadvantages of the above diets, losing weight is allocated primarily stress for the body and the feeling of hunger, especially in the first few days. Someone notes that at this time begins dizziness, fatigue, problems with the digestive tract.

At the slightest signs of indisposition, experts strongly recommend to stop any diet for 10 days. Minus 10 kg is, of course, a very tempting result, but you should not put your own health at risk because of this.

diet for 10 days minus 10 kg

And before you go on a diet, you need to be sure that you can reach the end.After all, if you do not follow all the rules, you can not only worsen your health, but also return all the lost weight, and maybe even extra kilos.

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