Dodge Charger, 1970 release - the legendary American car

In January 1966, the American public was presented the legendary car flagship model range of the company Dodge, which is part of the concern "Chrysler Corporation." The machine has replaced the huge mastodons, which were produced in the United States in the late fifties. The new “Dodge” was modest in size and more economical.

dodge charger 1970

Custom solutions

The car had an unusual design, there were no headlights as such, the head optics were hidden behind the grille. The front end looked unusual, but the new design decision was justified by the desire to update the exterior of the car in a most radical way.


Radical changes were observed in the cabin. The usual console, located in the center, was extended to the luggage compartment and, thus, the interior of the car was divided into two halves. The cabin communicated with the trunk, with the rear seats folded down and the end of the console there was a wide flat area,on which it was possible to accommodate a large amount of luggage.

dodge charger r t 1970

Dodge Charger 1970 Feature

The car was successfully produced for six years and was popular among various segments of the population. However, at the end of 1969, there was a certain decline in sales, which was the reason for revising the structure with a view to improving it.

The 1970 Dodge Charger received a massive chrome-plated bumper, a solid grille covering the powerful rectangular headlights. There are new taillights. Changes also occurred in the cabin, the seat backs became taller and took on a comfortable anatomical shape.

In addition to changes in the exterior and interior, the 1970 Dodge Charger purchased a new six-cylinder inline engine Six Pack 440 with a capacity of 390 liters. from. with three carburetors. The machine, in addition to the serial release, was included in the number of participants in NASCAR racing on the track. And I must say that the 1970 Dodge Charger showed itself as a phenomenal racing car, winning ten prizes in various races.

Sport-racing modification received the index "500", with which the car began to be produced in large quantities. Sales have gone up sharply, since, in addition to ordinary buyers, athletes and racers are interested,who began to actively buy up the Dodge Charger. 1970 was a turning point for the legendary model, its sales increased significantly.

dodge charger 1970 Price

Further modernization

The company Dodge decided not to stop there, and soon "Charger" in the framework of the development of the image received a new optional R / T package, which means Road / Track (middle between the track and the racetrack). The 1970 Dodge Charger R T was equipped with a heavy-duty 440 Magnum motor that practically lifted the car to the rear wheels. The interest of buyers in the new modification has grown significantly.

In addition to power, the 1970 Dodge Charger R T was distinguished by an unprecedentedly luxurious set, the standard set included a very expensive trim from genuine leather and unique varieties of wood, a sliding hatch installed on the roof, a rare device for 1970. The instrument panel struck the imagination with its grace and soft unobtrusive backlighting. The interior was very "quiet", thanks to the good sound insulation from the outside, there was not a sound. The comfort level of the car did not leave much to be desired.

Dodge charger daytona

In 1970, the concern Chrysler conducted a series of aerodynamic tests in order to improve the flow of bodywork. Good results were obtained, which gave impetus to the creation of a modification of the popular Dodge Charger Daytona.When a new car was presented, a thousand orders were immediately received, each being advanced in the amount of four thousand dollars. It was a real success for Dodge.

On the Dodge Daytona, a well-developed nose cone and a high rear spoiler wing were installed, which provided the car with stability on the course and downforce. When tested at the Chrysler test site in Michigan, the car showed a speed of about 320 kilometers per hour.

dodge charger 1970 feature

Dodge Daytona was produced in the following versions:

  • standard serial, with an engine of 440 Magnum, with a capacity of 375 liters. from. and Torqueflite A727 automatic transmission;
  • with the Hemi 426 engine, 425 l. from. and five-speed automatic transmission;
  • with the power unit Hemi 426 H, capacity of 620 liters. from. and six-speed automatic;
  • convertible, with engine Magnum 440, with a hinged roof made of soft tarpaulin and automatic electric drive.

Limited edition

Model Dodge Charger Daytona R / T was released in the amount of 503 copies, which instantly bought up and did not even reach the auto shop. Such a stir in the automotive market is extremely rare, and usually such an increased demand for any car speaks of its originality.

Cost of

“Dodge Charger” is a recognized rarity and is in the category of vintage American cars. The cost of the car can reach half a million dollars, if the technical condition is flawless and all the parts are original. Copies that have been overhauled, replaced units, as well as tuned ones, are much lower in value. Dodge Charger 1970, the price of which is formed from several factors, can be purchased from the hands for the amount in the range of 105-210 thousand dollars.

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