Doll box

We will need:
1. Empty plastic bottle 1.5-2 l.
2. Doll (Barbie, Cindy upper torso).
3. 5 m tape width 4 cm.
4. 5 m lace.
5. The lining fabric is 2 rectangles 15cm high, the length should be slightly larger than the diameter of the bottle.
6. Wadded disc 2pcs.
7. Pistol and glue.
Cut the empty bottle into 10 cm bottom and 10 cm top. From the top half you need to trim the neck.
we cut a plastic bottle

We take a cotton pad, cut out a circle of the same diameter from the lining fabric. You need to draw them together (you need to put a few lines, so that squares are obtained), so it will become a little denser. The second cotton pad can be slightly trimmed by making it smaller in diameter and repeat the procedure.
sew line

Next we take the cooked rectangle (lining fabric) and from the side that is longer, we give a free line so that it can be pulled together. We shrink a line and make a tube of fabric in diameter with a cotton pad, sew. To make the bottom, we sew a 0,5mm roped circle around the line (where we tied the fabric).
The same procedure should be carried out with another cotton pad, which is smaller in diameter, this cylinder will be for the upper part of the box.
At the bottom of the bottle we place our lining - the cylinder, gently straighten it and lay it on the outside. With the help of hot glue, beautifully laid (small folds) you need to glue the lining to the bottle (outside). You also need to cut a piece of tape from 5 cm and glue it to the edge of the lining (as in the photo), it will be accessories.
So do with the second half of the bottle.
put our lining

Now we will start making the dress. Tape and lace, stitch together with a free line on the edge and a little bit together (you need to make smooth folds). We take hot glue and start with a pistol on the top glue in a circle dress. We make a circle, cut it off, very carefully glue the joint. A little back down, we do the next row. And so on until the end of the bottom half of the bottle.
do with the second half of the bottle

let's start making the dress

Getting to the top, you need to make our doll clothes. Here, using the ribbon, we make the bodice for every taste (in our case, fastening the ribbon over the cross). With the remnants of lace and ribbons you can make a hat. Having stretched the lace to the limit, it is beautiful to spread out the lace, and to lay the ribbon on top (stick the hat to the head).
let's start making the dress

let's start making the dress

Next to the top of the bottle you need to insert a doll and fix it well there.Then we take the lace with a ribbon and repeat the procedure for creating a dress. Begin to glue from top to bottom. After the upper part of the box dries out, you need to connect the box by gluing to the top of that piece of tape, which we initially fixed on the bottom half.
Casket doll

Casket doll

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