Dream Interpretation: why dream pus?

Dreams are a manifestation of our subconscious, its dialogue with the consciousness, analysis of what is happening in a day. But it also includes warnings, advice from higher powers and a hint how to avoid unpleasant situations in life. Some plots of dreams so consciously fall in the morning that until you analyze what you see and you do not come to a clear conclusion, it simply does not go out to forget them.

For many people, such a vivid impression can be pus seen in a dream. But, despite the negative of this phenomenon, the interpretation of sleep may be different. It all depends on external circumstances, for example, whether a person experienced pain during sleep, exactly where he saw him, what he was doing.

Positive interpretation

In the old days, people believed that the interpretation of what pus dreams about is rather positive. Such a dream foreshadows the dreamer wealth and prosperity. If a person gets dirty in a dream, then soon he will receive money on his hands, allowing him to improve his financial situation. But a bursting abscess promises not only profits, but also the resolution of a problem that hasn’t allowed a sleeper to live in peace for a long time.what dreams of pusMany modern dream books agree in opinion and promise wealth and prosperity to the dreamers.But there is an important point, such a dream is treated positively only if the pus was not mixed with blood. And what is the dream of pus on the body of another person? This means that the sleeper will help him in reality solve some problem important to him.

Negative meaning

But psychologists decipher such a dream is quite negative. From the point of view of psychology, he speaks of mental trauma. And this is not just a negative moment experienced, but a situation imprinted in the subconscious, and the dreamer can’t leave these events in the past. In their opinion, some kind of shock, pain or resentment does not give the dreamer a rest, pursuing him and provoking him to commit acts, starting from past experience. Therefore, it is believed that such a dream is a hint of the subconscious, a warning that there is an emotion in a person that should be eliminated for a long time. And this will help ease the life of the sleeper. That's what dreams pus, psychologists say.what dreams pus squeeze

But if a person reveals an abscess in a dream, it means that he will get rid of mental torments or other problems that have been eating him for a long time. If a person sees in a dream how a doctor opens an abscess to him, it means that someone will help to cope with old problems and eliminate anxiety in the soul.

Many are interested in why dreaming to squeeze pus and not to feel pain.The interpretation of such a dream suggests that it is time to take a closer look at your own business, something may be going wrong, but the sleeper simply does not notice it. And such a dream warns that even if you ignore the problem or simply do not see it because of carelessness, it will still come out and bring trouble, just as ulcers are opened.

Pus with blood

The subconscious speaks of discord with relatives or friends - this is what dreams of pus with blood. Also, some dream books interpret such a dream as a warning about the cunning of your loved ones or intrigues lagging behind your back. If, in a dream, a person observes a festering wound, which bleeds and emits unpleasant odors, then this warning - perhaps the sleeper will soon become seriously ill, and the disease will pass for a long time and painfully for him. The same wound on the body of another person means for the sleeper that very soon someone of his friends will get into trouble and will need his help.what dreams of pus on his face

The important point in the dream is whether you have stained your clothes with pus and blood. If this happens, then your problems may relate to people close to you, be careful.This is a very dangerous state of affairs, so you should not wait until the problems become so serious, communicate with your relatives, tell them about your anxieties and do not refuse their help. This is what dreams of pus on clothes.

Pus in the ears

If a person dreams that pus has formed in his ears, then many dream books interpret this vision as a warning about lies. If a person dreams of a big, very painful abscess, then the lie in his life will be big and harmful. This is a warning that you should be more attentive to your surroundings, stop blindly believing your friends. You should not lose vigilance, check the people around, do not allow a situation in which you can suffer because of a lie.

Pus in mouth

If you have an unpleasant dream, it is better to check its value by opening the dream book. What dreams of pus in the mouth? This question worries many dreamers who have seen this unpleasant phenomenon. The treatment of such a dream is a warning to the sleeper that he should be more silent. In the near future, when dealing with people, it is better to be careful not to insult anyone and think about every word. A very high probability of a quarrel over the negative words spoken by the dreamer.To avoid the negative consequences of your rash words, it is better to heed the advice of the dream book and be more careful.

Pus in the eyes

And why dream of pus on the face, especially in the eyes? Dream interpretation interprets this as the presence of an outdated conflict. If a person has seen such an unpleasant phenomenon in a dream, then in reality he will have to remember the old grievances, which he chose to forget.what dreams pus squeeze on his faceAnd the sooner the conflict is resolved, the better, because such a dream suggests that the problem does not move forward, slows down a person and takes his energy and strength.

Pus on hand

The appearance of pus on the arm is a positive sign for the dreamer. Dream interpreters interpret this vision as a quick awakening of hidden talent or special abilities that will change the life of the sleeper, expanding his perspectives, opportunities and making life more interesting.

If he sees ulcers and pimples on his hands, it means that soon some serious disappointment awaits him, and perhaps a time of sadness comes over the past, unfulfilled dreams and plans, lack of results from long work. But the same unpleasant phenomena on the foot promise a sleeping long road.Something new, unexplored, but very interesting and exciting will soon burst into the life of the dreamer. According to some dream books, such a dream promises real adventures.

Wound with pus on the chest

If a person has a dream in a dream that he is squeezing pus out of a wound on his chest, it means that he will get even with all his debts very soon. And the more pus comes out, the more obligations will remain in the past. It is worth noting that in this case we are talking not only about monetary debts, but also about unfulfilled promises, perhaps some moral obligations were placed on the dreamer.what dreams of pus from a fingerBut if this dream is a dream of a woman who is currently breastfeeding a small child, then you should not look for an interpretation, psychologists are convinced that such images in the subconscious are born because of discomfort on the physical plane.

What dreams of pus from a finger

Depending on various factors, this image can be interpreted in two ways. Some dream books say that pus from a finger promises enrichment to the sleeping person financially. Others promise trouble and disease. If a person was in pain in a dream, it means that he definitely needs to take his health more seriously and not dismiss the situation if there are any disturbing symptoms.

Pus from a tooth

In general, any dreams where there are problems with the teeth is not a good sign. It all depends on the circumstances and what is happening. If a person dreams of the current pus from the teeth, then his health is not all right. Many dream books say that the sleeper is already sick, but does not worry about it and does not want to take any therapeutic measures, thinking that the body will cope with the problem itself. In fact, the case may be much more serious. It is better to consult a specialist to determine what is happening.

Purulent acne

Dreamed pus acne on the back is a signal from the subconscious that a person is wasting his time and energy, doing things that are not really needed. If a pimple on the nose, then this is a positive sign, very soon the dreamer is waiting for a love affair.dream squeeze pimple pus faceAcne on the stomach warns that the sleeper is trying to rush things, but you shouldn’t do that, let things go on as usual, otherwise everything may deteriorate and turn out completely different from what is expected. But purulent pimple on the neck suggests that someone evaluates sleeping, and very well.

What dreams squeeze pus on the face and other parts of the body

The general meaning of a dream, where a person removes pus is a sign that very soon old problems will be resolved, and answers to questions that have long troubled the sleeper will be found. But if suddenly in a dream a person was helped with the removal of an abscess, then this is a warning from the subconscious that you do not have enough strength to solve the issues that arise yourself.

Unsuccessful attempts to get rid of the abscess in a dream is a harbinger of the fact that the difficult work that the sleeper does will not bring any results. If, however, it turned out to open the abscess, but it took a lot of effort, then in real life you will succeed, the main thing is to wait and apply maximum strength. Your actions will be rewarded with the desired result.what dreams of pus with blood

A dream in which you help another person to cope with an ulcer promises difficult choices in real life. If you dream of squeezing a pimple with pus on the face of another, the dreamer will soon have to choose between a sense of duty and compassion. In addition, dream books are predicting that very soon you will in reality meet a person who has been helped to solve such an unpleasant problem.

But wiping pus in a dream promises a good outcome after an illness, a person will be able to recover quickly and without consequences if he is engaged in treatment.

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