Dwarf dog breeds: names, photos, prices

The main reasons why dog ​​lovers cannot get a pet’s home are the lack of living space, lack of time to walk, inability to look after the dog due to frequent departures from the house, for example, on a business trip. In such cases, experts suggest paying attention to the dwarf dog breeds.

Miniature Dogs

dwarf dog breeds

You can often see a lady with a crumb-dog in her arms in a cute suit. Such cuties belong to a separate group of decorative breeds, whose representatives are not intended to perform any work - the performance of guard service or hunting. They are used as pets, companions. These are Chihuahuas, Chinese Crested, Belgian Griffon, Maltese and others. However, this group does not exhaust the list of breeds that can be classified as miniature, and not every breed can be entirely attributed to miniature or large dogs.For example, spitz-dogs, terriers or dachshunds can be both small and medium, and even large. Therefore, of all the existing classifications, the following distribution is optimal for determining the decorativeness of a dog:

  • Toy breeds are "toy" dogs (from English toy - toy). Their height at withers does not exceed 30 cm, they weigh no more than 3-3.5 kg.
  • dwarf breeds - the animal does not grow above 35 cm, weighs no more than 5 kg.
  • Small - grow up to 10 cm at the withers, weigh 8-10 kg.

General overview of representatives of decorative rocks

Dwarf dog breeds are small in stature and weight. All of them are very affectionate and trusting towards close people, but they are suspicious of strangers. They bark at strangers, growling, expressing their dissatisfaction, can pounce and even bite.

breed of decorative dwarf dogs

Kids are smart, perfectly trainable. Almost all small, dwarf dog breeds have hunting roots, so they need constant motor activity.

Small dogs live on average 5 years longer than average and large ones. Record set Yorkshire Billy from the UK. This canine long-liver went into another world at the age of 22 years, which is 154 years by human standards.

Basic content rules

small dwarf dog breeds

All dwarf dog breeds are characterized by poor health. Their nervous system and digestive tract are especially vulnerable. Babies can not be beaten or scolded loudly, otherwise they may have a heart attack. Their nutrition must be balanced and correct. It is very undesirable to feed miniature dogs with sausage, raw meat, cakes or pasta. It can not just harm their health, but even destroy.

Breeds of dwarf smooth-haired dogs do not need combing or grooming. Wool fluffy dogs - lapdogs, Yorkshire, poodles, Spitz - should be carefully looked after to avoid tangles and parasites. For hygiene, only special dog products should be used.

Often owners put on various overalls and blouses dwarf dog breeds. The price of such things is quite high, but you should not save on this. Clothing is necessary for small dogs, especially in cold weather, as they are very cold and easily catch cold.

Babies don't have to walk. They are well trained to go to the toilet in a pot or diaper.This makes life easier for the owners, especially when the nasty autumn dampness is outside the window.

Name of dwarf dog breeds

dwarf dog breeds Price

Among all the little dogs especially loved:

  • Italian greyhound
  • toy poodle
  • Toy Terrier,
  • lapdogs
  • shih tzu
  • Chinese Crested,
  • miniature pinscher,
  • King Charles Spaniel.

The most dwarf dog breeds are Chihuahua, Tibetz Spaniel, Rabbit Dachshund, Havana Bichon, Pekingese, Brussels Griffon, Papillon, Yorkshire Terrier, Pomeranian Spitz. Their height at withers does not exceed 25 cm on average.

Toy Terriers

dog breed dwarf terrier

The breed of dogs the dwarf terrier, or Yorkshire terrier has become very fashionable today. The dogs were bred in England at the end of the 19th century. Their ancestors were huge Russian black terriers, so on the gene level of York, despite the pretty face, they have a stoic character, moderate aggression and high self-esteem. They are brave and tireless, curious, playful and very friendly in their circle. However, strangers do not like.

In Russia, the first yorkies appeared only in the early 90s of the twentieth century. Today, the dog is found very often and is considered to be a female favorite.

Outwardly, he looks very cute.The baby weighing 3-3.5 kg has a pretty face, a silky soft fur coat made of long wool, falling evenly on the sides, shiny naughty eyes. Its peculiarity is that it does not shed, so allergy sufferers can safely start up the home of this little four-legged friend. The long hair of Yorkies is very fond of dog hairdressers - they weave pigtails, knit tails, knit bows.

The main thing that is needed when caring for this dog is to provide proper nutrition, to protect from cold and drafts, to wipe eyes every day, to provide an opportunity to run and play.

Miniature Pinscher

dog breed miniature pinscher Price

Among the fans of miniature four-legged friends, the dog breed miniature pinscher is popular. The price for them ranges from 500-700 US dollars. These cuties up to 30 cm and weighing 4.5-5 kg ​​are exact replicas of the German Pinscher. Fearless, they are ready to defend the owner, even if the enemy is several times larger than them in size and strength.

This breed belongs to the rat catcher. Dwarf Pinscher perfectly hunt small rodents, they can catch even a mole.

They are graceful, healthy-looking, naughty and cheerful, very active. They have a pronounced guardian instinct - they bark at strangers for a long time and hard. Training do not like, can be obstinate. They are pleased to be the center of attention.

As with the Yorkies, dwarf pincers should be protected from the cold. Besides the cold, they are not afraid of anything else. Although the breed is smooth-haired, but still it is necessary to brush it from time to time with a thick brush.

Pomeranian spitz

dog breed spitz dwarf Price

Affection and delight of all those around are caused by the Spitz dwarf dog breed. The price for them is high - up to 1.5 thousand US dollars. This is due not only to the uniqueness of the breed, but also to infertility - bitches lead no more than 2-3 puppies at a time.

Dogs are really smart, are among the twenty most intelligent breeds. But their training will require patience from the owners, since the spitz-dogs are stubborn and wayward, preferring to dominate rather than execute commands. Lively, active, they get along well with children, but are jealous of the owners of other pets. With curiosity delve into all household chores. Spitz dogs are strongly attached to all family members and are very depressed when parting.

Possessing keen hearing, they, like bells, inform the owners of the approach of strangers. Familiarities do not like and will not give a stroke to a stranger.

The breed of dogs Dwarf Spitz requires careful care. Especially time-consuming is to care for their thick coat.In addition, they are periodically clipped claws, clean ears, provide daily physical exertion. Pomeranian (dwarf) Spitz can not be called a sofa dog. Scarce all the time wants to run and play, trainers claim that, despite the miniature, the dog craves feats.

Rabbit dachshund

Dachshund dog breed dwarf

Very interesting breed of dogs - dachshund dwarf, or rabbit. Having a height of 16-18 cm at the withers, she is a hunting dog. Originally developed for hunting hares, rabbits and other small animals. Such a mission determined the constitution and character of the four-way friend. Dwarf dachshund has strong bones, strong muscles, good hearing, eyesight and flair, quick response. Dogs are brave, energetic and independent, therefore a professional should be involved in training.

They are smooth or long-haired and have virtually no restrictions on color. Caring for them is simple, as these animals have good health, a stable nervous system and perfectly adapt to new conditions. Ideal for content in a city apartment and for busy owners.

Toy poodle

dog breed dwarf poodle

Dogs of dwarf poodle breed look like a wonderful toy. They grow no higher than 25-25 cm, weigh up to 3-3.5 kg. Very mobile and cheerful, active and playful. Clever, they amaze with their abilities in training even experienced cynologists. Sometimes they are called illegible for being too friendly to strangers.

The miniature poodle is affectionate and jealous. If he tolerates other family members, then the owner’s attention to other animals annoys him greatly. The toy poodle will get underfoot, bark, even shkodnichat, in general, do everything to attract the attention of the owner.

It requires good care - regular haircuts at least 1 time in 2 months, weekly bathing, cleaning ears and teeth. You should periodically visit the vet with the dog.

Less does not happen

Chihuahua is the smallest breed of decorative dwarf dogs. Often it does not grow above 15 cm and weigh only 2.5-3 kg. The smallest was Chihuahua Milly, 10 cm tall and weighing 600 grams. If the height of the dog at the withers exceeds 20 cm, it is considered a marriage of the breed.

breed dwarf smooth-haired dogs

This is a "portable" dog. They can be carried in a handbag or coat pocket.

With such a pet should be treated more carefully than with expensive Chinese porcelain.Dog food must be special and of high quality, it can take it only in very small portions. Houses need to be very careful not to step on it. Out on the street exclusively on a leash. The places of walking should be far from crowded places, the roadway. The dog is nervous, so you should protect it from any stress. From children, especially younger children, it is better to protect the crumb.

Representatives of this decorative breed do not tolerate sharp odors, such as perfumes, air fresheners, tobacco, alcohol, paint.

Despite this fragility, most chihuahuas are aggressive, able to easily bite the hand of someone who does not like it.

The most "expensive" companion

name of dwarf dog breeds

For a luxury Shih Tzu puppy you will have to pay from 5 to 7 thousand US dollars. Dogs of this decorative breed are among the most expensive.

Shih Tzu is an ancient breed originally from China. They are self-confident animals, they have a high intellect, but they are difficult to train due to their arrogant and proud temper. Calm, balanced and friendly, they know their value. For a shih tzu ball will run only at puppy age, an adult dog will order the owner to bring the ball himself ...

However, in moments of good mood, they can violently express loyalty and love to their master. With the rest of the family members, shih-tzu are more restrained.

The dog requires a lot of attention, especially care should be taken to care for its beautiful silky hair.

How to choose a small dog

When choosing a pet should be aware that the dwarf breeds of dogs are intended only for home maintenance. Such dogs can not be kept in a booth in the yard, where they quickly die.

most dwarf dog breeds

What points to consider? First of all, its employment. How much time will need to be given to the dog to ensure a comfortable and safe existence, and will the future owner have such an opportunity? If employment is high, it is better to pay attention to a smooth-haired healthy dwarf dachshund or other similar decorative dogs. Caring for them is less time consuming, you can pay more attention to direct communication with the pet. If you have enough free time, then you can choose a fluffy companion.

It should be remembered that decorative rocks are expensive. Their content requires considerable financial investments.Will the landlord be able to afford to buy the good food, clothes for the crumbs, led to the dog hairdresser and the vet

In the house where there are small children, you can start a miniature dog only with strong nerves.

Where to find a puppy? Of course, you can search for an ad in the newspaper like: "Sold dogs, Orenburg, a breed miniature pinscher." But it is best to contact a professional breeder or nursery, because dwarf breeds are specific and require competent breeding and care.

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