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Encephalopathythis is a pathological brain damage caused by the death of nerve cells, which is caused by impaired blood supply, oxygen deficiency of brain tissue.

Encephalopathy is not considered a separate disease, it is a concept that refers to different conditions and diseases. It can be in adults and children.

Encephalopathy happenscongenital and acquired.

Congenital encephalopathy occurs as a result of:

-birth injuries;

-fetal hypoxia;

-abnormal development of the brain of the child;

-genetic defects of the fetus.

Acquired encephalopathy occurs on the background of:

-brain injury;

-atherosclerosis, hypertension;

-chronic intoxication with alcohol, medicines, poisons;

-severe liver and kidney disease;

-ischemia - chronic oxygen starvation of the brain;


-increased intracranial pressure, vascular dystonia - a violation of the cardiovascular system.

Symptoms of encephalopathy

Congenital encephalopathy:

-restless behavior of the newborn;

-drooping of the head;

-frequent regurgitation;

-eyes bulging;

-inadequate reactions to light and sound.

Acquired encephalopathy:

-mental decline;

-decreased memory;

-difficulties in performing tasks in which you need to act quickly;

-difficulties in accomplishing the tasks that the person had previously coped with easily;

-difficulties in performing multi-level tasks;

-sleep problems: insomnia, nightmares, daytime sleepiness;

-severe general fatigue;

-severe exhaustion with stress.

First aid

If the symptoms of the disease described above appear, it is necessary to consult a neuropathologist as soon as possible.


Congenital encephalopathy

1. If a newborn is diagnosed with encephalopathy, he is prescribed medications that improve blood circulation in the brain.

2.Also in the future, the child can be given rehabilitation therapy: massage, acupuncture, and so on.

3.In particularly difficult cases, use artificial respiration, intravenous nutrition, hemodialysis - extrarenal blood purification.

4.Diuretic and anticonvulsant drugs may be prescribed to lower intracranial pressure and prevent seizures.

In 30% of children, after treatment, full recovery occurs, in other cases there remain various kinds of consequences, from mild neurological disorders, to complex states - paralysis, epilepsy.

Acquired encephalopathy

1.In the acute course of the disease, it is necessary to use various life support systems: hemodialysis - extrarenal blood purification, artificial lung ventilation, intravenous nutrition.

2.A complex drug treatment is prescribed - drugs that improve the metabolism in the brain, various kinds of vitamins, it all depends on the specific case.

3.Also recommend acupuncture, walking, breathing exercises, meditations.

Possible complications and prevention

Possible complications of encephalopathy

-mental disorders;


-loss of memory, confusion;

-edema of the brain;



Congenital encephalopathy

For the prevention of congenital encephalopathy during childbirth, a woman should fully rest, eat, go outdoors, regularly visit a gynecologist, take all the necessary tests and be examined.

Significantly reduces the risk of encephalopathy - correct management of labor.

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