Examples of writing (EGE on the Russian language). How to write an essay on the Russian language

School is a great time, and graduation is an even more joyful moment for many students. Only one thing is distressing - passing exams, whether it is 9th or 11th grade. But if you pass the GIA in grade 9 is not so difficult, then the exam in 11 is much more difficult. Each student chooses additional items necessary for further admission. But do not forget about the mandatory exams - the Russian language and mathematics.

Special attention should be paid specifically to the Russian language, since it is not so easy to pass this subject. It is necessary not only to have a good knowledge of the subject, but also not to forget about the intricacies of the tasks. Let's figure out how to write an essay on the Russian language. Exam necessarily includes this task.

examples of ege in russian


It is known that the Russian language exam consists of 25 tasks, of which 24 are test ones, and the 25th is an essay.

The themes of the essays on the Russian language (the Unified State Exam involves writing it in the text proposed in the test) are not known as a whole, but studies of past assignments have shown that there are several main areas for the 25th assignment.

The theme of morality, love and culture

In this direction can be offered excerpts of stories, stories, novels, affecting the relationship between people. In this case, the student must understand the concepts of "good" and "evil", to understand what the moral qualities and morality of a person are.

And, of course, the theme of love. This concept is not ceased to argue, argue and philosophize for centuries, because the exact advice on writing an essay on this subject can not be given. But we should not be afraid of this direction. You need to remember that kindness, friendship, mutual aid, respect are all components of love. Guided by these concepts, the examiner will definitely cope with the task.

template works ege on Russian

Culture and art - the next direction. Examples of essays (EGE on the Russian language) show that this subject covers the most diverse areas of human life.The student needs to know what role art plays in the life of the individual and society as a whole.

Misunderstanding of generations, the tragedy of war

War. This direction is often found in the exam in the Russian language. In order to cope with this work, the student must have minimal knowledge of the history of our country. Understand the tragedy that people experienced during World War II and other equally terrible military events.

"Fathers and Sons" - this is the next direction. It includes problems of relationships between the older and younger generation. In order to correctly identify the problem in the text of such orientation, the examinee must understand the difference between the opinions of people of different ages, and the student will be helped by the ability to take the place of adults and evaluate their actions and the height of their experience.

how to write an essay on the Russian language

Composition structure

The next thing you need to learn, considering the examples of essays (EGE on the Russian language) - the structure of the construction of your work. From this depends largely on the successful writing of the job.

Obviously, for a given exam, as for no other subject, the correct structure of the essay is important.The unified state examination on the Russian language implies the ability of logical construction and consistency of work. Therefore, this item should be given a lot of attention. The text can be broken down into the following parts:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Identify the problem.
  3. Disclosure of the problem.
  4. The look of the author.
  5. Your personal opinion.
  6. 2 arguments.
  7. Conclusion.

Thus, the outline of the composition (USE in Russian) looks like. Consider each item in detail.

plan ege on Russian language


It should be remembered that the introduction should not be too large. Enough 2-4 sentences to set the main idea of ​​your work.

How to start an essay in Russian? Exam - a format that allows you to write an introduction in many ways. You can arrange the beginning in the form of a question. For example: “What is war? This is a heavy burden not only for the state, but for the whole nation. ”.

You can also start writing with your personal reasoning on the subject of the text. For example:“Misunderstanding of elders and juniors has always existed. Adults could not understand the child’s deed and offend him, children disobey their parents without understanding their good intentions. And it is very difficult, growing up, to understand both adults and children at the same time. ”

In addition, if you can use the quote of any author, philosopher or playwright, then it will serve as a good start to the entry.

After you have figured out how to start an essay on Russian, the Unified State Exam and the work itself will not seem as difficult as at first glance.


Further, the composition plan (EGE in the Russian language) suggests a description of the problem. This can cause difficulties. In order to identify problems, you must comply with the following algorithm:

  1. Determine the main thought of the text.
  2. Identify the direction and theme of the essay.
  3. Evaluate the interaction of the characters and make a conclusion on the text.

Having passed these three points, you will gather enough information in order to identify the problem. There are no strict limitations in describing the problem, but 4-5 sentences will suffice.For example: "This text addresses the problem that many of the names of the heroes of World War II are forgotten, although we remember their exploits."

This part can be considered the main one, since it is around it that the remaining points of the essay are collected, then the correct definition of the problem plays a big role in the evaluation of the work.

the structure of the composition of the ege on the Russian language

Author's view

If you use the composition template (EGE in Russian), then the next step is the description of the author's opinion. That is, it is his personal attitude to the issues involved. Of course, you should understand that the format of the essay (EGE on the Russian language) is not mandatory. The student can change points in places, but sticking to the structure is necessary.

In this part, problems rarely arise, since the examinee is only required to express briefly the attitude of the author to the problem being described. Often it can be expressed in the text itself, therefore quotations are allowed.

“The author sincerely worries about his hero - all the troubles that occur with him, the author as if experiences himself. This is clearly expressed in this passage: "...." ".

how to start an essay on russian ege

Personal opinion and reasoning

Up to this point, we actively used examples of essays (EGE on the Russian language) that you can apply in your preparation for the exam. However, at the stage of describing personal opinions, they will not help much.

In this part, the structure of the essay (EGE on the Russian language) assumes that the student expresses his personal view of the problem. You may agree with the author or, conversely, have the opposite opinion.But most importantly, you must argue for it correctly.

Paying attention to the essay template (EGE on the Russian language), it is necessary to study the point of argumentation separately. It requires at least two arguments, of which one must be taken from fiction. The second can be cited from the media, history, life or fiction.

What works can be used for argumentation?

  1. Of course, the most "filled" with the events, themes and individual directions of the work is "War and Peace". In this novel, you can find arguments for absolutely any direction of your work. There is also a theme of love, friendship, morality, war, etc. Therefore, if you know this work well and have read it completely, you will definitely not have problems with it.
  2. The next example in which you can find enough arguments is “Eugene Onegin”. This work is a good “collection” for argumentation in the direction of love, enmity and friendship, mistakes and defeats, etc.
  3. And another piece that can be included in this trio is “The Quiet Don”.This novel fully reveals the theme of the tragedies of war, touches upon uneasy relations between generations, vividly expresses the bitterness and joy of friendship and, of course, includes complex relationships between heroes, among whom love is not excluded. Therefore, this work is recommended to read before writing an essay.

Topics of Russian ege


What examples of writing (EGE in Russian) can be given in this case? It all depends on the specific theme of your composition. Suppose, conditionally, that the theme of the work is judgment: "Love and reason cannot interact together."

Expressing your opinion, you can either agree with this point of view or refute it. Example:“Indeed, when a man loves, he rarely can submit to the will of the mind, if the heart does not want that. Proof of this can serve Tatiana in the novel "Eugene Onegin". The girl, hopelessly falling in love with a young Eugene, writes him a letter of recognition, although, seeing the character of a selfish young man, she had to think more than once about the need for her act. Later, this decision turned into a tragedy for the girl. ”

But, surprisingly, in the same work we can find a reverse argument to this judgment.“In my opinion, both love and mind can exist together. A sad example of this is Yevgeny Onegin in the novel of the same name. Already at the end of the work, the young man realizes all his mistakes towards Tatiana, who was deeply in love with Yevgeny. A few years later, Onegin still realizes that he is in love with a girl. He fights with this feeling, but still gives up and confesses to Tatyana in everything. But the girl refuses. Eugene in this case is an example of how the mind and feelings can interact. ”


The result of your writing may be different. Your task is to simply draw a conclusion on the work done. For example:"Culture in the life of a person plays a huge role, and we must protect it, both materially and spiritually."

The main thing is that your thought be final and reflect the essence of your essay. Well, after that it remains only to wait for the results of your work. If you have taken into account all the criteria and have listened to the advice described in the article, then you should fully understand how to write an essay on the Russian language. Exam - this is not scary, rest assured: your work is worthy of a high score.

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