External hemorrhoids: treatment and prevention

External hemorrhoids is a fairly common disease. At least once in a lifetime, it bothers about 90% of people. In itself, it is quite harmless, but without proper treatment it can bring many unpleasant feelings to any person.

external hemorrhoids treatment

Hemorrhoids: what to do first?

This disease is quite piquant. This circumstance is the reason that when a person develops external hemorrhoids, he initially tries to carry out the treatment on his own. More often for this he uses folk remedies, which, if not harmful, have too low efficiency. As a result, the healing process is delayed.

First of all, if a person has suspicions, you should contact a surgeon. He will conduct an inspection and be sure to perform a digital examination of the rectum. The fact is that external and internal hemorrhoids can be associated diseases.So, conducting a digital examination is reasonable even in the case of a visible localization of the pathological process, and it should not be abandoned. In addition, a person will have to pass general tests and feces for hidden blood.

hemorrhoids what to do

When can hemorrhoids be suspected?

Most often, this disease is manifested by pain in the perineum. They have a burning character. The occurrence of these pains is due to the passage of fecal masses in the rectum and the trauma of hemorrhoids. In this case, blood may remain on the surface of the feces. It is not changed and has a scarlet shade.

How is the treatment carried out?

Currently, a proctologist is primarily capable of helping a patient with external hemorrhoids. This specialty is quite rare. That is why, if a person has external hemorrhoids, the surgeon will most likely conduct the treatment. This doctor will initially try to help the patient using conservative methods of treatment. In that case, if it does not help, then you have to resort to the operation.

effective hemorrhoids

Conservative treatment

At the first stages of the fight against hemorrhoids, doctors try to avoid carrying out all sorts of operations. Initially, they seek to overcome the disease with the help of conservative measures.If there is an external hemorrhoids, treatment should begin with the use of specialized candles (Relief, Proktozan, Anuzol, Natalsid, Proktosedil, etc.), as well as drugs that strengthen the wall of venous vessels.

As for the candles, they are made using substances that greatly simplify the passage of feces through the lumen of the rectum. Their use is very important because it reduces the likelihood of damage to hemorrhoids. At the same time effective candles for hemorrhoids can be made of quite exotic substances. An example would be shark oil. It is worth noting that all effective candles for hemorrhoids have one side effect. The remains of a candle can periodically leave the limits of the rectum. True, there is absolutely no trace on the underwear.

hemorrhoid tape

The use of drugs that strengthen the venous wall, it is necessary to avoid the progression of hemorrhoids. One of them is the drug "Askorutin".

Recently, another treatment tool has become quite popular - a hemorrhoid patch.Initially, it was developed in China, where it was most prevalent. Such a plaster contains substances of natural origin that have a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Use it only if you could not beat the external hemorrhoids candles. Attached such a plaster to the navel. The effectiveness of the use of funds remains in question.

Non-drug treatment

Conservative therapy involves not only the use of a large number of pharmaceuticals. No less important is the change in the lifestyle of the patient. If you do not follow certain recommendations of the doctor, then all medical treatment will lose its effectiveness.

The basis of the modernization of lifestyle is dieting. She is not too strict. Here the most important thing is that the diet contains foods whose consumption helps to soften the stool. A good example is ordinary cabbage. It is recommended to eat it in small portions 4-5 times a day.external thrombosed hemorrhoids

Along with dieting, it is also necessary to increase physical activity.The fact is that hypodynamia becomes the key cause of the development and progression of hemorrhoids.

Surgical treatment methods

Sometimes conservative treatment is not able to beat hemorrhoids. What to do in this situation? Of course, need an operation. Every year the number of surgical procedures for hemorrhoids increases. At the same time, an increasing number of people agree to a planned operation. In this case, the doctors have the opportunity to take all the necessary tests before it is carried out and properly prepare their patient for the intervention. In this case, all necessary measures will be taken to prevent the development of certain complications.

removal of external hemorrhoids

When can an operation be carried out according to plan?

Surgical intervention can be carried out in the event that there are no complications of hemorrhoids. That is, the changed nodes themselves are in a normal, viable state. In this case, the surgeon, after unsuccessful conservative treatment (candles, pills, hemorrhoid plaster, etc.), which lasted for several months, sends the patient to take tests with subsequent planned hospitalization inanother medical center with a surgical or proctology department.

When should an operation be performed urgently?

The most common reason for the need for urgent surgical intervention is when a person develops external thrombosed hemorrhoids. This pathology is dangerous by further infection and the spread of the pathological process to healthy tissues. If you do not carry out treatment, the patient's health will worsen markedly. He will be disturbed by very serious pain in the crotch area. In this case, the external nodes of hemorrhoids in an emergency order pinched and removed.

Another indication for emergency surgery is bleeding from a damaged node. The fact is that the late stages of external hemorrhoids are characterized by a significant expansion of the venous vessels. In the event that such a hemorrhoidal node is damaged, then the bleeding from it can reach quite serious volumes. In order to stop it, surgeons usually first bandage the knot itself, and then remove it. This is necessary in order to prevent the possibility of recurrence of bleeding.It is worth noting that the removal of external hemorrhoids is quite simple and low-impact surgery.

In the case of internal hemorrhoids, the emergency indication for surgical intervention is also the infringement of hemorrhoids on the anal sphincter.

external and internal hemorrhoids

Methods of surgical treatment

Among the main types of surgical interventions:

  • classic hemorrhoid surgery;
  • hemorrhoidectomy;
  • removal of hemorrhoids by the method of Longo;
  • radio wave removal of hemorrhoids.

Contraindications for surgical treatment

The only reliable way to get rid of external hemorrhoids in the late stages of its development is surgery. Unfortunately, there are a number of contraindications for its implementation. The main one is the severe general condition of the patient. In this case, any surgical interventions are prohibited. You can not remove the nodes and with a serious cardiac pathology, as the body can not bear such a stressful event as an operation. Do not treat surgically and those patients who have a sub-and decompensation of diabetes mellitus.The fact is that an increased level of glucose in the blood prevents the healing of a postoperative wound.

The surgeon will not remove the nodes even if a person had acute ulcerative and inflammatory processes in the intestinal area at the time of the examination.

Immunodeficiency states are also an obstacle to surgery.

Minimally invasive treatment techniques

They have all the advantages of surgical intervention, but they have practically no contraindications to their conduct. Among the main minimally invasive techniques, sclerotherapy, mono- and bipolar coagulation, doping with latex rings, photocoagulation with infrared radiation and cryodestruction should be distinguished. Currently, they are not yet used so often. The fact is that their cost is higher than that of classical operations. In addition, they need expensive additional equipment.

stages of external hemorrhoids

The big advantage of such techniques is that they can be used by almost everyone. The presence of comorbidities is not a contraindication for their implementation.Of course, they are not used for the treatment of hemorrhoids in patients with acute intestinal diseases, as well as in a serious condition.

Hemorrhoid treatment during pregnancy

There is no question of any independent medication for hemorrhoids during pregnancy. All drugs in this particular period for any woman should be prescribed only by a doctor. The fact is that most medicines are prohibited during pregnancy. During this period, preference is given not to pills, but to local treatment. The fact is that from ointments and suppositories, medicines almost do not enter the general circulation and, accordingly, are not capable of harming a developing baby.

As for surgery, during pregnancy it is not performed without serious indications. This is due to the fact that even if the hemorrhoids are removed, it is likely that it will recur in late pregnancy and especially during childbirth, since during this period the pressure in the pelvis significantly increases. Moreover, if no surgery is performed, then it is likely that hemorrhoids will leave a woman alone and without assistance. So, if a pregnant woman has external hemorrhoids, treatment is not always necessary.

Treatment of folk remedies

Many in such a delicate matter as the treatment of external hemorrhoids, do not want to contact a specialist. They prefer to use a variety of methods of popular treatment.

The most popular among all folk remedies is the highlander pochechuyny. At the same time, it can be applied not only individually, but also in combination with various other herbs.

Folk recipes

Pomegranate pochechuyny usually brew and insist. For cooking means you need to take one tablespoon of herbs and pour boiling water over it. In this state, the mountaineer should be throughout the night. The next day, the resulting tincture must be taken in 3 sessions. It is believed that this tool has a very good anti-inflammatory and hemostatic effect.

There is another recipe for highlander kidney. It is necessary to take 1 part of the grass and pour it with 20 parts of water heated to a temperature of 90-100aboutC. In the future, the Highlander should be allowed to infuse for about 30 minutes. Then during the day you will need to drink the resulting tincture in several sessions.Moreover, the volume of medication consumed at a time should gradually increase from a few tablespoons to 100 ml. The course of treatment with such a drug can be quite long.

Among other plants that can be used in the treatment of external hemorrhoids, it is necessary to highlight the following:

  • buckthorn;
  • raspberry leaves;
  • sea ​​tops

As for marine tops, it is brewed at the rate of 40 g per 1 liter of boiling water. In this case, the grass must be very well dried. In the future, the resulting tincture is drunk in 3 sessions, one glass each. The course of treatment is approximately 14 days.

Considered a good tincture of dried leaves of the forest raspberry. For its preparation, take 2 tablespoons of leaves and pour 200 ml of boiling water over them. In the future, you need to drink this tincture in 3 sessions.

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