Eyebrow dye "Igor": description, composition, features and reviews

Eyelashes and eyebrows are not only an excellent protection against foreign particles in the eyes, but also adornment of women. Unfortunately, not everyone is black-browed by nature, so you have to use cosmetics to emphasize your beauty and highlight your eyes.

Eyebrow pencil - a good tool, affordable and durable, but to use it you need to allocate time every day, and sometimes it is simply impossible. Attending beauty salons for professional coloring is expensive for many, what to do?

The German company Schwarzkopf is a magic wand for many women. In the assortment of cosmetic products she has a beautiful dye for eyebrows and eyelashes "Igor". That is what we want to talk about later in the article.

Benefits means

Recently, more and more women prefer home coloring of eyebrows and eyelashes with the help of professional paints. This makes it possible to save money on visiting the salon and the time spent on everyday makeup.Eyebrow paint "Schwarzkopf Igor" allows you to spend less time caring for yourself. For dyeing hairs, it will be necessary to select only half an hour once every few weeks, and the edges will be clear, graceful for a long time, of the color that is needed. The coloring itself does not require special skills, with the instruction we will read the further content of the article.

igor eyebrow dye

Package Contents

Eyebrow dye "Igor Bonahr" liked the fair sex not only for its quality, but also for its care. The company has provided all the details so that the coloring at home is as comfortable as possible, and put everything it needs into the packaging. So, what is there:

  • detailed instructions, in which the process of mixing and coloring is described in such a way that even a girl can cope with, her eyebrows are never beautiful;
  • fifteen milliliter tube of dye;
  • plastic paint mixing container, looks like a cup, there is no measure on it;
  • wand, which is necessary to mix the components, it is convenient and apply paint to the eyebrows;
  • color activator lotion;
  • patches that protect the skin from paint.

The package itself contains information about the manufacturer and composition in English.

eyebrow and eyelashes igora paint

Safe staining

Eyebrow dye "Igor" in composition differs not only from hair dye products, but also from similar products. All components are safe for delicate skin - they do not cause irritation and allergies. But even with such a composition, it is necessary to make a compatibility test - this is a mandatory procedure even for using natural cosmetics.

Color fastness

Eyebrow paint "Igor" is very resistant, it lasts at least three weeks, then begins to wash out. But this is not its only advantage. It is worth about a half thousand rubles, but enough for at least six months. On the tube there are divisions - there are fifteen, that is, one division - one milliliter, which is squeezed out for one coloring of eyebrows and eyelashes. By the way, some girls in reviews write that half of the division is enough. Only a few drops of lotion are added to the dye, it is enough for exactly the same time as the paint.

eyebrow paint igor reviews


To pick up color which will be in harmony with a hair shade is very simple.But it is worth remembering that the substances that make up the eyebrow “Igora” paints differ in their properties from those contained in hair-dyes of the same brand, and the result may differ. It is worth using certain selection rules to look attractive. So, eyebrow dye "Igor" is produced brown, black and blue-black. Let's see what to choose:

  1. It is known that eyebrows should be a tone darker than the shade of the hair. If you are brown-haired, red-haired or brown-haired, then you should use the brown dye of the described means.
  2. Dark-haired beauties need to choose from the remaining two tones, it is easy to do. It is recommended to use one brand for dyeing hair and eyebrows, so for the curls choose the paint "Igor Royal", and its shade should be close to the eyebrow. Use a product intended for hair, can not be dyed eyebrows, it can cause allergies.

eyebrow dye igor bonakhrom

We paint well

Girls who use eyebrow paint “Igora” note in reviews that it is very easy to mix components:

  • Squeeze the tool to the mark into the cup that comes with it (no longer worth it, as this will not affect the result of the color).
  • After that add three to four drops of lotion.
  • Mix the substances with a stick until a homogeneous consistency is obtained.
  • If after painting the paint in the cup remains, it cannot be reused; next time, dilute less or invite a friend who can use the color.

Schwarzkopf Igora eyebrow paint

Eyebrow paint "Igor": instructions

It is quite simple to make the procedure of dyeing yourself at home:

  • It is necessary to clean your face from make-up well, apply a greasy cream on the eyelids and around the eyebrows so that the paint that falls outside the borders can be easily removed from the skin. In the future, follow the instructions to well paint over each hair.
  • Eyebrows should be colored with a wide (inner) tip, as it should be slightly darker.
  • Slowly move with a brush or a stick on a strip of eyebrows, moving to the outer edge. To make the contour more even, you can circle it with an eye pencil before painting it.
  • Before dyeing eyelashes, you should also apply a thick cream around the eyes, and on the eyelid under the lower eyelashes put the patches attached to the kit (stripes).
  • Close the eye on which the staining is performed, and lower your head slightly.

If the composition accidentally gets on the mucous membrane, then rinse the eyes with water as soon as possible to avoid irritation. If you do not immediately remove the paint from the eyeball, you can get burned.

Withstand the tool should be no more than fifteen minutes, this is quite enough for the hairs to stain. After that, wash off the coloring composition with eyebrows and eyelashes, using soap or facial cleanser.

igor eyebrow paint instruction

On the merits of the means

The first thing that the girls and women who used the aforementioned means note is the safe and high-quality composition of eyebrow dye “Igora”. It does not cause allergies. The tool is endowed with a pleasant, not sharp flavor, so the appearance of irritation on the mucous membranes is minimized.

The consistency of the ready-to-paint product is very delicate, but dense, the paint does not spread when used, and blunders can only be due to carelessness. Keep it on the hairs need only fifteen minutes, and this saves time when dyeing. The result, according to reviews, lasts up to a month, so the procedure is often not necessary, which is different from other similar products that keep the color no more than two weeks.

As for the cons, only one is marked. If you have not used a rich cream before dyeing, and the paint has got on the skin, it will not be so easy to get rid of it, it stays very firmly not only on the hairs, but also on the skin. If it so happens that the product has got out of the contour, remove it immediately, otherwise you will have to walk with stains.

eyebrow paint igora brown

Reviews of eyebrow paint "Igor"

Over ninety percent of the comments on paint are positive. Girls who constantly use this tool, write that it is the best dye compared to others. It is high quality, safe, and the result is stored for a long time.

The reviews say that the paint is good and easy to apply, it is distributed evenly, enveloping each hair. All eyelashes, even the smallest, are well painted over, the color is uniform and saturated.

The fact that permanent use is absolutely safe, eyebrow hairs do not deteriorate, eyelashes do not become shorter or less, their structure is maintained at one hundred percent. This proves the safety of the product, its qualitative composition.

Everyone likes the aroma of the product, because many of the similar ones have a pungent smell that is annoying, but this one is pleasant and the procedure is more comfortable.

So, Schwarzkopf - a company that has been on the market for several decades, maintains its status as a quality manufacturer!

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