Famous children who spoiled glory

15-07-2017, 09:02

Famous children grow in fame and glory, and many of this early glory does not lead to good.
Macaulay Culkin

The star of the movie “Home Alone” was the idol of millions. However, the fame and great fees did not bring him happiness. But rather the opposite - they destroyed his life. While the parents of a 13-year-old boy were suing for his salary and custody, he left home. Unsupervised, he went into all serious things: drugs, alcohol. In the end: he was arrested for possession of marijuana and all directors refused to work with him. Today, it seems, he was able to overcome his addiction and even became a DJ.
Miley Cyrus

Every year, Miley shocks us more and more: now she will be taken nude in the music video, then she will come to a party with the homeless, etc. From the modest girl from "Hannah Montana" has nothing left.
Lindsey Lohan

Lindsay Lohan was a very sweet and famous child. All she prophesied a delightful career. But one day the actress turned from red-haired sincere and simple girl into a vulgar one: she started going to parties, drinking alcohol ... It all ended in a nervous breakdown and compulsory treatment in the hospital.Because of this scandalous image, no director wants to work with an actress, and her personal life is not going well.
Amanda Bynes

Who would have thought that Amanda Bynes would eventually become an anti-example. The last film where we could see her was the “A winner of easy virtue” of 2010! Then the girl started having problems with alcohol and drugs. In 2014, she was treated in a psychiatric hospital, but all without success. After the release, she dyes her hair purple, then green, behaves inadequately.
Britney Spears

And yet anyone can fix their lives. This is a good example - Britney. After an unsuccessful marriage, she turned from a cute singer into a patient in a psychiatric hospital. She also shaved her head, gained a lot of extra pounds and behaved inadequately. But now everything seems to be fine: the singer has put her nerves and appearance in order!
Anastasia Volochkova

Nastya was with children a good child and a sportswoman. From deva she flashes on the screen, and hit us with their achievements. Now Volochkova one of the scandalous stars, which offers its body for money, puts out indecent photos.
Nikita Dzhigurda

Demonstrated success in sports, had CCM in rowing on a canoe, became the champion of Ukraine in the national team. Now it is the well-known Russian freak.

Star boy Since childhood, he himself was known, and turned into a major. He considers himself a cool rapper, although it is unlikely that even one rapper listens to him). In childhood, the same major.

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