Faults in the engine cooling system and how to solve them

This article will tell you about themalfunction of the internal combustion engine cooling system, as well as instructions for their elimination. Often, there are problems in which the temperature of the liquid is kept at 0 degrees or when it even very quickly reaches a red mark in cold weather. Sometimes it happens that even in the summer the arrow does not reach a value of 90 degrees. It is this temperature that is working for the internal combustion engine. You will learn about the reasons for the occurrence of these faults.

The most common cause of overheating

engine cooling system malfunction

Often such an element asthermostat. It is he who causes the arrow to be either below the working value or above it. To delay with the elimination of this problem is not necessary, since the work of the engine in this case is abnormal, hence its resource is significantly reduced. This can lead to a malfunction of the crank mechanism, piston group, valves. Therefore, you must know the engine cooling system malfunctions and how to eliminate them, so as not to subject the motor to overloads.

It should be noted that riding in winter without a stove issimply savagery. But this is a trifle, given that the engine is very worn out, and also "eats" a lot of gasoline. The cost of fuel at gas stations is constantly growing. Consequently, the cost of gasoline is increasing.

Symptoms of a thermostat failure

malfunction of the engine cooling system VAZ 2110

You do not need to have seven spades in the forehead toin time to eliminate this breakdown, as well as to diagnose the system. As a rule, when the thermostat breaks down, the circulation of the cooling liquid changes. On domestic cars VAZ, for example, if the thermostat fails, the antifreeze continues to circulate in a small circle. He also enters the radiator of the stove. We can say that the main malfunctions of the engine cooling system are the thermostat.

For this reason, even while riding a largespeed antifreeze does not enter the main cooling radiator, resulting in a dramatic increase in temperature inside the engine jacket. In some foreign cars, the wedging of the thermostat occurs in a position where the antifreeze will continue to circulate in a large circle. In summer, such a breakdown can not be noticed right away. But in the winter, it immediately floats up, because the engine will not gain enough temperature for work. Its heating will take place very slowly.

Why can the motor overheat?

engine coolant malfunctions and how to solve them

A lot of heat is given off by the cooling liquidin the radiator, therefore, it is impossible to warm the antifreeze to operating temperature. There is a malfunction in the thermostat for several reasons. Often this is the use of antifreeze, the resource of which has long been developed. There is a scum, which gradually settles on the elements of the thermostat. And then there is a disruption of the operation of all components of the system.

A similar malfunction can be causedpouring water into the engine cooling system. Therefore, it is necessary to change the liquid as often as possible, not to pour water from the tap. It should be noted that the resource of antifreeze is about 80-90 thousand kilometers. Therefore, when replacing a pump that has a similar resource, it is desirable to flush the entire cooling system, and also to replace the antifreeze. In many respects, the malfunctions of the VAZ-2106 engine cooling system are similar even to those that appear on foreign cars.

Diagnosis of the thermostat

Determine the malfunction of the thermostatquite simply. First run and warm up the engine. After warming up, touch the nipples that go to the radiator. If they are cold, the coolant does not receive a coolant. But do not rejoice: when reaching a temperature of 90 degrees or higher, the upper and lower nozzles must be hot. Only in this case it can be said that the thermostat is completely functional. Note that the stove works in all modes, regardless of whether the system circulates antifreeze in a large or small circle.

When the engine overheats, inpiston group there is an increase in wear of all rubbing parts. In this case, all bearings are instantly out of order, it is possible that the pistons will begin to burn out. Of course, friction losses occur. The entire process of ignition of the fuel-air mixture that occurs in the combustion chambers is disrupted. Along with this, a decrease in power is observed. The fuel consumption also increases. Note that with excessive heating, cycling of the pistons in the cylinders is possible.


basic engine cooling system malfunctions

Often, overheating occurs as a result ofclogging the radiator. In its honeycombs, a lot of debris accumulates, scale, this prevents not only the advance of antifreeze through the channels, but also reduces the heat transfer. As it was said earlier, on domestic cars the thermostat jams in a position where the liquid circulates only over a smaller circle. However, it does not enter the main radiator. Consequently, the liquid does not have time to give off heat, but it constantly heats up in the cooling jacket.

To get rid of this malfunction, the mostan acceptable way is to open the entire faucet cock and turn on the blower fan to full capacity. Of course, the effect will give, but not so significant. It is advisable to install a new thermostat so that the circulation of the liquid occurs in the normal mode. If you do not monitor the level of antifreeze in the system, this leaves its imprint. The result of this is, of course, an increase in temperature.

Electric fan and pump

malfunction of the engine cooling system VAZ 2106

Please note that system malfunctionscooling engine YMZ-238 are the same as those of VAZ cars. But it may be that circulation is on both circles, the thermostat is OK, but the engine still overheats. Often this happens in those systems in which the installation of an electric fan is provided. As a rule, the sensor, by means of which the supply of power to the electric motor is broken, breaks down. Also, overheating is possible if the belt that drives the water pump is broken. Or, if it is incorrectly adjusted.

Engine Cooling: Frequent Causes

And now about when it might ariseengine overcooling. For normal conditions, that is, even when the temperature reaches minus 20 degrees, the engine should warm up relatively quickly. Even if it is not insulated. This is the design of the motor, it can function normally over a wide temperature range. Of course, if the winter is very cold in your region, it is advisable to use fireproof heaters. But if the thermostat is in the open state, when only the large circle circulates, supercooling can not be avoided.

Less frequent causes

malfunctions of engine cooling system YMZ 238

It is also possible that on some cars,The fan will have a forced drive, and there will be supercooling. Therefore, many drivers make the replacement of a mechanical fan by an electric one. It is worth noting that last winter almost does not turn on if the temperature on the street is below zero degrees. Pay close attention to the fact that the entire system should be perfectly sealed. There should not be any cracks in it. All gaskets and gaskets must be intact, without damage. In no case is there any leakage in the radiator. Such there are malfunctions of system of cooling of engine VAZ-2110, they at all cars similar.

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